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  1. Gene, Thank you for the welcome. I would love to chat sometime, theres always more to learn! 30 years, she must be one precious lady! Kris, Id love to meet up with y'all! Keep me posted on any plans of a meet up. Good luck to you with the moving process, not a pleasant process to say the least.
  2. Wow, thank you for the very kind offer Ron! Hopefully when I get up there and settle in I can take you up on that offer. Caruso, thank you for the welcome. I must say that I like your train of thought! Josh, Congrats on the new purchase, she's a beauty! My wife (also starting IM residency with me at the same program) will be pursuing a Cardiology fellowship. Your comment has a lot of meaning to me as 1 of my major concerns was time spent flying, guess it comes down to anything else one loves, must make time. Thank you and congrats on nearly finishing your 2nd year!
  3. Thanks for the welcome guys! I'm fairly new to the pilot scene with a little over 100 hours under my belt and about 15 short/teasing mooney hours thrown in there. Nothing clears my mind better than some left seat therapy, a feeling most of you can relate to. When ordinary people are stressed they run to the gym (or the fridge), but we run to the airport . IFR is definitely in the near future for me as is a short body M20 (one can certainly dream!). I am going to be living in Macon and working at Mercer (if you're familiar). I will definitely keep nosing around MS in order to find a meet up, se
  4. Hello ladies and gents! I am new to MS and believe my first post should be an introduction. Ive lurked around the forum for sometime now and must say MS is a unique forum that has knowledgable, approachable, and supportive folks. I am a recent Medical School graduate (luckily without the student debt cloud hanging over my head!) and will be beginning residency in July. I currently reside in South Florida but will be making a move to South Atlanta in a few months time. Unfortunately, rental planes are on the scarce side in the area I will be living for the next 3 years which makes m
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