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  1. I agree and I would target those planes today and tomorrow making sure they are aware of this. The serial numbers could easily be looked up and the owners contacted. It would be a huge loss to the long body planes with current stec unit to let this slip by.
  2. With a growing/aging family I’ve been keeping a very close eye on used a36/p46 listings. My guess is the p46 and b55 (or even a 58) would be very close in operating cost per year. Lots of stuff going on under the cowling. I’d ask @LANCECASPER what the cost per hour/year is compared to a M or R. I’m actually curious about this as well.
  3. We’ve used most of the shops around SW Michigan. Had a GDL69/mx20 put in 13 years ago up at Tulip City airport. A 750/650 combo was installed at premier avionics in Fort Wayne about 7 years ago. Both time the experience was very positive. Indiana does not charge sales tax if that matters to you.
  4. Good thing I never had to buy one of your well sorted, well maintained, but slow planes. If you can’t keep up with MS you are well off the pace. (As I type this in rearranging my portfolio to make sure I’m ready to buy when you get bored with the p46t.)
  5. We need a thin 2 blade top prop for our planes. Saves some weight out front and might provide a couple extra (expensive) knots.
  6. If I can change my work schedule it’ll be a party of three. Three generations including the newest Mooney pilot in training...
  7. Without a doubt I would install the 750 and a new AP. The 3100 or gfc along with the 750 will be the important parts of the upgrade. The rest is just fluff. The beauty of the g3x is that you can interface with the gdl50r which gives you full adsb in. This allows you to use a $1600 330es or blinker on the wing. I think the 375 would be great if you were keeping both 155’s and not getting a gtn. With the 750 I would never go for the 175/375. Instead I’d pick up a 650/635/430w/420w/430/420 or heck even a 400... 8k list is just under the 10k the upgraded stec will cost you.
  8. The shop taking out the engine should have a couple behind the hangar. If not build your own. Only takes a few hours and $50-100. The cheaper shops are not providing the same services as some of the more expensive ones. You get what you pay for. I personally like having lots of options to choose from.
  9. In the R (89 usable tanks) you can fit in just under 96 gal usable if you float the caps (meaning any extra pushes out as you close and lock the caps). You need to be slightly patient and get the feel of filling the last bit slowly level with the top of the wing. It recedes slightly when you stop leaving enough room for the cap.
  10. The weather in SE Alaska can change rapidly. I think in a C without LR tanks the reserve amount after a missed approach would not be enough to reach a safe alternative. The trip will be amazing, I’ve done it twice and I’m counting the days until my oldest is ready for the adventure.
  11. From the reading I’ve done the o360 can take a lot of abuse. If you use the magic 47 number it will show slightly over 75% in the POH. At that power setting you’ll probably want 75-100 degrees ROP but some just run it slightly ROR and the engines are tolerant. I’ve found the carb cylinder distribution changes as the mixture leans. There is no clear peaking order like you have on an injected engine. The first to peak will not continue leaning in a linear way. Often as another cylinder peaks the first one might inch towards peak again. Personally I use a lower magic number setting and run my engine at peak. For the JPI users if the unit is in ROP mode it is keeping track of the first cylinder to peak. If it’s in the LOP mode it is tracking the last cylinder to peak. So if you’re in the LOP mode and go to leanest +100 to the rich side you might have the first to peak cylinder running close to peak egt.
  12. I agree with Jim about the FF sensor which should have been included with the kit. It might be a programming oversight as to why it’s not displaying. Please keep an eye on the max RPM as you fly the plane in the near future. You might need to lower the governor setting slightly.
  13. I’ve been pretty happy with the Fenix brand lately. Just ordered another headlamp the other day.
  14. Well I haven’t built a gaming rig in 15 years, I wonder if anything has changed? Looks like I’m going to need to visit tom’s hardware to bring myself up to speed (if his site is still around).
  15. The shop needs to keep the lights on and the employees need to feed their families. A simple oil change is probably around $165 in labor and takes an hour. I have my prop checked every 100 hours for $200 which takes him 5 mins standing at the prop. That’s $2400 an hour if you take it to the extreme. However, if you look at overhead, drive time, or liability exposure the number is far less.