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  1. Surprised they yanked the cylinders after just three years of sitting. If it was more than that and the overhaul is 20 ish years old I’d send it to jewel. It’s a good idea to change the hoses and isolators anyway and the fuel system was sitting unused as well during that time. The price difference might not be that much and there will be considerable value added.
  2. Do you have an ea100 controlling the AP or is the ki256 still being utilized? If your setup still includes the vac system you might consider buying a Garmin 275 to backup the aspen. It has the capability to drive your older AP if you are lacking an EA100 (allowing you to remove the vac/standby) and the ability to work with the gfc500 down the road. My original plan was to add a 7 inch Garmin G3x mfd display to my aspen pfd. This would give me adsb in (via a gdl50r), an integrated primary engine monitor, and a far superior moving map to my 430w. I also feel it has a better interface vs t
  3. Sure hope this goes through and is available for earlier C’s...
  4. Honestly, if I had a dynon system already installed, the only viable option going forward is to install a single g5 along with the gfc500. For those who haven’t jumped yet the best investment would be a couple G5’s and the gfc500. Keep in mind both G5’s and all the wiring for the AP can be installed by the owner (IA sign off). Only requirement for “expensive” dealer work would be the AP install.
  5. I’m ready to buy a set for a long body if someone can talk him into a couple more sets.
  6. Curious if it would be easier to maintain reasonable insurance with an sr22 vs ovation above 75. What about changing aircraft above 75 like ovation to acclaim?
  7. Sure would be nice to have a thin blade top prop available for the bravo... From memory you said the plane is already over tbo?
  8. The 225 while being a great AP does not play nice with PFD’s. The VS and altitude preselect does not work via the 43e similar to the kap 140 AP.
  9. I have no problem with backups, even steam. However, I don’t like single points of failure. Can you shoot an approach if you pfd goes down? What if the display on the 440 goes down? The dynon backup AI is not able to display course deviation or glide slope as far as I know. Another option is to go with two G5’s, the 375, and the gfc autopilot. It would allow keeping the panel stock for now and when your ready for the g3x you’ll only loose a couple hundred on the g5 HSI when you flip it.
  10. I really like the new layout. I’d seriously consider ditching the ASI and altimeter just to clean up the right side a little (or make room for your 155’s cdi). Also think about a gtr 225 vs the 20. I have a feeling this will be your main radio and it’ll be nice to have knobs to spin without using your pfd. Also you’ll need the pma’d versions of the 20 or 200 which make the cost difference very little.
  11. IMO it would not be an upgrade aesthetically or functional. I would instead spend the time really laying out the panel well, demanding precision in cutout placement, making sure the extra details from the original panel are carried through. Things like the radius at the bottom of the panel, the bevel given to three sides of the trim/flap indicator, flush mounted instruments wherever possible, and buttons grouped together by function. Beyond centering the pfd to your liking also think about how the top of your pfd (or switches, TKS control, indicators, etc) lines up to things to the right on t
  12. To save money on the Dynon you could replace the transponder and ifd with the 375. Function will be very similar between the two. Go with the Garmin if you want an AP installed this year.
  13. Ideally a transponder type antenna on the bottom of the aircraft. The gps signal can be obtained from the 660 or 760.
  14. I purchased both of these units used for upgrading the panel on my C. However, after a long drawn out panel upgrade on a different aircraft, I’ve decided I don’t have the stomach to go through the process again. The JPI is a display only package that was originally set up for a O-360 engine. My plan was to upgrade my 830 setup to this primary unit. Please note no sensors are included and therefore would only be advantageous for a 700/730/800/830 upgrade. Price is $1950 shipped including a JPI flush mount adapter. SOLD: The Garmin gdl 50r is a great unit for panel mounting
  15. I know I’ve linked this photo before but this is a great layout for a mid body panel IMO @PJClark
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