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  1. Do you have any pictures of your plane from the side showing the cowl flaps open? Or can you measure the opening?
  2. The listing on TAP has a few photos that might help.
  3. I wouldn’t give anything extra for the avionics but possibly having a recent engine and flown often is worth a lot IMO.
  4. I’d also ask aspen if they replace the external battery when doing a max upgrade. IIRC it’s a $400 ish replacement. They might not include that as it’s not part of the unit being upgraded but I think it has a mandatory 3 year replacement.
  5. @Avionics Source is advertising the ea100 for 1600 on BT. Not sure if that is new or used. @CharlesHuddleston If you are considering a max upgrade and the used mfd is lacking an external battery, you might want to buy a refurbished mfd. You would save $3k on the max upgrade, get synthetic vision / adsb unlock ($1500 ish), and the external battery ($1k). You could resell your current mfd and be way ahead...
  6. I can’t tell you how many RV’s I’ve looked at that advertised 95% done that needed another 1k hrs to complete. I hope I’m wrong but I dot see this hitting the shelves (certified) until the new year...
  7. You’ll need to upgrade both screens if you want the max upgrade. And I do agree that the price sounds good. To just upgrade my screen to the max version is 5k. To add the mfd w/external battery, SV, adsb input, and upgrade both to max is 10k (plus install). Also I noticed on Chase’s ad on BT that the ea100 could be had for 1600 ish for people with BK AP’s.
  8. @Andy Smith this is a very nice offer. I have a couple questions... 1. Are these list prices through a dealer? 2. Will the unlocks come preloaded or on a sd card to the dealer? 3. Does the mfd include the external battery or is that an option? 4. Is the max upgrade linked to the serial number or the individual buying the unit? I’d like to send in my current pfd for the upgrade so I don’t have any downtime.
  9. Unless you’re going install the entire thing yourself installing old equipment like DME’S will be a waste of money if they are not needed. The 5k 530w might have been a 24v only unit so be careful of that. I absolutely would buy an integrated gps/com or gps/nav/com to get rid of (keep for a spare) one of the 170’s.
  10. It’s all about risk tolerance. The max upgrade really hurt the users prices of the older systems. There is a lot of value in used if you can find a willing IA to install them or just sign the paperwork. If you are having a dealer install I agree with you the savings is not enough.
  11. The winch to the main gear is a good backup if there is an ice dam or similar. However, attaching that every time you go flying will get old quick. We’ve used 5hp units that attach to the nose wheel (where the towbar slides in) for decades on 210’s, long bodies, and short. We chain them up in the winter and push through snow and over ice. Find an old snowblower and weld on an attachment or buy a ez40.
  12. Probably a good time to make or buy a motorized tug...the O is a heavy ____.
  13. Really wished mine had a stec 60 vs the 50 that’s currently installed...
  14. I would call them again. I have a feeling everything to do with aviation is going to be way down this year. They are probably more likely to look at it now than they were two months ago.