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  1. WTB Wing Tips

    I got this answer below from Aveo a couple of days ago - seemingly the testing is happening in Kerrville - timeline unknown for the moment Re: Crystal Conforma for Mooney (No subject) CN Christian Nielsen <christian@aveoengin****.com> Reply| Thu 11/16, 1:04 PM You ...That is European release, we do not need to inspire much confidence other than the product specs for Europeans sir. When it will be released in USA it will be shown on Aveo Florida website (and the main European Aveo page with that announcement) with the MOD Approval as accepted by the FAA, in the meantime it is in testing at the Mooney factory in Texas. Christian On Nov 16, 2017, at 1:58 PM, aidan boyce <> wrote: Your website states that this product has been released however I cannot find information about pricing, where to buy, lead times etc - as a product announcement it does not inspire a lot of confidence. Aidan Boyce
  2. As I am based in Europe I had to swap my trusty bendix for a Trig radio for 8.33 compatibility - my radio and tray are now for sale - no issues or problems with this radio before it was pulled - PM me for details - I will put it up here first before selling it to a shop back in the States
  3. You know engineering is hard, and good engineering is even harder, thanks for the update and best of luck
  4. Its been a month !!! - where are the numbers - I would expect pitchforks and tar and feathering at this point:) Just joking, but with this much focus on this project and its potential benefits I am sure everybody wants to know
  5. Dual mag failure

    It was'nt me - thank goodness, as a fresh ppl I would probably not have been as smooth as this guy. I am currently negotiating on a M20J -- so as soon as I have details I will update my avatar
  6. For those of you who swear by your dual mags here is an excellent reminder of what can happen when you are flying behind a 40 year old single point of failure - great flying and recovery by the pilot BTW
  7. Digital engine analyzers under EASA-reg

    here are your EASA approvals
  8. Garmin G5 vs Aspen

    Given that the G5 can now provide everything that a autopilot needs can we expect to see a little bit more price flexibility from Aspen - which up to today were the only retrofittable glass cockpit substitutes capable of driving an autopilot ?
  9. Let me clarify a little - what are the structural differences in the 64-69 E and F models compared to the models after that allowed the green arc to go from 150mph to 175mph -
  10. If you have a snap or copy of the reference for the STC it would be great - SWTA are defunct and not likely to start offering cowl mods again, mooney mart cost a fortune and are only in Florida so if I wanted to get one done in Europe any other paperwork would be a great help. Sabremech's cowl solution is fantastic but the only way to get it on a european plane would be an STC - 337's are really difficult.
  11. I am currently looking at a 1966 Mooney E( I am in Europe) - doing my research on what is/is not possible on these vintage I would like to understand more about design changes over these years : The lasar oil cooler mod is only for 1967 and up - why not the earlier E&F models? :The io-390 STC is only applicable for sn 69001 and up (1969 and later models) what are the differences that preclude the earlier models? And - I actually have a J cowl with baffling in my garage - There are 2 swiss Model E flying around with the J cowl but getting copies of the paperwork is elusive - does anybody have a copy of a337 or could point me in the right direction