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  1. Eddy Current AD

    You guys are making my head spin. So what is the ROI if the new top prop gets dinged a week after installation?
  2. Backup AHRS

    ??? How did you get that to work? I thought they had a database separating the aviation from marine.
  3. What do you think of this crazy J??

    You’re looking at it. This is specialized fuel sold in very small quantities. FBO or county run you still need to make a small profit to cover the expensive equipment and liability of providing it. If the price doubled it would be more in line with what it will be in 5-10 years.
  4. What do you think of this crazy J??

    IMO plane values are at the peak of what you will see over the next 30 years (minus inflation). Really cheap fuel, sky high stock market, and easy/cheap loans.
  5. Eddy Current AD

    I would run from a shop like that. Because no matter what you’re getting a $8k overhaul or an over priced (heavily marked up) top prop when they have you by the balls.
  6. The 152 overtook the Mooney and hit the rudder?;)
  7. Eddy Current AD

    The AD prop adds $2-3 an hour for the inspection which takes about 20 mins including R&R of the spinner. I’d be more concerned when the overhaul was done and first run blades or not.
  8. What a well balanced video! Not sure if Mike is on MS but if so great job. Only thing I would change is adding on an in flight portion to the video that pulls it all together.
  9. Avidyne marketing methods...

    Sounds like fair prices to me. Let me think about it. Could you PM me the price of a 440, I might decide to do a 440/430 combo.
  10. Looking for some upgrade advice

    IMO the STC identifies the two legal install positions if replacing one of the standard gauges. All other gauges must be kept in the current location which is subjective because of the vast number of shotgun panels out there. options IMO 1. Follow the stc and place the G5 in the T&B location moving that instrument to the old adf location. 2. Place the G5 in the altimeter location and drop current instrument down or diagonal to empty spot. 3. Swap out the old backup AI with the G5. It is not a backup in this situation it is just another panel with flashing lights to keep you awake in flight. IMO the experimental version should be legal to install in this location.
  11. @M20Doc had a really nice checklist but I can’t seem to find it right now. Might want to sign up for savvy and have them help you with the process? They know a lot of the local trustworthy A&P’s.
  12. I don’t think the SOS output is a simple 12v output. I think it is a high frequency burst of energy that would be hard to measure with a voltmeter. I would ohms out the wire lead you are referring to to make sure you have good connections. Make sure all the connections are tight on the back of your starter switch.
  13. Looking for some upgrade advice

    People are able to install the G5 as the required backup to the aspen display from many installers. I think if you ask the shop nicely they might let pick the mount location as yours is not a required item. If it was me I’d bump my altimeter over or down and put the G5 to the right of the 256.
  14. How many hours is too many??

    I agree although anything over 8 at this time would have me looking elsewhere. 4-6 makes no difference to me.
  15. C Model Fuel Burn Rate

    Some pics of the EM. First- low power 6.8gph low altitude run Second-TIT leaned to 40 ROP 8.4gph Third/Fourth- leaned per the chart above
  16. C Model Fuel Burn Rate

    I do have a IAT sensor on the JPI that will show the air temp going into the carb but I forgot to lock it on that option today. I also did not play with the carb heat at all although in the past I’ve found a little bit of turbo helped even things out and make the peaks much more abrupt. I was going to test with the turbo at the higher altitudes but it was not making proper MP today in the climb. I’m going to have my mechanic out this week to remove the exhaust system and check the turbo. Kind of bummed as I was planning on flying to Texas next weekend and I’m worried the bird will be in pieces.
  17. C Model Fuel Burn Rate

    pressure altitude/temp/RPM/MP/FF/TAS 10,500/-2c/2480/19.8/9.2/150 9,500/-1c/2500/20.7/9.6/151 8,500/0c/2400/21.4/9.7/149 7,500/1c/2400/22.3/10.3/150 6,500/3c/2400/22/10/148 Leaning another 0.8 gph from the above values did not noticeably lower TAS or add roughness.
  18. C Model Fuel Burn Rate

    We had great weather for flying today so I decided to go out and do some testing. I’m posting this info for those without an engine monitor or fuel flow gauge. I get conflicting info when comparing the mapa key numbers and the operating handbook so I ran all the tests at 75-80 degrees ROP at roughly 70 ish percent power. One thing I notice is when I’m on the turbo or down low pulled back the egt’s run very close. However, up high at wot or slightly pulled back the back two cylinders run a warmer egt. Also when the o360 cylinders peak they are not crisp like an io550 instead they get kind of mushy and hold the peak values into the lean. I have a unique monitor setup (for a C) that also shows TIT. Consistently running 110 degrees ROP via the TIT would give me 75-80 on the leanest cylinder. Surprisingly, the speed stayed very close throughout the different altitudes and power settings 148-150k TAS. However, the fuel consumption increased around 1 gph descending from 10.5 to 6.5. Also going from rich of rough (very smooth) to 75 ROP increased the FF by 0.8 gph.
  19. Avidyne marketing methods...

    The past two Chase had for sale were 12+. If I could get the 430w to 540 delta to 3-4K I’m ready to pull the trigger.
  20. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    @mooneyman darn, yesterday I flew to ptk with a stop at the jxn tower restaurant. I could have easily stopped over to see your new paint job. Must have felt like picking up a new plane. Hopefully I’ll run into you at the gas pumps and say hi, your paint job is one I will not soon forget.
  21. Avidyne marketing methods...

    @LANCECASPER please send link for the 10k 540’s. I’m ready to upgrade. I missed a 440 on BS a week ago for 7.5k by 5 mins.
  22. Backup AHRS

    You can’t move the 256 and replace it with a G5 because of the lacking Flight director. However, I think you could add the G5 as a backup (as the backup is not legally needed I’m sure a shop or kind IA will install it for you). My strategy is going to be a Garmin 660 with a GDL 50R attached. It will combine the TIS traffic from my 330es and adsb with target trend, has an internal AHRS with a 5 hour battery hardwired to the 660, adsb weather, flight plan push from my 430w to my iPad on the yoke, and extra screen for mfd usage. Only problem is I’m not a fan of the current docks. Going to have to fab one up.
  23. C Model Fuel Burn Rate

    This is the way I’ve been flying. I closely monitor all temps and if you try for full forward to level in the summer you will be in the 425 cht range. 25/25 on climb immediately and dramatically reduces cht’s. The good news is obviously these engines can handle hot temps and leaned to almost peak at high power settings. They will also keep up with all the trainers when pulled back to 6-6.5 gph.
  24. What Jacks do you Reccommend?

    I agree with Robert. Once the engine is out the tail almost drops to the ground. As long as you are not jumping around in the plane the engine lift should work fine. I’m planning on picking up a harbor freight one in the next week or two.
  25. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    The incentive is massive IF you can find a trustworthy non equity partner. In this setup the owner can still depreciate the aircraft and write off the majority of his expenses. So you can save 50k on your taxes during purchase (not possible in a normal partnership) and then only be responsible for half of the fixed fees of which might be reduced another 40-50 percent by Uncle Sam. It is a genius idea and one that could play huge dividends on an expensive turbo prop.