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  1. I wonder if since the design is so similar to the gad43e it was a easy blanket stc?
  2. I really think they need a double wide, 4 pack replacement. Would be a nice addition in pfd or mfd format that could complement or replace a current Aspen unit. It would be especially nice for a Mooney panel where the 6 pack is offset. I’ll put my order in for a max update tomorrow if it comes with a wide screen attached.
  3. There is a huge difference between a slush box and some of the new 8-10 speed paddle shifters. Having said that I really like the car models/packages that are only available with a stick shift.
  4. I think his J is a late model (97 or 98?) with the light switches above. The other two are behind the yoke.
  5. It’s the upgrades that kill the budget. Avionics, paint, LR tanks, and pee tubes are budget busters...:)
  6. That joke would have put me sleeping next to the plane in an unheated hangar. Burrr I’d really like to update my stec 50 with a new trutrak but luckily it still works pretty good.
  7. I think the 275 would need to be routed through the gad29b. I think you will need to wait until later this year to see how well the two units work together. It’s just crazy how many different products Garmin is bringing to the market right now.
  8. I really need another tug, but with 8 inches of snow coming this weekend it’s probably not the right unit for me. Time to drag myself to the cold garage and weld up another donor snowblower. This should sell fast.
  9. Nice price! How does it work in the snow? Does it slip on the tire?
  10. You should western union the money quick on that 750...
  11. But when you compare a startup company with a clean sheet design to a unit probably based off the G500/txi software/hardware with thousands of hours real word testing and the best quality control and support...there’s a HUGE difference.
  12. I would think your perfect stepping stone would be replacing the 525 hsi with a g5. That would be a perfect stepping stone for the gfc500 especially since you just overhauled the 256. If down the road you need to replace just the AI and still want your old AP the 275 will work perfectly for you. However, as much as I like my aspen hsi, I’d be tempted to keep the 525 if you already have gpss. By replacing the 256 you could add SV and drop the vac. I think the display looks amazing.
  13. Agree, but my guess is the 275 and esi500 are probably the most reliable AI’s on the market. The g3x / 275 combo would probably be the most resistant with the g5 being a little too similar.
  14. Garmin mentioned the 275 used for txi backup. However, it seems ideal for a g3x backup. It would allow the g3x to be used with a legacy AP with no additional equipment besides a pre select. It’s also nice to be able to use it as an additional mfd/traffic screen when a secondary is not needed. My guess the mfd screen would not be available with the g3x but using it as a backup/driving the AP should work.