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  1. We were pretty happy with the panel setup Maxwell's shop made for us:
  2. I swear you can hear one of the local ATC guy's blood pressure go up and down depending on if you're requesting flight following or picking up your IFR. Work From Home this year has made things infinitely easier on us when traveling. We both normally work in an office so the get-there-itis gets pretty strong on our weekend trips. Couple personal experiences from me... I like to go visit my parents by plane because it turns a 5+hr trip into about 1.5hr flight. Every, single, time I have gone to visit them there has been enough clouds at either end to make VFR more diffi
  3. We also have a 65E same engine but a three blade prop. Aero technologies PCU5000 prop control unit. ATH-1
  4. Maybe if I got my PPL in a tailwheel I'd feel differently but I feel like tailwheel skills are the quickest to deteriorate without frequent practice. I feel pretty confident I could not fly for a year then land a 152 without breaking something but a 140 or a Cub? I'd ground loop that thing so fast...
  5. Wife wanted to go North to visit friends in Minnesota. Then this happened... There is a deer in this photo... The flight back was a great experience builder dealing with icing and convective activity. I called the briefer on both ends of this trip (probably the first time since 2005) just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Departing Flying Cloud (KFCM) Looking a little sporty out here for this Southerner... Snow is gone.. Put on the big boy pants to go IFR and get around the crap building up Ea
  6. Took me a minute to figure out how to get more data on the screen. Pretty neat all the stuff you can look at. Both A&B are cruise portions of flight but B was much shorter and oil pressure drop there does coincide with lower rpm. It was still running smooth at that time. I keep it leaned out on the ground as much as I can as the bottom picture hopefully shows
  7. Well, I got it nice and warm, run up, beat up the pattern and no issues. I guess it was just dirty plugs. I guess I'm relieved but I just found the timing a heck of a coincidence. Here's the "bad day" https://apps.savvyaviation.com/flights/4435193/8de3240b-7457-45e8-a667-8274110a9493 Here's me beating up the pattern and a short cruise https://apps.savvyaviation.com/flights/4435197/f4611e0a-f3e2-41bf-9a0c-011797de029f
  8. That was my initial thought which is why I’m surprised the shop didn’t find anything when they were running it up other than dirty plugs.
  9. Initially noticed it at idle about 800rpm, we tried richening it up and going to 1200 but still sounded like crap and no positive change in oil pressure.
  10. I don't believe there was a significant rpm drop that went along with it. I'm going to get the data later day.
  11. Around here we've just put the local VOR and keep requesting approaches to the nearby airports. Seemed to work for us and the controllers never complain but as a noob IR student I thought it was weird. edit.. In foreflight it might look like Departure: KCHD Destination: KCHD Route: TFD but maybe my instructor used the VOR due to lost comm procedures on all the approaches around here not sure now I want to go find out...
  12. Wish I remember the exact number it was in the green though didn't strike me as out of ordinary.
  13. We've got an IO-360. Had the oil changed and flew around for 10 minutes. I lean on the ground and go taxi for takeoff. By the time I get to the hold short line the engine starts sounding rough and oil pressure just keeps ticking down, down, in the yellow but further than I've seen it drop at idle. I'm automatically assuming the worst...wrong oil or worse. Taxi it over to the shop on the field and ask them to check it out. Next day they run it up a few times, check the oil... only thing they could find is two plugs were dirty so they cleaned them and re-gapped them. Would the rough running e
  14. Yeah 3D view looks pretty awesome for mountain flying. I won't get to do much of that though and out of all the airports that have PDC there's realistically only one on the list I use.
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