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  1. I’d still recommend cutting a new pilot side panel if you decide to go with the dual 275’s…
  2. The cheapest and least invasive way to add a jpi 900 is to move your lifesaver. By adding a Slip indicator to the lifesaver you can replace your turn coordinator with it. Remove the right Moritz unit, you’ll probably need to retain the left unit for the vac gauge, and place the JPI in vertically. You’ll need a fill panel, I probably have one laying around, painted to match your panel and cut around the 900. Also a 2 1/4 blank for the removed jpi on the copilot side would be a good idea. Disadvantage to mounting the JPI vertically is the EGT’s are not always shown, just the CHT’s.
  3. You can however, I would probably go with a used 650 and dual G5’s or dual 275’s that will allow you to remove other steam gauges if you want.
  4. Thanks Paul! I was hoping my mind wasn’t going that fast. I figured that’s the way all the king AP’s (with altitude preselect) worked but it sound like a feature that only the 225 had.
  5. I must be having a (young) senior moment... I remember small changes to the 130a altimeter would have the 225 AP still hold the indicated altitude. That’s the whole point of having an encoding altimeter for preselect and maintaining altitude during pressure changes.
  6. The g5 is a great unit but very limited on what sources it can display from. The only way to show an ILS is to have a gps/nav/com like a 430w/440/650 that can switch internally. The 255 nav/com can also display on the g5 but I’m not sure if three i/o can be used (gps, nav/com, and AP out), I think the limit is two. If you went with the 275 HSI you might have more flexibility, not sure.
  7. IIRC the kfc-225 would automatically adjust altitude after a baro change. Not sure if your 297 or 130 is malfunctioning or the Aspen installer just cut the wrong wires. They might have connected the AP to a blind encoder vs the 130? The altitude preselect originally was driven off the encoding altimeter. The g500 glass (via the gad 43e) and maybe the 275 w/ legacy interface can output the encoding altimeter info but the Aspen boxes cannot. I think that’s part of the confusion above… the garmin gad 43e does output the info and the Aspen ea100 does not.
  8. I would recommend replacing at least the left panel to update it to a standard six pack configuration. Keep in mind your current g5 with not be connected to anything. Both that unit and your new g5 (the HSI) will need to be rewired and connected to a gad 29b in order to interface with the 175 and your stec AP.
  9. FIFY Lots of experience responding above. IMO your panel is strip to the bones and rebuild setup. Short of that just repair as needed and fly the thing.
  10. Looking at the panel I think you’re going to find a mess of wires behind it. I’d personally fly it like it is. If you decide to open it up at the very the least make two new panels, clean up all the wires, add a g5, complete the package with a Garmin 175 navigator. Are you sure that’s not an HSI currently installed in the panel?
  11. Flying out of annual for the past 12 hours of flight. That’s a pretty open ended ferry permit :)
  12. I just notice a picture of your panel. One thing that the ea100 lacks is an encoding altimeter output. Your kfc150 needs that for proper altitude preselect operation. I would leave the panel alone.
  13. You mentioned a king AP and did not specify having a 256 attitude indicator. This means your panel probably utilizes an ea100 interface which is a nice feature to have. I’m not sure if things have changed but the g5 is only approved for backup with garmin pfd’s. However, I think it’s common practice to use it as a backup AI now. This is why the altimeter and airspeed indicator were retained. Probably the cheapest way to remove the other round gauges is to keep an eye out for a used L3 esi500 to replace your g5, they do become available every so often. I think you’ll find panel work is expensive…you’ll be over $40k before you know it.
  14. IIRC he was flying for almost a year with lots of water being sumped out every flight from the S Fl rainstorms. If you are maintaining your plane in the same fashion it doesn’t make you a bad person. But I wouldn’t let you touch my plane or buy one from you. I’m tired of all the bashing regarding MSC’s, the factory, and the mine is the best attitude. Everyone’s trying their best to keep our fleet flying.
  15. This makes me laugh. You are lecturing on how things are done and how perfectly maintained your aircraft was? This from an owner that was asking about rattle canning a paint job? Letting his plane sit on the ramp for a year with water leaking in his tanks? Sorry to say but self installing a dynon panel does not elevate the plane to premiere status…
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