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  1. MIm20c


    Hard to believe it’s only been three years since this was announced. Feels like a decade, avionics years must be similar to dog years... By the time this hits the streets the Garmin G5 will be certified for use in the 747.
  2. I think the IAS etc are dependent on what Aspen writes the code / is approved for. IMO it will include all the features you mentioned but will come with an unlock price tag for older units.
  3. MIm20c

    G500 TXi Upgrade

    G5 for backup!!!
  4. MIm20c

    IFR Setup

    I understand what you are trying to accomplish. However, I don’t understand the economics of spending 15-20k on G5’s and a digital AP if you don’t have an ideal head unit to drive them (400w and above). The idea of gpss and a new gen AP is to be able to touch the navigator about the same number of time you stroke the J bar. The absolutely amazing thing is all the “work” the waas gps / AP is doing in the background. If you want to keep the plane exactly like it is and only add the 90b, great! If you want to continue to improve the panel start with something useful (again IMO). You need to ask yourself if you want to fly the system on a regular basis or just have the ability to push through a layer a few times a year...
  5. MIm20c

    Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    Lowering the hull does not work with the cheaper aircraft as it gets too close to a write off situation for a simple prop strike.
  6. MIm20c

    Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    I asked about this. The underwriters are unwilling to do this. I was trying for a 10k deductible but the highest I could get was $0. Thought really hard about going with liability only but just my luck I’d have a storm flipped Cessna on top of me the following summer at osh.
  7. MIm20c

    IFR Setup

    I’m going from memory but I think the 90b has some memory issues (lack of) and it is not easy to update the database. The only legal way to shoot approaches with the unit is to keep it updated. If I purchased a plane with it installed I’d run it till it failed for gps direct capabilities and forget about the approaches.
  8. MIm20c

    IFR Setup

    Don’t spend your hard earned cash on the install of an old panel mount gps. I’ve seen used 400w units sell in the mid 2’s which would allow a very cheap upgrade to a future 440 if you wanted to. The G5 / E5 (also an ifr unit) would be an investment well after a waas approach navigator was installed. It really is the heart of the panel.
  9. MIm20c

    Small GFC 500 Update

    That trip looks epic...only wish I could carve out the time this summer.
  10. MIm20c

    Small GFC 500 Update

    I totally get the reasons for waiting. But the 200 AP is a great system when working and IMO could add a lot of safety to certain types of flying. Months no problem but years? Its unfortunate for the used market that some AP manufacturers are reusing current servos for the new systems. It would provide a great source of parts for those trying to extend the life of current gear to have them overflowing on dealer shelves. Like the 256/525 components that can be purchased for a few $’s now.
  11. MIm20c

    Small GFC 500 Update

    I can’t believe you’d go without an AP for multiple years to save a few thousand (possibly split multiple ways) on a pitch servo. You might even find the working servo has some value if you switch down the road. If I had to pick between a G5 and a working AP the decision to spend on the old junk would be made before I finished typing this response.
  12. Looking for advice for keeping my current avionics when I upgrade planes down the road. I have to admit I’m torn with my current setup. I’d like to upgrade my 430w with a new 440 but feel I’m already over invested in my panel. Probably looking to sell in 3ish years to upgrade to an a36 with the growing family. Wondering how hard it would be to pull the Aspen/440/330es combo w/wiring and transplant it to a new plane. The C would be left with at least two nav/coms, a stec AP, EM, etc so it would be pretty average and probably not drop the value of the plane too bad. It appears that the majority of the work is in the wiring and configuration of the avionics not the actual mounting. I would think the swap could be cost effective if the wires were long enough to keep the harness intact. Thoughts? Don’t really like the thought of a 3.5k sunk cost upgrade.
  13. Is the MT included in the 2700 stc? probably looking at 20k including the rpm stc. The additional hp is worth far more than a few lbs of useful load imo. Not sure how you’re going to get another 50 lbs of useful. The eagle is already pretty empty. One seat and no interior?
  14. Should be plenty of room in the current clock location.
  15. MIm20c

    G500 TXi Upgrade

    This is from the Garmin site.