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  1. I’m sure most will disagree with me...I’m assuming you have a verbal or written agreement with the seller. To me it sounds like you’re getting cold feet about the plane. Not having gps and the hours/age of the engine should’ve been a known quantity the moment you laid eyes on the ad. I’m feeling you want a large discount to fund things that might fail in the future. I’d ask for a small discount / repairs to be made for the oil leak and nav/com. If this does not sound reasonable save everyone’s time and move on.
  2. Yep, I’ve just noticed the newer non converted units gain some weight and top out around 1000-1050 ish.
  3. Paul, thanks for all your help via PM. After talking to my paint shop at length I decided to pass on the peppered up Acclaim. Looks like the converted encores have an additional ~100 lbs of useful with the older style interior etc?
  4. I miss the postings of the Cirrus driver. Towards the end he was having troubles with his engine/turbo and I wish him the best. Im curious what the difference is between the ~100 gallon rocket/missile/J with long range tanks vs the longbodies. Many of the LR upgrades had two fill ports per side. Are different bays used in different aircraft to help w&b?
  5. As @Aerodon mentioned JPI sells an extension that is legal to use on everything but the primary units (900, 930) iirc.
  6. 530 - $4.5k 530w - $8.5k 540 - $11.5k I personally think the 540 is the best value in gps/nav/com’s right now. Especially considering the slide in capability in the old 530 slot. However, with new gps/com units coming out like the Garmin 355 its hard to know what values will do in the future.
  7. Looks like it really moves too, ~150 kts at 11.5k is really good for any Mooney...even a lowly C
  8. This plane and a 66 E were two of of the nicest short bodies I’ve seen listed for a fair price lately. Both sold very fast...nice job acting fast to nab this one!
  9. I’m going to say the left two go on the sides of the elevator. The center two go on the wing tips. The right pair might wrap around the ends of a two blade prop. All to protect the paint/edges during an annual or a tight hangar.
  10. If the hangar elves were thinking about starting this project this fall what would be the best option for led’s? Brighter and or more durable?
  11. If AZ had sales tax on aircraft the Dr would have supported a good chunk of highway road maintenance The newer 205’s have always intrigued me. However, with the GW increase the climb performance really degrades on a warm day above 6k...
  12. So as a recap to this thread “average annual (total) cost minus fuel” we have a low of $1k for a pistol whipped annual, outside tie down in the middle of nowhere, and approaches flown with a contractors level and a paper clip floating in a glass of water....to a high of $35k for great maintenance, upgrades, location, insurance, training, and donations to your preferred flying charity. I’m going to stick with the advice given above, between a used and new Honda given away every year.
  13. @Bob_Belville the problem I have with “well under 1 amu” is the huge delta between that “annual” expense and what comes out of the pocket in a normal year. An oil change is always done at annuals in my experience even if the oil is only 10 hrs old. What’s the point of separating out the inspection cost if it’s impossible to drop off/pick up your plane at an MSC for under 4K?
  14. Flying is expensive. Flying a lot, 150-200 hrs per year, and keeping the plane in good repair can increase the yearly cost to a nice new car. Take a newer plane 2000+ to a MSC and my guess is you will see a $4-5k annual. Stuff adds up quick.
  15. The labor $’s you spend on the panel and maintaining the aircraft will be a sunk cost. IF the economy stays strong with cheap avgas available you will do ok with the principal / hardware upgrades. The J above IMO would fetch 150k with 50 spent on the panel (20k of labor).