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  1. Wayne Cease

    Future of Mooney

    It's a joke from SNL, from long ago (when they were funny). The skit had a "money changer". Two 5's for a ten, four a 20, and so on. Someone asked him how he made money. His reply, "volume, volume, volume."
  2. Wayne Cease

    Future of Mooney

    Volume, volume, volume.
  3. Wayne Cease

    Finally I got my Mooney-76F

    Fly down to St Simons (SSI). Southern Soul BBQ is just off the airport. Only a 5 min walk. Great BBQ! And just a short hop in a Mooney.
  4. Wayne Cease

    Gatwick chaos

    These are not the drones you are looking for.
  5. Don't get that. Yes a WAAS GPS is better, but a non-WAAS GPS is perfectly fine. They are getting a bit long in the tooth, so I don't know that I would buy a used one, but immediately swapping one out in a plane doesn't need to be in everyone's plan. ^ There is that. I flew an Angel Flight mission a couple of years ago where I had to go over to a nearby airport, with slightly better weather as the ILS was down for repairs and the plane didn't have WAAS so I could only do the standard RNAV not the LPV portion. Got a brief glimpse of the runway as I was climbing on the missed. Didn't have to wait too long, but I wouldn't have had to wait at all if the plane had a WAAS GPS in it.
  6. Wayne Cease

    ILS vs LPV

    Whichever ATIS says is for the active. Or whichever is set-up for an easier approach from the direction I'm coming from. Only time I really care is if one get me lower and the ceiling requires that little bit lower.
  7. Wayne Cease

    Honestly, how bad is this?

    It's not trolling, but possibly some financial jealousy and brand-hating. Although I have no idea how he didn't remember, or see, his car in the hangar. I'm certainly not perfect, but that was a doozy of a brain fart. If there was some financial jealousy it was definitely misplaced. It was a used Jaguar and used 2002 SR22. Plus he took on non-equity partners to help with the fixed costs on the SR22.
  8. Wayne Cease

    Honestly, how bad is this?

    Missed you were the OP. Could be worse. The SR22 I used to fly had a similar incident, just as I was starting to fly it. The owner went out to fly one day. Pulled the plane out, parked his car in the hangar and closed up the doors. Had a good flight opened the hangar doors, and pushed in the plane. Realized he didn't pull the car out until the aileron hit his convertible Jaguar. So, he put a small bend in the aileron, scratched/dented the car and we had to fly to Cape Cod in an Arrow instead of the SR22.
  9. Wayne Cease

    $100 Burger

    Southern Soul BBQ at SSI. Not a burger, but damn good BBQ. It’s just across the street from th approach end of 22, about 1/4 mile walk from the FBO.
  10. Wayne Cease

    Fuel efficiency in headwinds

    You'll could get kicked out of the CSOB club saying things like that. Look at the data though. At 30-40 knots of headwind you're not saving much if anything by flying under 75% power. At 250 nm you're looking at saving 0.72 gallons between 75% and 55% at 30 knots and 0.45 gallons at 40 knots. For a 750 nm trip you're looking at only 2.16 gallons in 5:20 hours to 1.35 gallons in 6 hours of flying. That's not a lot added to fuel remaining. If you're pushing the limits of your reserves, it's important, otherwise not so much. But if you're pushing those limits, options for a fuel stop (in case the winds are even stronger) is even more important. I built a distance-time spreadsheet many years ago; right after we came back from a weekend trip into 50+ knot headwinds. The headwinds were slower at lower altitudes, but also rather turbulent, so we stayed slow and smooth; I didn't need my wife puking on our first weekend flying trip. We were in a 172 and the spreadsheet showed me a M20J would get back in those headwinds almost as fast as the 172 would arrive with no wind. I've been making speed a priority ever since.
  11. Wayne Cease

    Fuel efficiency in headwinds

    You are correct, I goofed on that column header.
  12. Wayne Cease

    Fuel efficiency in headwinds

    So, a little spreadsheet math and: For a 250 nm flight with a 30 knot headwind there's less than $2 in 100LL A $5/gal between 75% and 44% power. At 44% power the 250 nm would take 47 min longer. If you want more hours in your logbook that's fine. Personally, I'd pay the $1.76 more in 100LL and get there sooner. HeadwindFuelComparison.xlsx
  13. Wayne Cease

    Hangar available Atlanta metro

    Its worse than you might think. VPC is in the exurbs of Atlanta at best. Nice airport, but quite a hike from most parts of Atlanta. Closer in town there are no available T-hangars and multi-year waiting lists. From the Kennesaw area it can be under 30 min with no traffic, depending upon where one is in Kennesaw. On I-75 at the 575 split it is 22.7 miles to VPC. Now, for someone in that area it's great as RYY in Kennesaw has moved towards more big hangars for jets and fewer T-hangars, and there's little to no space to expand.
  14. Wayne Cease

    Hangars for sale - 84R Smithville, TX

    Thanks, I missed that earlier. You're right, that it's still a lot for a 3,600 sq ft shell at $300k.
  15. Wayne Cease

    Hangars for sale - 84R Smithville, TX

    $1.86 million for a basic 3,600 sq ft shell? WTF? That's nuts. One can get a new house, far larger than that, with land and in nice neighborhoods, for well under that. A full house, not a shell.