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  1. @DXB I think the G5 is a great way to go. As a backup AI I think it’s pretty widely accepted by many shops. The hard push would be using it for all three backup instruments if you only have a single aspen display. Garmin certified it for its own displays but most likely will avoid the TSO’d classification to use as a backup.
  2. I’m currently in the sit back and wait mode but ready to pounce if a good plane comes along. Looking at the long bodies but also thinking about a turbo mid body. After a year of looking I have noticed a range of values for the 231 (50-110) and 252 (100-160). The bottom end having missing logs, old avionics, or a run out engine. However, I don’t have any idea where the encore fits in. What premium would MS members pay going from a 252 to an encore? What have past planes sold for? How much is the encore upgrade including installation?
  3. My C is getting a interior makeover headliner down to the carpet. I’m thinking about using sheepskin covers on the front seats or sewing the material to the seating surface. Opinions on the sheepskin? Fit and finish of the covers? Thanks.
  4. MIm20c

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    Citation 1234A traffic 10 o’clock altitude...180 hp Mooney at 29k. All joking aside my service ceiling is 25k and was the aircraft used to certify the TN C in the mid 80’s. 190 would sure be nice. However, I don’t think my old girl will spin the wheels fast enough. Planning on doing some extensive testing this winter, hopefully up to at least 22.
  5. I’ve heard AS 15-50 and the 100 plus is hard on starter adapters, not sure about the elite. Currently thinking AS w100 for the summer and Phillips 15-50 w/camguard during the winter.
  6. MIm20c

    Add GPSS / Roll Steering Converter???

    GPSS is really nice especially with a waas navigator. Heading bug only sounds like a waste to me but I see the appeal. Very similar to only using the direct to button on the gps. I’d spend the funds to get it installed. However, the G5/E5 would be calling my name. - the advantage is the AP will fly most of your flight plan without hand holding it at every turn. For an RNAV approach it lowers the workload at a busy time.
  7. Only if you checked vref in 1968
  8. MIm20c


    To rehash everyone else and to give my 2 pennies...least desirable to most. - sell 430 buy used 430w - sell 430 buy used/new 440 - sell 430 buy 540 and sl30 - keep 430 and add 750 - buy txi and two 750’s I see no reason to buy a 650. If this was a fresh install I would but in this case you already have the gns/idf install 95% complete. Consider keeping the 430 non waas as a backup. Would still give you ILS/direct navigation/and non precision approach capability.
  9. Planes are not an investment. Instead they are probably the most dangerous way to light money on fire. Enjoy the ride!
  10. MIm20c

    1992 M20M Bravo

    It kills me when a new overhaul sits for so long...my hangar neighbor has a turbo lance with 20 hrs on a new engine over the past 5 years.
  11. Probably referring to the Beechcraft b60 duke. I think the spec engine is a turbo 541.
  12. MIm20c

    ADSB Rebate is back $ 500.00

    I thought the program started with 20m and very little was used. Now they only have 5m left? Stop the program for a year and misplace 5-10m?
  13. The g5 stc requires the retention of remaining 6 pack. A failure would be the same as a failed AI or vac pump. @LANCECASPER the E5, similar to the max, does not fail to a black screen when the p/s is lost. I assume aspen will upgrade the certified backup (6k unit) to E5 specs when certified. Will they remove the limitation for backing up a aspen unit?...hard to know.
  14. @cnoe did you use the stratus external antenna or wire it up to an old dme antenna? I’m trying to find the proper connections to make my own cable.
  15. I wonder if Garmin just utilized the headway Dynon made with the D10A? The D10A, G5, and E5 (soon) were all certified to replace the AI/DG but all other instruments must remain. The Dynon was able to slip the 10a in as the sole backup to the skyview. I’m guessing it was very easy for Garmin follow along. I’d assume the aspen E5 could also easily be certified to backup a pro1000 pfd if they wanted. However, aspen will resist that vs selling more expensive hardware. The real question is will the authorities allow the mixing of manufacturers for backup hardware? I still think the G5/pro1000/edm900 would make for one clean panel.
  16. MIm20c

    Fire hazard! Please read.

    I’m not sure how many usb chargers have an internal fuse. @ragedracer1977 I would drain the battery on the stratus, plug it into the charger, and power the unit up. You need to test it at max current draw vs multiple hours at a trickle charge.
  17. MIm20c

    New Rocket Owner

    Off memory a bravo owner reported a malfunctioning 2nd battery charging circuit. I can’t remember if it failed to charge or actually drained the battery.
  18. I’m definitely not the authority on this but the factory used/approved 406 elt is the 1k ish slightly older version that comes with a shorter antenna. The 500 ish unit comes with a longer (another 6 inches?) antenna that might not fit. The black section is longer and not as flexible on the cheaper antenna so you might not to be able to bend it where it needs to be bent.
  19. KSM is correct. Even the units from the same company have different antennas they are certified with. The more expensive units normally have more latitude allowing a larger selection of antennas (however some of the higher end antennas are really expensive). You can but it still needs to be an approved antenna. They just bend the antenna to fit, they can be bent but not multiple times. The important part is the black ticker portion (for the 406).
  20. MIm20c

    Mooney upgrades?

    I think the 172 and 182 have both dropped the TD as a factory option. The company that designed the 2.3l TD went out of business. Many RV builders lost a lot of money and a massive amount of time trying surpass the lycoming options. Efficiency is irrelevant for selling new planes IMO because of the huge purchase cost (capital and insurance). Capability and performance are more important. Come out with more UL or pressurization to sell more planes.
  21. Do you find the spot/hyper spot too narrow for the flare? Comparing the 63372 to the 63362 (drive/hyperspot). Any cheaper source, looks like they have $350 map pricing.
  22. MIm20c

    New Rocket Owner

    Makes me wonder if something is draining the battery, malfunctioning charging circuit?
  23. MIm20c

    Dynon Certified thread

    I’m curious about how similar the Trio is to the TT?
  24. MIm20c

    Dynon Certified thread

    The Dynon will double your budget. Might try to find a used aspen (or new e5) and wait for the trutrak AP to be certified. You’ll probably be able to get that done under budget, barely.
  25. If you’re thinking of doing it yourself start looking for a good IA and building trust now. Good people value their license and will not sign off anything that is not up to regulation/standards. It might be a good idea to buy a serviceable radio and slide it in to get you past the check ride.