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    I assume his is similar to mine.

    Those look like conservative numbers. Did you open the throttle fully before engaging the turbo? You also might want to install a intake air temp gauge as the maximum is 238 degrees to protect the carb although mine has not gotten close to that. Has your mechanic checked the compressor for normal bearing tightness and oil flow? Any evidence of heat damage right around the turbo?

    Please provide more information. Looks like you have egt’s on all cylinders, what were the readings? What was your MP and RPM at takeoff, 6, 9, and 12k? What was your climb speed? Also welcome to MS!
  4. Below $75k with a low time engine in good condition will take a little time to find. If I was looking right now I’d bump the budget to 85 and try to cherry pick a 100k value bird.
  5. Some like the older J’s because of the lower gross weight and similar UL’s for better performance out of the 4 banger. If i was going to upgrade to a J I’d spring for a 205.
  6. I’m drawn to many air parks in the south. However, the last thing I want is a large house to maintain / pay taxes on for a second home. Instead I’m trying to find properties that would allow a smaller hangar with an attached apartment/home 800-1300 sf. I’m well versed with construction in the north and the costs associated. Curious what the ballpark would be for a block built, sliding door, 44x36 ft hangar in FL similar to the picture attached?
  7. Need a bit of help with value.

    I’m going to have to offer $2489 so I can cover your site support fee to sell bargain priced items on this forum.
  8. Denver Post Airport Article

    If they had to pay $1 for every complaint call it would fix the problem very quickly.
  9. Denver Post Airport Article

    Thought this quote from the linked article was entertaining. ”The airport, which turns 50 this year, received 12,000 noise complaints last year, though 75 percent of those came from just five households, Olislagers said.”
  10. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    The OP shared the cost with me. Probably a little higher than most the CB would pay on this site. First class quality IMO! I’m still going to fly over and look at the shop. @mooneyman is the R still over there?
  11. I think there has been around 5 threads talking about Aspen over the past month. Lots of interest in their product and opinions about lifecycle and pricing. From many installation reports it looks like the aspen will cost around 1.5 amu more than a pair of G5’s installed or a ki300 and G5. My guess is they will keep the price the same and update components/software to keep the company viable. Should be fun to watch all the threads going forward.
  12. Well, poop...

    Looks like eBay has a lot of DG’s in the $250-300 range. Talk to a shop about putting in a G5 or a used BK 525 system and they might loan you a DG for free to get you through the check ride. I can’t recommend spending a lot on a DG these days.
  13. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    I think I derailed this thread a little. Great info though, and the paint job looks amazing.
  14. I agree with everything you said. However, like any other industry/contractor/etc, there is a HUGE variance in the quality “pro’s” produce. No paperwork and probably trying to do it as cheaply as possible? Not sure I’d want to jump in behind that engine.
  15. GDL-69A

    I thought you needed to have a portable unit to receive that package?