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  1. Hi All, Came across decent looking 62C and would like to sort out someone to do a pre-buy in/near Enterprise, Alabama. Any suggestions? Thanks Paul
  2. Thanks all for your feedback, carusoam, I am not an engine guy by any mean but learning along the way. Anyway, I haven't spoke with a seller just yet, left him message and still waiting for his response. Just want to share with you guys before hand so at least I know what to ask him once he call me back. Do you think is this something that I should walk away or should I have Mooney mechanic look closely into it? Thanks again.
  3. Hi All, Found 65 E for sale in WI, everything seem to be ok but what caught my eyes was an engine. It has TTAF – 2915 Last Annual – 1/2/2017 Lycoming IO-360-A1A 200hp 1555 SMOH 1415 STOH Overhauled – 12/15/1972 Top Overhaul – 2/2/1976 Crank case reconditioned, new camshaft, new lifters by Poplar Grove Airmotive – 11/28/2012 Fuel Injection System Overhauled by G&N – 1/16/2006 Tanis Engine Heater with Cylinder Wraps Latest Compressions – 78, 78, 77, 76 /80 Was wondering what might be reason for crank case reconditioned as well as new camshaft and lifters? Owner said aircraft has no known DH. Should this be something that need to be concern with? Any comment or suggestion are greatly appreciated. Thanks all