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  1. Hello, My goal was to sit in a Mooney J just to see if I can fit and just fly around I don't want to take my primary in a Mooney but go up with someone that knows enough about them.
  2. Yeah, my CFI told me that this past Saturday!
  3. Hello, I haven't been up in a Mooney yet and I was wondering if there are any CFI's that train in Mooney's? I'm currently a student pilot with only a few hours but I would like to pay for a discovery flight or something like that. I currently have my eye on a J, I still have a long way to go with my studies. I'm in the Tampa/Saint Pete area during Business hours (KSPG, KPIE) and I live right next to 48X. I'm going to attend the Mooney fly in June 10th. So hopefully I will get a chance to meet some of the FL locals. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I'm thinking about going June 10th to Sebring. I never been to a fly in what can I expect? I don't have an airplane but I don't mind taking the drive there. What do you folks do at the events? Thank you!
  5. My favorite CFI quote: "There are bold pilots and there are old pilots but you never see an old bold pilot"
  6. I just wanted to update you guys on my progress. Thank you for all of the responses thus far. #1. S turns I have become really good at, finally believe it or not Flight Simulator has helped me get it. I improved with ground references I would pick a spot on the ground and see if I can bring the plane around to fly over it and that has worked well. My turns are a lot better as well. I'm a little nervous with steep turns though and I tend not to bank to sharp. #2. We did slow flight and I appear to be good at it. Trimming I'm not bad but I have a little more work to be done. #3. Weather hasn't helped on the weekends. It's been really too windy to go out a few weekends so it's held me back. As of this writing I have 7.7 Hours in my log book...This .7 was because of the weather today. Here are some more videos:
  7. I would also like to throw out there. Cirrus is now working on the student market as well (Cutting into the Cessna market share). You can learn how to fly in a Cirrus at some flight schools: (Source: http://tampabayaviation.com/airplane-flight-training/ ) Once a student learns in a Cirrus and gets good at flying an IO-550 He/She is not going to want to go back to a 200 HP Cessna 172 for ownership or something "under powered". Just my newbie thoughts
  8. Hello, What type of Mooney would you recommend for low time pilots? Inquiring minds want to know!
  9. That is exactly right. Bill has to hand turn the prop three times slowly and then just once to start it. It starts up every time. Next mission : I want to see if I can learn in a retractable gear airplane for the PPL that is the goal because I'm going to spend the rest of my flying in type. I can't look too far ahead I have to master these "S" turns first :-)
  10. You are right, I have to keep that in mind next weekend. We are doing slow flight next so this will be interesting. This time I really hope the winds are pushing us around a bit so I can get use to how it feels. With the Champ you feel EVERYTHING. Every gust of wind pushes the plane up or down, left or right. What about ground effect? wouldn't that cause your airplane to float as well? Thanks for your input!
  11. So just an update from last weekend. I'm having a difficult time with ground references and "S" turns. The wind was beating us up pretty badly (As a beginner that is probably not saying much 30 knot winds) and I had trouble turning on target. My CFI is tough but I will make it through no matter what!
  12. Thank you, I can't say enough positive things about Bill, even when I'm not flying I like to hang out with him at the hangar. I always learn something new about flying I never learned before. (IMO....entirely subjective) Bill has been flying since he was 15 he has over 50 years of flying best to learn from someone who has flown that long consistently and lived to tell about it. Also his prices are totally reasonable lower than any flight school I could find. I'm totally happy with my choice and I'm sure I will have more than one instructor as I fly faster, more complex machines. Can't wait to get into a Mooney, they have a ramp presence that can't be beat (Never been flying in one only sat in one at Sun and Fun) but in the meantime I have to build a flying foundation that is going to make myself a safe and competent pilot, my family depends on it!
  13. Okay, Video #1. There is a total of 5 I will post more when time permits, I'm just recording my new adventures in flying!