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  1. mooney driver

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

  2. mooney driver

    My "new" Mooney

    NICE! Congrats!!!
  3. mooney driver

    New Paint

    New paint on my M20-C Before and after
  4. mooney driver

    Got a neat letter today!

    wow!....good stuff!!! hope ya find that video!..would love to see it too!!
  5. mooney driver

    Got it back- Again

    SOUNDS LIKE A BEAUTIFUL THING!!! Enjoy the Niceness....!
  6. mooney driver

    M20C Firewall Forward Restoration

  7. mooney driver

    My New 67F

    Very Nice!..Have a great time driving it!!!
  8. mooney driver

    n7106v(m20e) is all mine

    VERY NICE!!! ENJOY THAT!!!!!!!
  9. mooney driver

    M20F Before/After

  10. mooney driver

    N6716U is home!

    Congrats!!!...Very NICE!! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
  11. mooney driver

    First time owner of a Mooney M20E

    Congratulations Matt!!!! Welcome! and have fun with Her!!!!!!
  12. mooney driver

    Thicker Windshield

    i went with the thicker grey!....didn't even consider anything else. its perfect! cooler and stronger!....sound reduction? don't know!... with the bose, it all sounds the same to me!...
  13. mooney driver

    My new E

    YEP!!! Cover!! congrats! Have a blast driving her!!!!