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  1. I've seen Aspens installed in a few airplanes. With synthetic vision turned on, it appears the display is only updating a few times a second. This makes updates appear jerky, and honestly it's harder to fly off the instruments with such a slow response. The update frequency is a bit higher with synthetic vision off, but still much lower than any other glass panel I've seen. I may have been looking at older Aspen units - has this improved in newer versions of the unit or is this on all models? Is there anything you can do to improve it?
  2. Thanks for the replies! You're right, it's an IIB and not a 41B. Good catch. I also didn't know about the STEC PSS option (http://www.chiefaircraft.com/st-sys-60-pss.html). I'd have to get a quote for what it takes to install this. I still assume it'll need a separate servo.
  3. That would be nice, though that sounds like a big task (25k + install?). Is there any indication that they are going to make it available for Mooney? It seemed to be 172,182 and Piper in that order.
  4. Oh wise Mooney experts... For an older Mooney with a Century 41B autopilot (single axis, roll & heading) I wonder what the upgrade options are. The plane is equipped with electric trim. It seems to me the cheapest would be an autopilot that interfaces with the existing ap servo and electric trim. Do any such upgrades exist? Alternatively, any ideas for the cheapest way to get a working 2-axis autopilot in there? Thanks!