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  1. Upgrade paths

    Looks very nice and cost effective. Is the total height of the 430/660 about the same as a 750?
  2. Dynon Certified thread

    This is really nice to hear and it sounds like a unanimous opinion. My hope is the extra time needed to certify the 172 will mean less time between additional makes and models.
  3. Dynon Certified thread

    Just remarking on every time a rep from Dynon talks the above is mentioned almost verbatim. This is the case when I talked with the rep at osh when he said the 172 should be certified within a couple weeks. Again it was mentioned by both reps in the video they released a couple months ago. I’m glad the relationship between the FAA and companies is working out well but it doesn’t need to be mentioned every time they talk from the two week estimate to one year and two weeks. Keep up the good work!
  4. Dynon Certified thread

    If I hear one more time how VERY cooperative the FAA is... Are you guys paid to say that? sorry, rant off
  5. Think of it as a speed mod. With the alternator just loafing you probably picked up another .3 kts.
  6. Avionics Hospitalization

    Very exciting, please take pictures of the carnage. I’ve been eyeing the 440 if only for the updated interface and WiFi. Great choice.
  7. Sounds to me like Laser is continuing to be a top notch MSC! I like mechanics who dig right in ready to get the job done.
  8. They will use the max fuel flow spelled out in the stc information. Still way too low. Call around and find a shop that will put the FF at 29. Don’t stop calling until you find a place with a good reputation that will allow it.
  9. Time for a new Mag

    Wow, that looks really bad. I’d send in the other one asap. How many years since the last 500 hr check?
  10. CNX 80

    The mx20 and 750 are sloped at the back which provides extra clearance. The newer panels have a spacer below the annunciator because of the lack of depth. My opinion is the menu buttons of the mx20 are great to access when just cruising at altitude but when things get busy you will probably just use the knobs and controls on the 430/80. This should leave both displays easy to read as you set the instruments. What is currently blocking your view?
  11. Lightweight Portable Generator Review

    Sounds like a great idea. The only worry I would have is sealing the tank out in the cold and placing it in a warm low pressure environment. Might create too much pressure in the tank and blow an internal hose off?
  12. The engine overhaul

    I’m sorry to hear this but I’m glad you had it checked over. Looks like it was a good decision. I actually talked to the previous owner when looking for a plane and I remember looking over the logs, I feel like this could have easily be me looking at overhaul shops.
  13. Thank you for posting Mr Grey. Still rocking the ADF in all three mock-ups? I thought the 10a backup unit was required for certification? Not necessarily with dual skyview units? Keep up the good work and please keep us updated and at the top of the stc list.
  14. reasons for having a GTN750 and 650?

    I think the OP was implying dual nav/coms but asking why dual gps/nav/com units. My point was an iPad or phone could keep the pilot oriented while he switched from gps navigation to VOR/ILS. Not as nice as continuing on without deviation but still a viable option.
  15. reasons for having a GTN750 and 650?

    Note my paragraph above the one you quoted. I also think dual batteries, alternators, etc can really save the day depending on when items fail. Mooney has been providing dual gps/nav/com units since the late 90’s for a reason but it doesn’t change the way people fly. The real question is would it be a good idea to trade out two 430w units for a single 750? The 30k remark was for 750/650, obviously not for the whole panel. If you take off the value of items removed (10-12k) the upgrade is very reasonable. I agree that the upgrades are not essential but nice to have.
  16. Time for a change

    I think a video of it in action is needed. Permanent fixture on the dash?
  17. reasons for having a GTN750 and 650?

    Probably goes along with the 2 is 1, 1 is none philosophy. The two are normally setup to cross feed so if one goes down the other is setup and legally ready to continue / land. The 30k stack can’t really do anything more than my 6k 430w along with my iPhone but IMO it’s not a bad way to spend money on the panel.
  18. Economic ANR solution

    I paid just under 800 for a new a20bt set a few months ago. Just watch the eBay auctions and try to combine the 10 percent coupons with the end/bin date. CFI’s get a discount and freebies are given away during the large air shows so people stock up on a few at a time.
  19. S-TEC 3100

    I’ve been giving this some thought. I too have an Aspen and I’m thinking about adding a G5 as a backup. If I can find someone to sign it off it will allow me to drop my vacuum system and get rid of my cdi. It would also allow me to install the 500 AP. I’ve started watching the used market for a gad 29 as individuals upgrade to the 29e version.
  20. Firm numbers

    I think the concern was nighttime, mountainous, winter, deadline flying and worrying about fuel burn and a couple extra knots. Take out one or two of the requirements and it sounds great. IMO there is a difference between flying over that stuff in the flight levels and landing/TO in it.
  21. Trio Auto-Pilot update

    I think people are already in a holding pattern for anything avionics related. They need to come strong out of the gate and grab every inch of market share possible.
  22. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    @peevee no luck getting the rocket to run LOP? Lots of rockets on the used market right now.
  23. Mooney for Business Travel

    Sell the 35 and buy a nice FIKI ovation or bravo. Start saving for a TBM and fly as much as possible.
  24. Full Power Climb

    I do believe it’s making 310 but from the statement above it is probably TC’ing at that point. I’m curious what MP the 310hp acclaim is obtaining on full power climb out.
  25. Full Power Climb

    I would not leave the shop until the 37 mentioned above is set. The difference between 27.2 and 29.2 for the NA version is 375 vs 400+.