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  1. Thanks for the replies. The checkride is in about a week and a half so I'm taking your advice and just ordering one from lasar today. 380 dollars!
  2. Hi everyone, this may seem like a kind of dumb question, but... the hold-open assembly on the door of my M20R bent the other week (careless c.f.i.i) and broke off the door so I've been flying around with it taped up so it doesn't swing around. I have an upcoming instrument checkride and this DPE is a hardass, I had him for my private a while ago. If anything is illegal/breaks some obscure rule, we won't be going flying. I understand the door hold-open assembly most likely isn't required to be airworthy, but where would I find a list that's specific to the Ovation? Also, if any
  3. Hi all, just wanted to give an update on the Ovation. Luckily for me, my mechanic happened to be changing the oil when I showed up to install the battery. It went in relatively easily, but the oxygen tank being directly over battery 2 did pose a slight difficulty. After some wiggling (and cursing), we were able to get the battery in without removing the tank. If anyone's curious, the best way to do it is have one person stick their arms all the way through the left panel and help hold/maneuver the battery while another works on it from the right side. Difficult, but works. Thanks everyone for
  4. Do I need to get a capacity test or anything on the battery before I put it in? Also, since I'm switching brands (and I assume weights), do I need to do any weird weight and balance change in the logbook as well?
  5. Thanks a lot. Also I would like to correct myself in that battery one in this Ovation is a Concorde and the one that crapped out on me is a Gill, so I can't use my battery minder on it since mine is for Concordes only. Would y'all recommend replacing it with an rg-24 11m or rg-24 15? Battery one is an 11m.
  6. Thanks for the help! I had a capacity test done on it and it failed. I have a battery minder and was going to see if it could descale it a bit and maybe heal it a bit. (If that's how it works) I know it probably won't help, but I figure why not. It is a concorde to those who were wondering. When I do replace it, I'm going to try and do it myself to save some money, any tips on replacing it?
  7. Hi all, Just bought an 96 Ovation, have only flown it about 4 flights so far and loving it. I'm having a problem with this dual battery setup though, and am unfamiliar with it. Battery 2 keeps reading low volts (between 18 and 8) so I've just been running it off battery 1. I want to charge it, but don't really want to have to open up the battery access doors as I really don't know very well what I'm doing. I understand that the external charging port is wired directly to battery 1, does that mean that it will trickle-charge over to battery 2 like it does in flight if I plug it up there? E
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