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  1. I’d be really curious what the delta would be between a dual G5 / GFC500 3 servo system and a dual 275 legacy AI interface setup. Anyone have a fly away price difference between the two using/bidding the same shop? $5-6k?
  2. Small city life in SW Michigan. One hanger is twice the price of the other one. However, it has superior facilities, services and runways/approaches. I feel it’s worth the premium and glad so many choices are available.
  3. I think the SA02988AT would allow for increasing the 244 hp to 280? Not sure it’s legal to have the 3 blade prop turning only 2400 max.
  4. Is the plane currently turning 2400 or 2500 max RPM?
  5. My guess is he already has the McCauley on his plane (or one he is looking at) or is looking at a cheaper option utilizing a take off prop from another plane upgrading.
  6. No easy way about it. In the end the purchase price is a drop in the bucket. A long body will easily cost $25k a year if you actually fly, maintain, and upgrade it along the way. I’d say a well maintained and upgraded unit should go for 200k. A run out, stored outside, pistol whipped unit should be sub 150 and a decked out, recent Garmin, FIKI etc should fetch 250ish. The people spending another 50k on a plane are not the foolish ones. They are imo the educated ones buying the most value they can for the money.
  7. Take a few months and track the market. You’ll be a lot happier with the end result if you learn the nuances of the model or Mooney aircraft in general. You will also get a feel for what is moving faster at all price points. Lots of knowledge buyers out there and money is easy to come by right now so the good ones will move reasonably fast. Narrow your search and good luck!
  8. In the past I’ve recommended the Iota chargers for ground power units.
  9. With just the 750 to learn I’d skip the GPU and download the trainer. Then I’d spend time with an instructor or safety pilot to learn the rest. Now if you just want to spend time sitting in the plane listening to the spinning gyros with a smile on your face I think that’s great. Interesting it took so long to get it sorted out. Thought the seller just put it through an extensive annual and substantially bump the price to cover that. Good job finding a shop that knew what to look for. Also completely agree about a hangar. Couldn’t imagine keeping a nice plane outside in Seattle, not a good environment for a Mooney.
  10. Kinda wondered why you stopped posting all of a sudden. Hopefully you can stretch the legs of the missile more than I have lately. Just lots of trips around MI as the kids and job keep me close to home and busy.
  11. This is one of the reasons I thought long and hard about putting hull coverage on my C. If anything happens the payout vs parting it out would be minimal. It could also ruin my chance of getting reasonable (if at all) coverage on a more expensive plane to replace it.
  12. Honestly the increase in insurance rates has me back pedaling the multiple aircraft idea. It also just takes too much time to properly maintain and exercise multiple aircraft. Over the next month it will be great as one plane is down for an upgrade. But overall its not like a sports car that you can park in the garage, pull the battery, and not think about for 6 months. For cars I just make sure the wife and kids have the newest vehicle in the driveway. I’ll drive the old hand-me-down cars so long as I can drive it to my hangar.
  13. From J to older R and now GX. The market must be doing well this week . I’d personally take a 2003/2004 DX and put in a txi/g3x or two.
  14. Imperfections in the skin, like hail damage for example, could possibly produce unusual noises.