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  1. What is the asking price?
  2. Very nice looking. I read the other thread and I am interested in seeing any change in numbers. Great job!
  3. Thank you. It's not as bad as I thought....assuming everything else on the imaginary plane I am thinking of buying doesn't need work
  4. The physics of this say that at sea level you will have 760 mm HG and at 10,000' you will be at 523 mm Hg. In practical terms this means that at 10,000' your Pao2 will still be adequate however even normal healthy adults will start feeling the effects of hypoxia, even if that is just a mild headache. What you don't want is to have hypoxic hypoxia...which starts happening above 10,000'. Especially if you have to do any rapid altitude changes up there.
  5. Can you share the estimate for labor and equipment? If I am dreaming I need to be accurate in my dreams! Very nice work.
  6. Based on the history of the plane I wonder if Mooney would like to buy it back I loved the few comments about restoration services.