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  1. Doesn’t need to get to 2701. It’s flashing emergency, world is going to end (sarcasm), if you reach 2700.000000 rpm.
  2. Well I’m going to put a plug in for the 830. Since you have the 700 already it’s plug and play minus the connection for the fuel flow (which is a separate connector/harness). I use both models exactly the same and when I‘m frustrated at a display it’s the 900 every time.
  3. Should be a $4k swap max. 3k for equipment (4.5-1.5 used value) and 1k for labor. That being said I’m leaving one 330es in one plane and swapping a 330es for a 345 in the other. So I’m going with both options.
  4. I used to worry about battery replacements. However, my wife is so efficient at breaking screens I’ve gotten pretty fast at changing them out.
  5. Agree completely. My next will be a nice used Omega.
  6. With an aspen pro you can remove the TC. For the standard 6 pack it needs to remain. Cirrus, Cessna, and Mooney used the blind mount for the stec 55 in the newer PFD planes.
  7. This would make a perfect backup for my aspen... Should have gone with this or a esi500 instead of my 340A paperweight.
  8. No perfect plane out there, just do the best you can for your mission. Flying an Ovation and M20c back to back and side by side I’m amazed how capable even the lowly C is. For a 400 mile trip the block to block difference is around 20 mins depending on winds. Where the Ovation pays off is the 1000 mile hops in a day. So if your planning on marking the round trip in a day I’d go as much speed as you can afford. Otherwise, with as much flexibility you mentioned, any plane with a backward tail will work great.
  9. Yours looks great. I’m just wondering with the gfc hanging out along with a Garmin large screen protruding what will look best.
  10. Thanks. The radio stack and the gfc control is 0.68 inches tall. Not sure if I want to bring all the units out that far, just flush mount the JPI and g5, or flush the gfc as well.
  11. @PJClark would you say the G5 and jpi have about the same reveal (height above panel)? Which flush mount did you use on the g5? Struggling between flush mount and surface mount for the JPI/G5 and the gfc controller.
  12. I wouldn’t fight it. Go with the system you know, it’s just a cell phone... I use FF on my phone all the time to check weather, flight plan, fuel prices, etc.
  13. The 3080 does look like it brings a good amount extra to the table for the modest price increase. It also releases a month earlier... Not sure my budget build can handle that powerhouse.
  14. Also having this problem and prefer the dark theme.
  15. Well the time has come to build a new computer for flying my desk around lower Michigan. Was planning on a dirt cheap lower end build but couldn’t decide on a video card. Well the new 3070 was just announced so the budget will be blown wide open. Anyone currently playing FS2020? What about current or future computer builds w/specs? Thinking about triple 40 inch screens down the road...VR not sure.
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