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  2. I'm guessing whatever host he is using shares an IP address that sends a ton of spam email out and the big email providers have the IP on a blacklist.
  3. If EAA opted to save the archives from their cameras on youtube they may pop up otherwise just have to rely on youtubers to upload their videos when they get back.
  4. St. Joe being that close to Kansas City will likely be a madhouse. My idea was to head to KVER.
  5. Good luck finding the time. There was a North, Central, and West camera streaming on YouTube. Not sure about archives. I'm on my phone so can't search too well.
  6. Sorry to hear it. What was the last straw? Have any pictures?
  7. Here's my question since I'm too young and too inexperienced on these things. What is the likelihood of this getting approved for Mooneys and other aircraft? Right now it is just for the 172 right? As a person shopping for a Mooney I'm starting to wonder if I should just buy a bare bones Mooney now with the idea of upgrading to this when/if it is approved. Again, no clue how long these processes usually take just thinking out loud.
  8. New products like this plus BasicMed may breath some life back into GA. Awesome to see some competition vs Garmin, STEC, etc...
  9. And you're still going to be cleaning out dust for days after you get back. Have fun. Maybe I'll go one of these years.
  10. Looked good on the youtube streams.
  11. Are you going to saran wrap your plane like that AOPA guy did?
  12. More pictures. Says loss of power.
  13. I think the story is on the youtube link somewhere, but it landed on his farm and he found it a few months later. I don't think most people would be so lucky.