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  1. KISM pireps?

    Wow! I've been there two or three times and never run into that. It's been a few years though since our last stop there. We had a great experience every time. When we flew down to Disney we flew to KISM and went to Kissimmee Jet Center every time.
  2. 1975 Mooney M20F in PA

    Hopefully he'll post some pics here. He sent me some in email and the interior looks really nice. I was hoping it would work for us as it looks nice and has nice avionics, but the useful load is too low for Steve and I. We both travel with up to four people, so a high useful load is important to both of us. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. 1975 Mooney M20F in PA

    Sorry to hear that, but priorities change. Good luck with the sale. Nice looking pics in the ad. I didn't see the useful load. You may want to update it with that.
  4. By flying IFR. Beats the summer. Pop-up thunderstorms are no fun. Even when there are no thunderstorms the convection gets the cumulus tops up quite high. And yet this can be true. I was going to shoot some approaches in IMC on Saturday. Unfortunately it was OVC002 and 1/4 mi visibility at my home field and the ILS is only good for 343' and 7/8 mi. It stayed like that for most of the day. Some times the visibility got better or the ceiling, but even when both did it was just too close to being below minimums and could drop back down at any time.
  5. Clouds

    This is coming back home to PDK after "playing in the clouds" this morning; ILS 21L. Too bad the buildings are not too clear in the background. In the plane I could see them quite clearly.
  6. 85 Mooney Missile ...Damaged left wing- $50,000

    Good, but not great pictures of the wing, but from what's there it certainly doesn't look too bad. In fact, from what it shows I'd be much more concerned about whether the prop was spinning when it went into the tree branches. The engine inspection will take some time and money even if everything is fine. If it wasn't spinning then that part is gone and it's just the wing and controls on that side and possibly the fuel tank. Some work, but shouldn't be too bad. It certainly has some nice avionics.
  7. 85 Mooney Missile ...Damaged left wing- $50,000

    NTSB brief report Another article with a news video including the plane at the site of the impact.
  8. Dynon Certified thread

    Back up dials? We don't need no stinkin' back up dials!
  9. Dynon Certified thread

    They could, but the Dynon SkyView system is a bit more complicated. It could be done. Homebuilders do it. I would be surprised if both the FAA and Dynon thought shipping a box of that much stuff for a STC in a certified plane is a good idea though. Wouldn't be the first time I was wrong though.
  10. Dynon Certified thread

    The FAA would have something to say about that in certified planes. We just have to be happy the FAA is now allowing what they are with the Exp avionics. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. Dynon Certified thread

    That's my understanding. They may not even include the approach data to keep people from skipping the IFR certified GPS. I don't know. I did talk with them a couple of years ago at Sun-n-Fun and they claimed to work with all "big boys" certified GPS; GNS, GTN, IFD. And that you needed one of those at least for legal purposes. Maybe their system has the approach data for "back-up". I didn't dig into that much. They are really nice systems. If I were building an experimental a Dynon is what I'd want in it.
  12. Dynon Certified thread

    The GPS in the Dynon is not certified for approaches. Oddly the GPS for the ADS-B is certified for that. Dynon systems are tied with a GNS, GTN or IFD GPS for approaches, and then rest of the flight plan too. I believe if you just want VFR (experimental) you can use the Dynon GPS and don't need another GPS.
  13. Hanger Door Frozen

    That's a sign that you live too far north. Keep moving south until you don't hear anyone having that trouble. Some good suggestions are above. Also, you can heat whatever you apply to add in the melting. Warm-up the anti-freeze, or whatever you apply, and that can help. Unfortunately the concrete slab is a huge heat sink. This will work against you right now. Is the hangar insulated? Does air leak in/out easily? Another option to help with the others is to put a space heater in there before you get started. But if it's not insulated and it leaks (air) easily that won't help much. Good luck!
  14. Logbook musings and 2018 goals

    All of my flying is cross country except recurrent training. Sometimes when I'm doing approach practice I may toss in a landing, if I go far enough away, to count it as cross country. I usually don't go that far though, so I shoot some approaches and then back home. One take-off, one landing, multiple approaches. Otherwise we're going somewhere or I'm doing an Angel Flight mission. The vast majority of my flying is IFR, but most of that is VMC.
  15. Why a Mooney?

    ^This. Speed is options. Not only range or not having to stop as John points out. It's also a way around weather. A few years ago we went to see our niece graduation from the University of Wisconsin; we live in Atlanta. I was flying a SR22 at the time, which cruised at 170 kts. Well, as we got to the date cold weather came in and there was ice potential over most of Illinois and even snow between Rockford and Chicago, DIRECTLY IN OUR FLIGHT PATH! I found a route going to St Louis, the up just west of Illinois then turning east to Madison. We basically flew around the state of Illinois. It was over a 100 nm deviation from the route we would have taken without the weather. No big deal at 170 kts, that was only about 35-40 more minutes. Yawn. Speed means running to the beach for the day with my youngest daughter is just a fun thing to do. We don't have to get up early and we're back for dinner. We went to a college bowl game a few years ago, for the game. We left after breakfast, flew to Tampa International (from Atlanta), because the game was at the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's stadium which is in walking distance from the FBO at TPA. We had lunch at the game and flew home afterwards. We had dinner at home at our regular dinner time. Speed means that not stopping for a bathroom break is possible. Or with two 2-2:30 legs means you are a long way from home. Speed means having options. Happy plane shopping!