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  1. I’d really like to get approval to replace my ASI, AI, and altimeter with a Garmin G5. This would be used to backup my Aspen. I feel there is a reasonable argument that because the G5 is certified to be the sole backup for a Txi w/o backup battery it has the capability to provide the same for the Aspen. How much work or expense is required to obtain a field approval for this type of modification? I really think many individuals would benefit from this. Is there a way for multiple people to be approved at the same time or is it limited to a single aircraft?
  2. I’m not noticing any unusual smell in the air. The shop rates needed to keep the doors open and employees paid will vary in different parts of the country. I have no idea what the above shops charge by the hour. But if Jesse holds to the $7250 that would be around 28ish hours. He clearly states that the price/time would need to be increased for removal of an old system. IMO we are splitting hairs at this point depending on how much trash they find behind the panel. Getting the job done right is the most important thing for a system as important as the AP.
  3. I’ve always liked the 530 over the 430 and 750 over the 650. However, I already have a 330es installed and I’ll also have to move my audio panel to make it fit where the 430w is currently installed. The deal is enticing but putting another 4K into the nav and possibly 3k into the aspen gives me pause. If I could find a new or refurb 440 in the 7500-8k region I’d probably jump to avoid the install hassle.
  4. Looking at the deals right now on the 440 and 540. The 540 seems to be the best value at $12.5k including a free $2.5k transponder. I’m torn between the 540 and 440. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good deal on a 440? Right now they are the same price taking the value of the 322 into account.
  5. MIm20c

    Aspen with GFC 500?

    Unfortunately the 500 unit does not come with a backup ahars unit. Its display and functions are piggybacked off the pfd. Do you have a picture or list of items in your panel?
  6. MIm20c

    Aspen with GFC 500?

    Both Garmin and Aspen have a 20-25% markup on the dealer install items. I’ve found many dealers will split that savings on larger install jobs. Normally I take off around 12-15% as a general average. IMO Aspen’s retail prices will settle in around around 15-17k for the 2k system in the next 8-10 months.
  7. MIm20c

    Aspen with GFC 500?

    Current opinions on the 7 inch txi w/ g5 backup -SV is very costly, $2.6k. -plays nice Garmin equipment and .... older Garmin equipment. -integrates with the gfc500 with full functionality. -no mfd besides a small one inside the hsi. -no battery backup without spending more. -ideally two Garmin sources (430w and above / Garmin nav/com). Will allow the g5 to provide backup navigation. -more $’s per inch of screen vs the 10 inch unit.
  8. MIm20c

    Aspen with GFC 500?

    Current opinions on the Aspen 1500: -the 500 mfd will not qualify as backup instrumentation. -leveraging unlocks is hard with the 500. SV and AOA need both the pfd and mfd (almost double the price) -expensive considering max units will demand a premium when first released. The backup option will be costly with the L3 500 or mid cont unit. Without a doubt I’d spring for the 2000 Max if buying an Aspen system now. No backup requirement, independent unlock requirements, and lots of capabilities.
  9. MIm20c

    Aspen with GFC 500?

    I find myself drawn to these threads. Spending other people’s money, integrating technology, and maximizing capabilities just pulls me in. I read your dilemma as you’d like a Garmin G5 combo but don't want to keep the remaining 6 pack. Do you have any interest fixing the 150 AP with a new BK head unit? Are you ok with the trutrak AP limitations (no pitch trim, ILS capability, or legal approaches below 700agl)? Are you planning on a new left side panel?
  10. MIm20c

    PPI recommendations

    I’m not sure what your budget is but while looking at the C you might want to checkout this M20E . Not sure if it’s a good deal or not but might be worth a look because it will be close by. Good luck with the search!
  11. MIm20c

    IO 550

    I’m sorry that this happened to you. Unfortunately this is a full tear down and your crankshaft will need to be replaced. With the amount of hours you might want to go for a factory reman if they allow you to trade in your unusable crank. Again, I’m very sorry this happened...
  12. MIm20c

    Realistic Maximum Value for 1976 M20F

    So I’m going against the MS general consensus, important if I want to stay at the top of everyone’s ignore list. First finish your PPL and put a hundred hours on the old girl. You might find a few systems that need to be repaired after sitting dormant for over a decade. Then decide if you really like feel, UL, short/soft field ability, etc. If you like what you see get some quotes and start comparing it to other aircraft in the same price bracket. IMO talking about picking up a 252 et al before you get some seat time is a mistake.
  13. MIm20c

    Update Nav. Data GNS430W

    Good info. I’ve only used Jeppesen for the 430w and Garmin for the other equipment. The cards are completely different than a sd card. Kind of an old style smaller CF card. I download the update to the tablet before I leave for the airport. In the plane I plug the g2 USB adapter into the tablet to program the card. Works great on trips that span an update cycle.
  14. MIm20c

    Update Nav. Data GNS430W

    The adapter is just a card reader. You will be able to use it for both services. I use an old Samsung tablet to update at the airport, works great.
  15. MIm20c

    Update Nav. Data GNS430W

    Fred, I think the first thing you need to decide is if you want to be limited to VOR/ILS approaches for the airports you frequent. Personally I’d have a hard time spending the time and money to get an IR license and then break the rules using outdated data for approaches. PM me if you decide you just want an update for your check ride.