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  1. MIm20c

    Trutrack Update

    50 inches!!! I’m never going to get my instrument ticket.
  2. The flush mount depth and cutouts are the same. However, with three displays next to each other a continuous setback panel will work the same and would be easy to fab when the panel is being cut.
  3. Off memory I think it was around 1k for three of the flush mounts. I was planning having the panel fabricator make a one piece U bracket with the standard 6 pack cutout. With all the displays mounted I would then mark for the attachment screws to make sure everything lined up.
  4. MIm20c

    Trutrack Update

    I think the TT is great how it is. However, the aspen might be able to input multiple sources/capabilities into the unit. Here is a small piece of the new aspen software for the stec unit. The pfd might allow updated software to work with the TT in a similar way.
  5. MIm20c

    Insurance woes

    @flyboy0681 I just wanted to pass on some info I gathered on another forum. Apparently Avemco has been using different strategies to keep the rates down. Two things caught my attention. First in some policies have a disclaimer that they will have the ability to calculate the aircraft “true value” at the time of the claim (vs what you insured for). The second item is they might limit non passenger liabilities to “per person” limits of 100k vs 1m that most policies cover. That second item is very important IMO even though the likelihood of injuring someone on the ground is low. Please read your policy closely.
  6. MIm20c

    Trutrack Update

    The key for me is having the heading bug work on the aspen and future integration with alt pre select and TAS climb. While I’m dreaming allow an ILS signal pass through to the AP as well.
  7. I agree but I think what you’re looking at is either inside the release (embedded in the plastic bezel) or the mounting frame that is placed in between the panel and display.
  8. I can’t believe no one was hurt. It put a knot in my stomach when he danced in front of the prop.
  9. That’s the cutout in the panel. The silver color I think comes from camera angle looking right down into the release lever.
  10. I think you’re looking at the release lever. That’s why flush mount units need to have a cutout at the top to allow the unit to be removed.
  11. I think LC is correct. However, the E5 and the new max displays are claiming 2 hr battery life with the internal battery. I wonder if the external battery will last 6-8 hrs with the new internals. Also both 1000 displays need to be upgraded to max status and need to be connected to a tso’d waas navigator for error correction.
  12. MIm20c

    Sheepskin opinions

    Oh no, the cheap bastards might look down on me. I’m running to my phone to cancel my order! It’s all about priorities, interior is/was at the bottom of my list.
  13. Put the altimeter over on the copilot side and leave the selector where it is. Force the rotation of copilots drooling over your panel to keep it updated.
  14. I’m going against the grain but I would not spend the money unless you have a panel mount adsb in to display on the units. The maps displays are not that intuitive (similar to the 430/530). However, having large certified screens to show a wx500, traffic, and weather is definitely worth it.
  15. MIm20c

    Sheepskin opinions

    Any updates? Fast shipping, good fit, comfortable? Thinking about placing an order this weekend.