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  1. A 20 year old 1300-1800 hour engine would be valued the same by me. The overhaul will cost 50k by the time you add all the accessories, exhaust, mounts, etc. As a buyer I’d think another 5-7 years would be a safe bet. For value I think the educated buyer will think: MSC with open pocketbook- big plus g500 with gad43 getting rid of the 256- big plus TKS- plus for many buyers a good AP- plus top prop installed - plus mortiz engine gauges - minus 310 stc? -plus if installed Nice looking plane, I hope you find what you’re looking for.
  2. MIm20c

    Garmin GMX 200 MFD

    Mx20’s were plagued with screen problems. I’m sure the 200 is a better unit but if it was me I’d take the 3-4 k and upgrade your used 650 with a used 750. Install should be cheaper than adding a Garmin 200 screen as it’s plug and play minus a rack change.
  3. MIm20c

    Shoulder harnesses installed!

    Amazed you could put them in without sliding down from the top. Looks nice!
  5. MIm20c

    M20J RAJAY Turbo STC

    Tom it was great talking with you at Sun and Fun. Thanks for all the hard work. Is the J system a manual wastegate or automatic system?
  6. MIm20c

    My "new" Mooney

    I’ve been looking at the lance, should be able to match C speeds burning 13-15 gallons?
  7. MIm20c

    Finally a tailwind

    I agree about headwinds being more common but I think many are optimistic about the TAS of their aircraft.
  8. You might just want to buy a new Curtis or similar drain valve. They are only $20-25. At the very least I’d check the oring to see if it looks damaged or aged.
  9. MIm20c

    Main gear castle nut cotter pin size

    I think it’s a 4-8 off memory.
  10. MIm20c

    TAX DAY-$$$

    I really wished I could write off a new Pilatus to give me that wonderful feeling that the government did not get their greedy hands on my money every flight of the year. Oh well maybe in a couple decades when I hit the powerball and the gov increases spending 10 fold.
  11. MIm20c

    Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    You must have requested the smooth? I would be surprised that they gave you that rate as a low time pilot. I’d check the policy again. If true that’s a great rate and it looks like the extra 50 hrs and IR could have saved me another $500.
  12. MIm20c

    Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    Only thing available for me within reason is the common 1M/100k policy. Don’t think many underwriters are doing smooth policies for low time pilots. I still need to check on the info I received on this forum that the 100k limit is only for passengers inside the plane.
  13. MIm20c

    Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    I can confirm your rates as I’m in the exact same bracket. Had Starr last year for the same amount, was a 80ish hr pilot (from almost 15 years ago), and I’m currently renewing with Global. Only difference is weather, family, and work got in the way the past four months and I’m just short of my instrument and less than 150 hrs added this year. The cost for my laziness? An extra $200 it looks like. I’m concerned for others trying to get a first time policy like we did. Starr was the only underwriter that was covering newer pilots and they also bumped my renewal up to $2100 ish. Guess I’m glad I got “in” when I did but fear others with my history will be spending another 1 amu to get in the game.
  14. MIm20c

    M20C turbo

    Yep, questions or just doing a poll?
  15. MIm20c

    IPad in the flight levels?

    I remember looking hard for an solid state drive to run anywhere map back in the day. Oh the money that I could have saved if FF and iPads were around back then.