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  1. It does not come with TIT probe, but appears that you can use your existing or purchase from JPI. please see the manual at https://www.jpinstruments.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/INST-103-RevE-10-09JFP-Checked-.pdf
  2. Yes it was used in my Screaming Eagle upgrade.
  3. Yes , they were removed from my my 99 Screaming Eagle conversion. The STC requires an additional tach to compensate for the higher RPM.
  4. Moritz cluster as removed from my Ovation for EDM 900 upgrade.Manifold pressure was not working. $900. Ray 219-508-1033
  5. EDM 700 with 6 EGT probes and harness. Removed from my Ovation for EDM 900 upgrade. $950. Ray 219-508-1033
  6. Horizon Instruments P-100-30`-655-00. Removed from my Ovation for JPI upgrade. $150. Ray 219-508-1033
  7. 4 sending units removed from my 1999 Ovation for upgrade. all tested and worked fine when removed. $400. for the set. Ray (219) 508-1033
  8. Please add me also. Thank you sir, From Texas
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