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  1. MIm20c

    Mooney Mechanics Detroit Area

    I’ve used solo in Ann Arbor a few times (no annuals yet) and they seem competent and fair on pricing.
  2. MIm20c

    G5 not coming on

    Sounds like something might be wrong with the unit. I agree with you manually pressing the power button should force the g5 to start on battery backup even if the master is off.
  3. MIm20c

    Fatal Carbon Monoxide Crash

    He also won 2-3 units at the auction. I could say he was lucky but his generosity in the form of donations/tickets bought his luck. Note to self be less of a CB next year...
  4. MIm20c

    Fatal Carbon Monoxide Crash

    I had the privilege of meeting @DanM20C and his beautiful wife at the summit this year. A great down to earth engaging couple. I also enjoyed the time spent hearing stories during the CO round table discussions. However, I’m embarrassed to say I still don’t have one for the plane (trying to decide between portable or panel mount) which is a poor decision when living in the fridge north.
  5. MIm20c

    GFC500 Update

    Slow day at the office? Not worth my time to go back and change it to damper. However, dampener can mean restrain / subdue the yaw movement so hopefully we can all follow along...
  6. Since aspen is now a reseller of L3 they might be including it?
  7. Until the max system is released you need a vac or battery backup AI. However, you can remove the asi and altimeter if you buy the external battery mfd. Without a doubt I’d buy the refurbished idf 540 from Chase for an extra 2-3k versus upgrading your 530. (6k value 530, 4K upgrade, the refurb unit from chase or the reaper 12.5ish?) Looks VERY nice! Edit: you need to keep the altimeter for the encoding (altitude select).
  8. MIm20c

    Crazy EDM-830?

    I agree with the bad ground connection. Could have been a problem with the original 700 installation causing that unit to be intermittent. Two likely areas to look are at the back of display connections or the engine ground connection. I’d start at the engine and follow the JPI wires passing through the firewall. The ground wire is a thin gauge black wire and should be connected to a stud on your vacuum pump.
  9. Someone on this forum out in CA had this happen recently. iirc he could hear the prop spin faster than normal. His problem turned out to be the governor but it was probably a different model because his was attached to an o-360.
  10. MIm20c

    Long Body Market?

    I agree about the bravo operating cost. I’m curious if the Acclaim owners backed off to bravo climb and cruise performance and used LOP religiously if the top overhauls would be less frequent. Some say the io550 always needs to be topped part way to tbo but as you know that’s not always the case. I personally think after torching 3/4 mil that I’d be burning fuel and cylinders to reach TP speed. I don’t really think one worries about a 10k top as the plane depreciates 350k.
  11. MIm20c

    Mooney search starting...

    Stec charges a healthy amount to transfer the stc. Might want to check with them first.
  12. I think the DX (2004) was the last year of the Mac 2 blade. The top prop was used on all later models iirc. The Ovation 2 was 280 and the Ovation 3 had the stc 310. Most of the 2000-2004 2 blade units have been swapped out. They were really fast and efficient but you had to get out and push the plane down the runway
  13. MIm20c

    Long Body Market?

    As one who is also following the a36 market closely it amazes me how much more the bonanza brings in the used market. A nice (‘82) sold awhile back for around the same price as a 2000 ish Ovation. The newer ones really suffer with UL but they are kind on the eyes. I’d take an eagle for the right price. However, the 95-98 Ovation or DX is my desirable range...I like the 9 pack.
  14. MIm20c

    Long Body Market?

    I’ve come to the same conclusion and have shifted my focus. Acclaims getting close to 300 and some ovations priced at almost half of that. I think things will come in waves and it would not surprise me to see upwards of 100 J’s for sale at certain times over the next decade.
  15. I talked with the owner at length about this aircraft. Actually had a plane ticket secured about two weeks ago and had to cancel it due to family obligations. It sat a lot over the past decade but the owner keep it in good condition annual wise. This is the second 252 that I’ve gotten serious about with the other in the 95k range. In the end I think the Ovation or Eagle is a better fit for me. The owner seamed honest and very nice. A family situation is forcing the sale and he was going to turn it over to a broker soon if it did not sell. I had a offer in mind that I think would have brought home the plane. I hope another MS’er made it happen.