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  1. Hopefully @Yooper Rocketman will stop by. I think it has something to do with the float filling with fluid.
  2. @Andy95W did you buy your side panels or custom make them yourself? The relief above your armrest is the only area that feels tight in my C.
  3. So is the step up going to require a username on a different forum? Good luck with the sale!
  4. @Scott Aviation Garmin keeps changing the stc installation guidelines...hard to keep up. In previous revisions they specified the exact location the G5 units needed to be installed and required the remaining 6 pack to stay in current locations. I just looked and you are correct. The required placement wording has been replaced with typical installations. You should be legal with the above arrangement although I just skimmed the manual.
  5. I feel like I’m missing most of the story behind this thread which I’m assuming is the one that was deleted. Off topic but I think if and when I ever need to sell a plane I’m going to require a $1k deposit. If you actually show up to look at the plane within a reasonable time frame (2 days if close, up to a week if far away) you can have a full refund for any reason. If for some reason it’s not worth your time to see it after committing to the plane the deposit goes to me. Keeps the tire kickers from across the country from slowing down the selling process. If the buyer wants to continue with a formal prebuy after first look (with their/local mechanic) that cost is on them but again the deposit will be fully refundable. The above will probably blow up in my face, live and learn I guess.
  6. Interesting, I thought that was the ram air inlet since mine was capped off. Good to know.
  7. Do you have any pictures? Almost sounds like the carb heat vent line (vents heated air to atmosphere when carb heat is closed/off) is bing routed back to a ram air port in the front? Which might be how it’s set up from the factory, my unit is set up differently with the TN and I don’t have a functional ram air.
  8. A while back I was looking to panel mount an iPad (next to my aspen) in my C. The thought is still on hold as I’m currently upgrading a different panel. However, when I revisit it, my current thinking is to install a g3x mfd instead. The capabilities it adds to the panel are astounding. It can be used to display primary engine gauges, traffic, maps, charts, weather, and flight plans. The pricing isn’t too bad at around $6600 for the display and EIS.
  9. He listed it on Beechtalk today so I assume it’s still available. Good luck.
  10. I think he upgraded the remote mount 33 to a 33es.
  11. Advertising on this site is a great idea. As was asked a few times already please give us a ballpark price for the plane you are currently working on and the price of a long body / short body with the same design and paint choices. I’ve tried contacting in the past with no response so I think that info would be very helpful.
  12. Please share the cost when you find out. The Avidyne pfd’s are really expensive to repair, wondering where Garmin falls for repairs.
  13. Everything on the screens speed/position/attitude is still initiating so I’m guessing the pfd will turn red if enough systems are still off line. Probably to make sure the pilot starts looking somewhere else for the info.
  14. TKS normally takes 6-7 it’s off the TAS. The plane also has long range tanks so it's not hard to fly at gross weight. In the end it all depends how the owner operates the engine, knows his/her actual performance, and comfort keeping the speed up on arrival. If they’re using wheels up total time to calculate average speed it can dramatically change the numbers entered.