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  1. Anyone know what those little handles are below the back seats? Do those seats come out via those handles? You'll look like you're flying one of these but if I had everything on the interior I doubt I'd care.
  2. I used to be the same way thinking ATC won't want to deal with me spinning around in circles out there, but don't be afraid to ask for flight following even if you're just screwing around sight seeing or in a practice area. Yeah you'll probably be changing directions a lot looking around or practicing but ATC will get a word in at the right time to help you out.
  3. Yeah there’s nothing in the E manual about removing the rear seat and it doesn’t look like it would be easy any way. I love dogs but I’m not sure if I’d be Ok with a strange one just buckled in with a harness behind me.
  4. I'm considering ways to have an excuse to fly and I'm looking into Pilots n Paws. I was looking for some pilot guidelines on their website but it seems to be mostly tax related. So for the folks here that have done it... Is it feasible in a short body? Will a medium sized dog crate fit through the cabin door? IF a crate fits I'm thinking it can just rest on the back seats (I have no idea if I can even remove the back seats and there is nothing in the manual about it.) Does the crate travel the entire way with the dog or are the pilots expected to BYOC (Bring Your Own Crate)? Found the answer to my crate question.
  5. The people are nice at Ft. Smith but you're right it is not GA friendly. KRKR is a nice stop too but the fuel isn't as cheap as JSV.
  6. I'm assuming your baggage door is the same size or maybe larger than the E... My wife's hard shell Samsonite roller fits approx 22x14x9inches
  7. It has been a bad year for tornados and airports.
  8. If it was anyone else making those mistakes it wouldn't make the local newspaper. (aside from the golf course landing but that wasn't his fault.)
  9. I'm just saying people getting excited about this document may want to read it again because it doesn't read to me like it is extending any grace period for weekend warriors only people flying for hire, medical relief efforts, etc...
  10. The good bits start at page 71... The way I read it is I still need an IPC since I'm not flying for hire, my own business, agri, medical relief, etc, etc... this isn't the magic bullet bug smashers are hoping for.
  11. I don't know how I personally feel about all the brown but man that is some amazing work.
  12. Yeah they had some kind of fly-in dine-at-your-plane thing at Louise. They set up a table by your plane and everything. Good call on just going to ROG...Summit has been incredibly hard to get ahold of since this started so much that I've just started to go to nearby airports to fill up. (self serve is out of commission at VBT and it is way cheaper to go elsewhere any way...)
  13. I was surprised how long after being shutdown I would still need to use the hotstart procedure. Glad I'm not an anomaly.