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  1. I had both of mine overhauled in Lock Haven during my last annual. Took them about 2 weeks, they look good as new, and if I recall it was around $600 and some change.
  2. I just put in a SCS set in my '63. Haven't messed with Velcro as it won't stay in place with the heat and humidity. That said, the quality is great and the measurements spot on. Great group of folks to deal with!
  3. I'm not totally sure, but I don't recall them being stained after return from overhaul.
  4. I'm sure others have seen and possibly have opinions on this, but I just ran across this article: Does anyone use the low RPM setting recommended in this article on their older Mooney? It's interesting and hold merits from a propulsion standpoint, but dropping the RPM to 1900 just seems foreign to me?!?!
  5. So as mentioned in my other thread, I finally got Moonship out of annual. Corrosion issues addressed, JPI 700 installed, and the fuel leak addressed. It turned out to be the fuel sender unit. Had both sent off for overhaul, got them back looking like new! All is good................well maybe not................. Topped the tanks to test out the repair and to play with the JPI, right tank immediately started leaking again (which sucks as I just had the spar splice plate treated with Corrosion X)! Same issue, anything over 2 gallons causes a leak. We checked the tank, scraped out some old Pro-Seal, and resealed. Finally got a decent pic and I think I have the answer. It's still the sender unit I believe, leaking from the screws. Gonna have the unit to pulled again and inspected, may be going back to the overhaul shop. More to come........
  6. Local ATP/IA at the flight school I occasionally rent from. He took a look at it and assured it was a much different scenario than the first guy gave. I was going to take it to Don Maxwell, but after careful consideration and trust in this particular shop, I opted to have her repaired at home. (Shout out to Don though for offering to help and offering some great insight!).
  7. After 3 months, 2 I/As, a lot of patience, and a little bit of $$$, I'm happy to say I am finally back in the saddle! The corrosion issue on the spar splice plate was able to be cleaned, acid washed, alodined, and primed. Once put into the right hands, it was done in less than 2 weeks! Other than some minor trivial parts that needed replacement, along with a JPI 700 install, the cost was less than a quarter of what I was expecting after talking a wing replacement or sending it to the reaper! Cleaned and detailed her up today, took a quick test flight, now trying to figure out where to go for a burger tomorrow..............
  8. Neither. Got hit with one hell of an annual and a really bad experience with an IA. 3 months and a few thousand dollars later, I'm just now pulling out ahead. Putting her back in service tomorrow............ Holding off on the upgrade for now. I'll add WAAS when I get ready to do my ADS-B compliance.
  9. Fortunately, my Mooney was in Dallas. The T hangars took a beating, I got nearly 2 feet in mine. Unfortunately, the Harley was in there, but thus far it and some low cost items are the only damaged goods I'll be replacing.
  10. John does interiors as well? Didn't know that, I'll have to chat with him about updating my D.
  11. I'm upgrading my non-waas 430 and adding ADS-B out and would like to invite opinions on which of the following setups is optimal and why. I'm looking specifically for install time and cost. Garmin GTN650 w/ GTX335 Transponder (already have a GDL-39 3D) (w/ GNS-430 trade in) <OR> Avidyne IFD440 w/ AXP340/Skytrax 100 Not that it really plays a part outside of my OCD, but the audio panel is a GMA340. (w/GNS-430 trade in) Let me know your thoughts!
  12. I spoke a fair bit with Charlie about this bird before I bought 27U. Distantly, everything looked copacetic, however with that time on the engine, a very nostalgic panel / avionics, and the low time flown recently, I dropped it from my list. I had several others on my short list far better equipped at his asking price of $37k The G model asking price is just completely unrealistic in my personal opinion.
  13. Anyone ever experience this? I was having difficulty downloading the terrain and obstacle databases, not enough room on the card. Turns out, this is an older card that needed an older download. Garmin support was great in getting the file I needed and it finally downloaded fine. Now the issue is the "format unknown" issue seen below. The databases show the files downloaded and installed on the card. Garmin says it should be working. Both are currently incorrect, lol. Anyone out there have any thoughts or suggestions (other than spending $10k+ to upgrade!)????