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  1. From my point of view as a new member I have to say that I want to hear both sides, good and bad. As someone new to airplanes and flying, and someone who will be purchasing a plane within the next 12-18 months that last thing I want to see is a "ad" for a plane with nothing but good comments and then find out later that it was completely out of the ballpark crazy. Now, I also agree that no one should "attack" an ad, or a post...but being told both sides of the story. That's a main reason for forums like this. Just my thoughts.
  2. Jallen0

    Lycoming Ad received last week

    He's a stupid question. Whay is the aircraft owner on the hook for these costs. Why isn't the company who manufactured the bad part on the hook?
  3. Jallen0

    Today's flight for 2017

    That's a great hospital to start in. She will do well there! Mom/baby is a hard area to get into. ER and OR are a close 2nd and usually require a contract committment. Personally how anyone does not want to work in the ED is a mystery to me
  4. Jallen0

    Today's flight for 2017

    And she made SIgma Theta Tau as well! What area of nursing is she going into?
  5. Jallen0

    Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Love the wash however you also hurt your negotiating position with it. Showing the family a dirty dusty plane sitting in a hanger for years vs a very nice looking plane that is clean will cost you a few thousand dollars
  6. Jallen0

    Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Everyone has some great points about the possible hazards, pitfalls, and financial ruin you have ahead of you if you buy this plane. On the other side you also have a unique journey you can embark on that will stay with you for the rest of your life. There is plenty of downside...but there is also a great upside. This is not a plane that has to be up in the air next week...you can take a year or two (or longer!) working through the process and still come out ahead when it comes time to sell it. Lots of great factual reasons to walk away from this plane. To me the entire story is before the wash and after the wash. I am sure you felt fantastic when you saw those two pictures. Imagine when you are down the road a bit and you are flying that plane. As they say it's not always the destination but the journey that makes the trip worthwhile.
  7. Jallen0

    M20k pilot seat frame

    What if your A** is bigger than 15 inches wide?
  8. Jallen0

    67 m20f exec. For sale

    What is the asking price?
  9. Jallen0

    M20F Before/After

    Very nice looking. I read the other thread and I am interested in seeing any change in numbers. Great job!
  10. Jallen0

    New panel in my 231

    Thank you. It's not as bad as I thought....assuming everything else on the imaginary plane I am thinking of buying doesn't need work
  11. Jallen0

    How High Without Oxygen?

    The physics of this say that at sea level you will have 760 mm HG and at 10,000' you will be at 523 mm Hg. In practical terms this means that at 10,000' your Pao2 will still be adequate however even normal healthy adults will start feeling the effects of hypoxia, even if that is just a mild headache. What you don't want is to have hypoxic hypoxia...which starts happening above 10,000'. Especially if you have to do any rapid altitude changes up there.
  12. Jallen0

    New panel in my 231

    Can you share the estimate for labor and equipment? If I am dreaming I need to be accurate in my dreams! Very nice work.
  13. Based on the history of the plane I wonder if Mooney would like to buy it back I loved the few comments about restoration services.