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  1. Freemasm

    Paint the panel?

    One quick suggestion for the plastic. Do not use paint. Sems products are very good and easy to use and dry monster fast. Their vinyl dye in a rattle can should suffice the plastic. (Get from most good auto paint stores). Now is a good time to make sure all the instrument screws are brass. You can order them from ACS in black oxide finish. That surface will accept most paints sufficiently for what you're doing. Your's already looks better than most vintage panels already. Share some pix when done.
  2. Freemasm

    M20C Fuel Guage Limitation Markings

    I have a 69C. Markings in question (per the POH at least for that year) indicate no TOs with fuel levels in yellow. Will check the POH this weekend to verify.
  3. Freemasm

    Introduction / Request

    I don't want to contradict anyone. Every circumstance is different. The written won't be hard so get the book and study it before you even start. The main piece of advice I've been consistent with over the years; have (all of) your money ready to go at the beginning. I'd say this is true even if you had to borrow some of it if you're truly serious about this endeavor. The more consistently you're at the airport, the quicker you'll advance. If you spread it out, the instructor gets to build his hours because you have to review a lot. Everyone on this forum knows someone who took forever because of money constraints and overall probably spent double what they should have. I got my private in less than three months one summer dodging afternoon rain storms in Georgia (KFTY). I was a young idiot engineer with a newly printed diploma and a few months working construction before grad school. My parents were kind enough to loan me the last bit to get going. As mentioned, every circumstance is different. What is consistent, everyone here will be wishing you the best of luck.
  4. Can I ask why the opinion on East Coast Aircraft?  I was considering them to paint the area around my 201 windshield mod.  I've had two experienced painters give me quotes and they haven't replied to me since.  Your private opinion would be appreciated.

    Scott F 

    1. BKlott


      Sure, happy to do so. I went to them in early 2016 for paint, interior and to have new glass installed all the way around. I even pai extra for a custom paint job. You would expect that they would do their best work.

      They had the plane six weeks and said it was ready for pickup. Took it back for deficiencies. They kept it another two weeks and still had not corrected everything. I told them, Marta, in particular, repeatedly that I wanted the job done right, not fast. 

      If you look at my airplane you will finds runs in the paint (leading edge of one wing strut, nose bowl, wheel pant), overspray on what was a freshly overhauled and refinished propellor and on the new glass, areas that evidence poor paint prep (bottom of one wing strut, bottom of fuselage right behind the cowling), poor stripe edges (cowling and rudder), damage to several fiberglass fairings (that were new) where it appears that they took a grinder to the plane and chewed up the fairings due to carelessness. I also have several small areas of paint that have chipped off around inspection plates where it did not properly adhere and there did not appear to be any primer either. Either that or the primer did not properly adhere to the plane.

      The paint work is just not of a professional caliber. The lead painter is Marta’s husband. That isn’t likely to change.

      Fresh out of high school I worked as a paint stripper at an aircraft paint shop at Torrance Airport. They did Quality work there. East Coast are amateurs in comparison.

      If you would like to see my airplane in person, I would be happy to show it to you so that you can see their work for yourself. I am based at Hidden Lake Airport in New Port Richey. My phone number is (727) 862-8243. 

      I was happy with the seats and carpeting work in the interior. Marta’s Dad does the upholstery work and the seats are pretty darn nice and comfortable. 

      Hope this helps.


      Brian Lott

    2. Freemasm


      Much thx Sir.  I had a similar experience with a paint shop in Leesburg; probably worse. Six months to finally get to a "just OK" finish. Saw three different sets of personnel working on it. Stuff stolen out of my plane as it was left outside, unlocked. Made the same punch list three times. When finally brought home, I continued to find sheet metal screws in nutplates, fasteners too long/too short/missing washers/wrong direction.  I've gotten quotes from two different painters who asked for 100% up front, or never showed up.  Frustrating.

      Thanks for the feedback,

      Scott Freeman

    3. BKlott


      It is frustrating. I also had trouble obtaining quotes from paint shops when I was looking. Had spoken to Joe at Hawk and had a start date of “the end of March” with him. Then when I called him the first week of April it became “the end of May”. He had, by my count, some sixteen planes in varied stages of getting painted. One guy at our airport had a Cherokee that was with Hawk for six (6) months getting paint and interior done. My feeling was that I would leave the airplane as-is before parking it for six months.

      East Coast was my only other option as I didn’t want to travel out of state. Now I wished that I had looked further to find a good shop. 

  5. Freemasm

    Trim mechanism adjustment?

    I'm not going to disagree because I hate the back/forth tends to happen here. Here's some comments for your perusal. A main reason for using jack screws in certain applications are that forces can't be transmitted "back" through them. The actuator (trim wheel) won't move/feel any force no matter how much force is applied to drive end (empennage). That's why you'll typically find them in flap systems; secondary benefit of the force/position effect is they fail in place. The Mooney trim system is good at keeping aero drag low because a trim tab isn't forcing the elevator away from a trailing position; but, it's not the most effective system for keeping stable trim. A way to demonstrate the second statement is to trim your aircraft S&L with the AP off, then tap the yoke slightly in or out and ride the mild altitude oscillations for a bit. Keep the elevator system well lubed especially at the control column guide block. This assumes the "play" in you trim jackscrew isn't excessive (there will always be a little). Let us know what you find.
  6. Freemasm

    Three different Kerrville vintages

    I said vintages, not varietals; I mean models. Per flightaware: '77J '69C (still ghetto'd up from the unpainted cowl deck and retainer related to new 201 WS mod. Two different painters have not shown up for me) '93J Like the wine reference, all good but some are a little gooder than others.
  7. Lunch at Sebring today. This doesn't happen to me and I rarely see it another Mooney on a ramp where I'm visiting. Three different vintages.
  8. Equipment like this this is often "certified" or approved via the aircraft's type certificate. You can try and find that part number (available in various places) or: Skytec makes certified ones. Can't remember but I think they bought someone's product line. Available from ACSpruce for pretty cheap. Will keep you out of the "gray" area that many enter via replacing with capable but non-cert components.
  9. Freemasm

    1969 Dimmer Control Needed

    PM sent to Flitton
  10. Freemasm

    1969 Dimmer Control Needed

    Is that the only light not working? Works when PTT is actuated? Works when system annunciation? Will be able to answer better in a few hours when I get home. I’ll second that big time. If your light control box is only power transitores like the picture above, the maxdim or max pulse would be the way to go. An integrated box with push-to-test and photocell dimmer would be more complex.
  11. Freemasm

    Burned output lug on alternator

    Going by memory here but I think some of the older Prestolite based units have an AC terminal about where (I think) your picture is indicating. If anything is connected there you're shorting straight to ground and would cause some of the issues you're shown/described. Yes, it's a long shot based on the mounting bracket shown. Can you tell us what nomenclature is stamped next to the lug?
  12. Freemasm

    Aircraft Switches for sale

    @Jorgypilot, email sent to listed email address. Thanks.
  13. I had to rebuild mine by bonding/riveting replacement “wings” on the sides. You could make one completely out of aluminum but as you can see with it removed, the back plane has a slight bend to accommodate the breaker bodies. Good luck. It seems it’s always the little stuff that gets you.
  14. Freemasm

    Gear limit switch locations

    Get a full gear rigging check. You're balancing over-center torque, actuator over-run, actuator life, and more. It's always important but switch removal and subsequent adjustment makes this critical. On another note, relays tend to stick more than switches. The next "failed" actuation you experience while testing, I'd lightly rap the relay(s) and observe.
  15. Freemasm

    Gear limit switch locations

    Don't know what that would be for. Starting vibratpr and gear contact current share a 10amp breaker in my schematics