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  1. need help with Foreflight

    Or WingX. I have the whole country (VFR and low IFR) downloaded and my iPad shows 4.64 GB of storage associated with WingX. With FF you'll need more space (but I think the images are sharper) or don't download as many states. There are posts above with how to do that.
  2. Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    We ran into the same issue with potential partners in a co-ownership we were trying to get set-up. There was a low limit in how much liability could be purchased and those of us with an instrument rating, 1,000+ hrs and financial assets wanted more coverage. We couldn't get a split policy, just all or nothing.
  3. IPad in the flight levels?

    An iPad won't suffer from that as it doesn't have a hard drive. The storage is all solid state.
  4. Financing an aircraft?

    My point is that many of these loans do not have any of those fees. Depending upon how much you need to borrow while you sell the current plane LightStream may be an option. They will loan you up to $100k for an airplane. Set it for the longest term and the payments are low, and just pay it off when you have the proceeds from the sale of the current plane.
  5. Financing an aircraft?

    ^ This. They are "simple" loans, i.e. no penalties or costs other than the interest. Your cost will be the interest paid while you have the loan. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. Insurance

    You have maybe four times the hull value of a C. The other thing I don't see is the amount of liability people are carrying. That can make a big difference in the cost. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. I finally flew a Cirrus for the first time....

    Are you sure you were in a Cirrus? I'm 6' tall and I can push the seat back to where I can't reach the rudder pedals. The cabin is wide enough that there is an arm rest with storage in it. I've never had a shoulder space issue, even with two guys in the front seats. Now, it doesn't have the control feel of a Mooney, but the cabin size?
  8. Dauphin Island is 4R9. 49R is in Texas.
  9. And they do the job today. That's from "Dial a Hitman" by Big Audio Dynamite; formed by Mick Jones, from The Clash. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. Class B Traffic

    Passengers don't want to fly at 3 am just to space things out. Plus with hub-and-spoke passengers come into the hub and then back out again, and they prefer to no have too long a lay-over. And then there's Memphis, which has peaks due to FedEx moving packages.
  11. KISM pireps?

    Wow! I've been there two or three times and never run into that. It's been a few years though since our last stop there. We had a great experience every time. When we flew down to Disney we flew to KISM and went to Kissimmee Jet Center every time.
  12. **SOLD** 1975 Mooney M20F in PA

    Hopefully he'll post some pics here. He sent me some in email and the interior looks really nice. I was hoping it would work for us as it looks nice and has nice avionics, but the useful load is too low for Steve and I. We both travel with up to four people, so a high useful load is important to both of us. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. **SOLD** 1975 Mooney M20F in PA

    Sorry to hear that, but priorities change. Good luck with the sale. Nice looking pics in the ad. I didn't see the useful load. You may want to update it with that.
  14. By flying IFR. Beats the summer. Pop-up thunderstorms are no fun. Even when there are no thunderstorms the convection gets the cumulus tops up quite high. And yet this can be true. I was going to shoot some approaches in IMC on Saturday. Unfortunately it was OVC002 and 1/4 mi visibility at my home field and the ILS is only good for 343' and 7/8 mi. It stayed like that for most of the day. Some times the visibility got better or the ceiling, but even when both did it was just too close to being below minimums and could drop back down at any time.
  15. Clouds

    This is coming back home to PDK after "playing in the clouds" this morning; ILS 21L. Too bad the buildings are not too clear in the background. In the plane I could see them quite clearly.