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  1. I really want to see this guy succeed but... 3200lbs? It is a chunky munky for sure.. A Velocity XLRG isn't that much.
  2. I cycle it twice on runup like I do every runup. It has been blazing hot here so I would think it would have been OK oil temp wise. Leak is possible, they did have to remove the prop to put the alternator on but I haven't noticed any dripping anywhere. Engine seemed to run ok, numbers on the EDM were in the green (aside from the initial rpm)
  3. @Skates97 Did you ever find the root cause of this? We recently had our oil change and we're having the exact same issue. I caught it hitting 2800rpm on climb out and had to pull everything back to get it under 2700. Governor is 3 years old. We had a couple flights since the oil change though and I didn't notice this issue it just kind of "appeared."
  4. @Hector I'm having a heck of a time finding that specific size of MD seal. Where did you get it?
  5. Is this the black tar rope of death? Trying to figure out what to do with ours.
  6. I used King/Cessna for private, instrument, and commercial. I didn't really choose because I got most of my training at Cessna flight schools. When I briefly thought I was going to be a professional pilot we had the Jeppesen books in class. I feel like the goofy-ness of the King stuff keeps me more engaged so I can push through the material but for pure academics the Jeppesen books are good. I used Sheppard Air for the instrument and commercial written prep.
  7. The one damn FBO I didn't expect to do oxygen fills so I never called them until wasting my time everywhere else...
  8. Finally found a place that will do it for $40. Not a "deal" but I doubt I'll get it filled often enough to care too much. If I do find myself using it a lot I'm definitely just making my own transfill setup as suggested.
  9. I'm asking around not optimistic though. Wife would love an excuse to go to Dallas. Thank you for the offer.
  10. Yep that's exactly what I've got. Came with the plane we purchased I was hoping to just use what I've got. (Not sure how the previous owners filled it.) I wonder if I can pull the PPL trick here..
  11. I think he'd probably write it but I don't want this to bite me in the ass down the road as health and insurance keep sharing data and god knows what they come up with to deny you coverage, life insurance, etc...
  12. You're probably right I think just showing up would win the battle. Just trying to avoid driving all over creation to get this done.
  13. I think they hit me with the prescription line as well but I don't remember why exactly. Maybe I need to say "O2" instead of oxygen or there is some tone in my voice they're picking up on? I have no clue why they're shutting me down. I don't say anything about medical, or aviation, or anything I just ask for a simple oxygen fill on a portable tank and they say "nope."