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  1. Chip shortage…more time to plan out your panel.
  2. Same price I was quoted 1.5 years ago for a long body. Prices are going up fast, probably a good idea to nail down a price ASAP. People who always recommend waiting until everything else is complete are probably kicking themselves as the price has jumped over 30 percent in a few years.
  3. @Aerodon Through the process I found a really nice shop that does silk screening. Top quality work and reasonable prices. Let me know if you want to try them out.
  4. I’d just fix what you have vs putting inop stickers on your panel.
  5. Supposedly even the Garmin g3x display is halting sales until August because of chip shortage. Glad we picked up a new one ton last year before everything went crazy.
  6. Or just even it out by taking sheet metal pliers to the other blade. Kick it old school with the Q-tip design. Being serious best option would be to buy one new blade and iran or overhaul the prop. Not many people upgrade from that prop, new might be your only option.
  7. With Garmin having the dual G5, dual 275, g3x, and txi options now I think Aspen is going to have a hard time selling units going forward. Kinda sad as I really like my PFD.
  8. There was a post some time back where a MS member had pictures of the prop static and from the side in flight. The position was approximately the same.
  9. For some reason I’ve seen it a lot more on the 99-2003 vintage birds…not sure.
  10. I’m not sure why but the old two blade and larger spinner never had the problem of not being exactly centered to the cowling. However, as soon as the top prop was installed 2008 ish it always looked low/sag. It might be the extra weight of the prop, I’m not sure. It has remained stationary for thousands of hours and does not center itself in flight. The shims make the “step” from the spinner to the cowling exactly the same around the circumference.
  11. Wow, nice hangar to work in! Enjoy the process and be safe.
  12. Nope, it’ll be another workout to get them in. Even after a few hundred hours it was a pain and I’m glad I was there to help the IA get it back together. However, as aviation projects go it was a simple project.
  13. Someone mentioned it was recently sold…did it have shoulder restraints?
  14. Yes and Yes, perfectly centered now. Probably the same MSC’s that claim it’s impossible to increase the FF on the 310 upgrade over 26 gph. Frame stays on the aircraft. No different than replacing the lord mounts, just add a shim to each side in the front. it doesn’t take much…I think the shim is 1/4 inch thick.
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