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  1. Is the AP output standard on the $6k unit or an upgrade?
  2. Turning Mooney into a Partnership/club

    I was a little to negative in my initial response but the previous two posters said it a lot better.
  3. Turning Mooney into a Partnership/club

    Not to be negative but I would never join a partnership where the members did not have equal voting rights. Planes are cheap, it’s the maintenance, storage, and upgrades that eat you alive. Only way I’d join your “club” is if I just paid an hourly rate to help cover expenses. Otherwise the plane turns into a partnership plane, not your plane anymore.
  4. I have the R7 if it would help. PM your email and I’ll send it over.
  5. I have an stec 50 as well. The behavior you described sounds like the AP is not receiving the heading output from the G5. What happens in approach mode does it track the heading bug, fly straight and level, or does it only work when dialed into a LOC?
  6. Electronic Fuel/boost Pump

    I know what you mean. Currently driving 25 mins down a busy truck filled highway. Trying to get a hanger at a smaller airport that has nice country roads to take the MC on.
  7. Electronic Fuel/boost Pump

    You really need to provide a 6 month spinner to tail warranty after you touch the plane, it’s the right/responsible thing to do.
  8. From retro to basic

    You also get WiFi with that and don’t need to spend another 1k (closing the delta to $1700) on a fs210 to sync your iPad to the panel.
  9. Looks very nice. GPSS is amazing, turn it on 30 seconds after liftoff and disengage at minimums. I do not have power trim so I manually control altitude on approach as well. However, since I’m currently working on my IR I hand fly it all the time anyway. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Insurance

    I would think the rate would be around 4-4.5k after you have a couple hundred hrs of complex and time in type.
  11. No good deed goes unpunished

    Been spending some time on BT lately. Very dangerous to look at all the pressurized aircraft selling for reasonable dollars (purchase cost). Turbo Commanders have peaked my interest lately. I guess I can sleep in the plane with the dog after the wife kicks me out or I have to sell the house to cover an overhaul.
  12. Not sure if the G5 will operate the AP unless it is attached to a magnetometer? Will it provide cdi bars for a precision approach without dual units? The second nav head would be far more important to me during an Aspen failure vs AP control.
  13. Not disagreeing with you but I’d rather just push a single button when bouncing around in IMC on a missed approach where ATC gives a non standard procedure. It won’t be an issue when combined with the gfc500, that will really be an amazing system.
  14. I’m not sure I’d like a buried menu item for turning on and off GPSS. We have a lot of vectored approaches and it would be nice if the G5 had a programmable button for this.
  15. Cost of ownership "budget"

    Two members above mentioned 15k for 200 hrs which for a cheaper C - F is dead on. Probably around 10k for 100 hrs. This is not including large upgrades or expensive trips and trying to be frugal as much as possible.