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  1. Sounds easy. I don't know who to ask but will check around. I'll see who my A&P might know locally.
  2. Jack, we're going to look at the prop closer. Thanks for your insight.
  3. Great article! I'm going to look a little closer at my prop tomorrow as well!
  4. I'll share with my A&P tomorrow. I think he's done this, but worth revisiting to be sure. He's a great A&P, but this has been a challenging problem to resolve. Together, we're canvassing the community to be sure we've looked at everything correctly. Thanks for your recommendation.
  5. Cody, thank you! It's in my A&P hangar, not flying while we sort this out. I'll PM my contact info and perhaps get a second opinion from you on the bench check.
  6. I'll have to get back with part details. It was just overhauled in Dec. I flew 4 uneventful flights with it before having the current issue in Jan. It was removed again, essentially overhauled again, bench-checked, and reinstalled. Still not working. The surging (buzzing) did occur while either adding power on missed approach from instrument pattern or at full power on initial takeoff. I'll follow up on the ASB if applicable.
  7. Thanks for the follow-up. Work has kept me busy the past couple of days, so no real progress except to collect possible leads. I'm generating a list now from ideas gathered here and plan to discuss with my A&P tomorrow & also see what he has learned. I'm hopeful it is the prop. I like the idea of finding a working governor/prop to try with my engine but don't know of local leads at this moment. I don't know if its possible to lease them for a couple days but am willing to go that route if necessary.
  8. All good info. The quoted part more accurately describes what I believe has happened. I'm told replacing the shaft seal for this engine is not as simple as R&R the prop and replacing the 50 cent seal. That would be awesome. I appreciate you sharing with the experts for more advice!
  9. As they say, things can always get worse. On the heels of working a cowl flap motor issue which is now in overhaul, I may have one even worse. Back story: In Dec, I had a momentary buzz from the prop while in the pattern. It happened very quickly before I could really notice any other indications. I chalked it up to turbulence and being that it was my last pattern, landed without further incident. A week later, shortly after takeoff and turning to downwind, it buzzed again and the RPM spiked to 2800. I turned base and landed. My A&P removed the prop governor and sent it to Palm Beach to be overhauled. I flew 4 flights since then without incident. However, on pre-flight checks for the 5th flight, it would not cycle. I tried numerous times at 1700 and 1800 RPM. Further, with my A&P on board, we tried several times at even higher RPM and still wouldn't cycle. He removed the prop governor again and sent it back to the repair facility. They suspected a sticky valve, replaced, bench-tested good and sent back. After re-installation, it still will not cycle. Working with the Palm Beach facility, they've run several tests to assure oil is flowing to the governor, but it appears pressure to the governor from the crankshaft is fairly low. The current assessment is that the crankshaft bearing controlling pressure to the governor is worn/failed. Worse, it requires an overhaul as a result. His telephone consult with Don George Aircraft in Orlando confirmed the same. The engine is a Continental TSIO 360 MB with about 1000 hr SMOH. It has normal compressions, oil pressure and runs smooth. My last oil change/sample was clean. I baby the prop the way my instructor (previous owner) taught me. I don't understand why/how it could have failed. What could we be missing? Anyone else experience a similar issue? I appreciate any advice before spending $50,000 on an otherwise perfectly running engine.
  10. On track. Been working with them for a few days now...will send them my motor/gearbox today. Thanks for the lead/support.
  11. Bobbie? That’s the contact they gave me. Sent the info & hoping they can help. Sounds promising. Thanks. I’ll let folks know how it goes.
  12. Thanks. I’ll discuss this with my A&P. Once fixed, I certainly don’t want to repeat. Good info.
  13. Called them and they were super knowledgeable. Unfortunately, since the gearbox also needs rebuilt, they suggested sending it to Globe. I’m already in touch with them. Still hoping a serviceable motor & gearbox can be found though. Thanks again.