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  1. I think that vintage of g1000 still requires an external digital tach like the EI unit because of a software issue. He still needs to send off the governor to have a different spring installed. Heat...fixed by fuel or climb airspeed. Or living in the fridge north where 2000fpm vertical speed is a way of life Niko’s post is dead nuts on. The only addition is the 730/830 will not meet the tach requirement and the Mortiz gauges will display the proper digital readout but the analog redline still will require an external tach.
  2. I think you already have the thick blade top prop. Probably not worth the upgrade price to pick up the extra 5 kts. From what I’ve read the mt and thick blade are similar in cruise.
  3. Just out doing some Christmas shopping in the Mooney today.
  4. @Jim Peace I think (recently) Garmin is a lot more flexible with the placement of the retained gauges. I think you can move it to the copilot panel now.
  5. I think the factory reman includes the turbo and some of the exhaust system that makes up a little bit of the cost. It’s surprising how fast 30 something turns into 50 when you start going through replacing the hoses, mounts, etc to make it like new again.
  6. A 700k J would probably be one of the worst investments out there. The frugal used Mooney buyers would bash the used value down to 50% after the first few years. Could be an eye opening $70k worth of depreciation per year for that proud new owner. Meanwhile we’re sitting here worrying about how much fuel it burns...
  7. If Diesel engines get certified for the Mooney that can run 90-95 percent power with efficiency and longevity that would be a huge upgrade for the airframe. I’m kind of surprised Cirrus hasn’t pushed through something like that for the sr22.
  8. The real question is if Paul can still install the stc... I guess I’ll have to wait until Gagarin returns to compare a M20c to a 172 to find out the answer.
  9. I can’t remember where I noticed he was still selling the stc but only if one particular shop did the install.
  10. Did you check the emergency gear handle? Did the mechanic check the limit switches? I’d try some cheaper parts first if you could.
  11. Does the g1000 record the engine data for an number of hours going back? I’d start there.
  12. I’ll post to hopefully bring you back into a positive post count I would think with all the people removing the electric pump in the back it would be really cheap to replace the other system. I’ll have one for sale in the next month or so.
  13. Or a two blade version of the S prop might gain some speed.
  14. I wonder how many of these new Cirrus sales are being leased back and put on the club/FBO rental flight line? Lots of used aircraft being sold within a couple years with a large amount of hours...
  15. In the back of my mind I’m still planning on doing something like this in the future. My thought is to stage an old beater suv at a different airport every 6-12 months. For the duration that would be the vacation getaway for my immediate/extended family. The large suv would be filled with all the outdoor gear I could fit in the back end water/hiking/etc.