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  1. This was from last night on the way back to S37
  2. Went for a scenic flight along the shoreline Cape May and AC
  3. My C is from Smoketown, a litle far from philly if you can make it to smoketown i wouldnt mind to show you. @Kmac congrats on your new C!
  4. I heard you on the radio landing with rough engine, I was on my way to Sky Heaven airport.
  5. @Jim Peace I am interested in the atitude indicator if it works with tilt panel
  6. Brought the mechanic to do PPI . It was the first time we see the plane in person too Lucky me, things worked out well. No mechanical issuses so far( knock on the wood). We stopped and rest in Red Oak IA made it home late afternoon next day. Before that I sent a different C model to PPI too but just after about 2 hr into it my mechanic didnt want to look at anymore. And this C model just got the annual done by MSC too.
  7. Bought mine 63c from Idaho and flew it back to Lancaster pa. I took a chance and brought a mechanic with me close the deal and fly away within 3 hr.
  8. I keep my 63c @ smoketown S37, I will be happy to show you
  9. Congrats, sweet looking m20c, I am in the hunt for a C or E too.
  10. Lol no wonder they are so hesitated about going to a MSC for PPI, the broker told me NDH over the phone. Thank you MS very much for looking out for this rookie.Back to square one, please let me know if there is a Pre J mooney that I should look at. NTSB's report is the FIRST thing i will look at next time.
  11. Well I offer to put deposite on the plane and will pay for the fuel cost to get it to a MSC. Here is the answer from the broker "Cong......don't think the owner is willing to see the plane leave the area unless the full purchase price in in escrow. This plane has been maintained locally and a local pre-purchase inspection should be sufficient." How should escrow work in aviation? Has anyone done this before? Is this a normal step in purchasing an airplane? Should I just move on?
  12. @Dave Colangelo I Like have companies to fly with so ill hit you up when i get my own bird. Let me know if you need a safety pilot or just to keep you company, we can share expenses.
  13. Thank you for your input guys, The broker sent me the logbooks for last five years seem to be well maintained. Look likes it average about 30hr a year for the last five years. Do you think that is too little time per year for the engine? Just like you guy mentioned above PPI is a must for me but no mooney center around there. I think I will pass on this one unless they can drop it off at mooney service center for me.
  14. Hi all, I am interested in this M20g, it would be my first aircraft. I got a chance to ride on the right seat of a mooney M20c, and wanted a mooney ever since. I would like to hear your opinon or feedback about this. I am currently a multi commercial with just about 225hr. Planning to use it to get my CFI ticket and fly it to build hours whenever I can. I got an insurance quote from OAPA, seems reasonable. Does anyone know about this particullar M20G? I am from Philadelphia, PA and this M20G is from Northwest Montana, so I have not seen this aircraft in person. For procedure wise, where or how should I go from here? thank you, CDo