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  1. I changed the cylinders to new Millenium steel. I've flown a couple hours so far and the oil temp was nailed at 200 degrees...even in the climb. Thanks again for y'alls input!
  2. Alright, unfortunately I don't have an engine monitor. I tested the temp gauge with boiling water. It read about 220, so just a little high. It is well connected and seated in the oil filter adapter. On the last flight I had 7-1/4 qts of oil before and 6-3/4 qts after a 45 min local. Also, the oil cooler was at 150 degrees a couple minutes after shutdown. The oil is fairly black after only about 3 hours since changing it and I would say it smells like exhaust. Also, the chrome cylinders read at least 25 degrees hotter than the steel after shutdown...I checked with a laser thermometer. On the compression check, air was escaping from the oil dipstick tube notably for the chrome cylinders. The boroscope did not reveal anything but all the spark plugs get black and full of deposits fairly quickly. Thanks for y'alls interest, Will
  3. Has anyone seen piston ring blow-by cause oil temps to climb to the redline during a shallow climb in OATs around 65 degrees? My D model has a freshly field O/H'd engine...not sure about the quality of the O/H. I've checked the vernatherm (seems to work correctly), the oil cooler was flushed, oil pressure is good, temp gauge seems to work correctly. I'm getting considerable amount of black exhaust on the right gear door and oil spray from the breather tube on the left gear door after each flight. I'm also noticing a vibration that seems to be increasing. I'm considering pulling all four cylinders and having a different mechanic O/H or replace them as necessary. Does anyone have thoughts before I put so much more money and effort into the engine? Oh yeah, the compressions are 79 on the 2 steel cylinders and 73 on the 2 channel chromed cylinders and my current mechanic says they probably got glazed from too much ground running (over an hour before the first flight)