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  1. I was always taught to do runups into the wind. how would you get better cooling with the wind coming from behind you?
  2. I am going to look at a 1970 M20F this weekend. The pictures look great. Nice interior, decent paint, 430W, a couple speed mods, but stock windshield (could be a blessing or curse, depending on future avionics work). The engine was overhauled in 2011, but is high time at 1800 SMOH. that doesn't bother me. I can probably get a couple years out of it then overhaul. my big question is the TTAF at ~11,000 hrs. the general consensus in my search here has been that as long as the plane was maintained well, TT will really only affect resale. So assuming the price is right and the maintenance has been kept up, should I be worried about the hours? and how much would the time take off the value of the plane?
  3. The engine has 810 hours on it, 300 in the last 3 years. What makes you say is be looking at an overhaul soon? as far as ADSB, I would likely put a stratus in it, so a little over 4K. I agree that a 430w would be nice, but it’s just not a necessity. I don’t have my IR yet, and my priority would be flying the crap out of the plane and IR training. Im looking at mid bodies cause I would like the option of taking friends. After sitting in an E yesterday, I can see the issue with fitting people in the back seats
  4. Many thanks to @eman1200 for going to take a look at the plane for me! Anyone care to chime in on the plane? For what i would be willing to pay, I don’t expect perfection, but I’m curious if stuff like the rusty hinge bolts or staining by the fuel sump is something to run from. The paint is not a deal breaker for me. I don’t have access to a hangar and the sun is strong here.
  5. Hi all. Sorry for another one of "these" threads. I am in the process (made an offer/waiting for a response) of trying to buy a 68 M20G in North Carolina. The biggest hurdle is that I live in Puerto Rico. I was hoping there might be someone knowledgeable in the area to swing by and take a look at the plane before I spend money on a plane ticket and pre-buy inspection. From everything that I can tell, it seems like the plane is a good fit for me and my wife. and I certainly plan on checking it out in person once a price is agreed upon. I just don't want to drop 500+ bucks to take a look at every plane that pops up on the internet. Is anyone able to help me out? (Ive already figured that AGL would be a good bet for PPI (although Im open to other suggestions), but if things go through, I will need suggestions on transition training, as well!
  6. The recent use is the reason I’m not concerned at all about the age of the engine. If there were going to be issues from sitting, they would have shown up by now. I’ll have to check on the useful load. I agree about the paint. I’d hate to put a pretty paint job out on a tie down. I can always look into painting it when I move/find a hangar.
  7. What are people's thoughts on M20G's? I found what looks like a decent example that would be in my price range. 810 SMOH in 2005, but 300+ in the last 3 years. Basic IFR, Stec 40. new interior 5 years ago. paint is weak.
  8. @Marauder, you are right with that... I love working on stuff, and wouldn’t mind a project at some point, but whatever I buy at this stage is to fly around the Caribbean. Not work on out on the ramp.
  9. I appreciate all of the input here. I have decided to move on from this particular plane. too many red flags to make it even worth taking the next step. The logs have been informative though. the "recent gear donuts, tank reseal, big money annual 150 hours ago" being 11 years ago is a joke... aren't pucks only supposed to be good for 10-15 years? hopefully you guys will tolerate me posting a few more planes as I keep searching. I value opinions from people who know far more than I.
  10. yup... I could always build! lol. I would love to, but I would prefer to fly now. I'll build as a retirement project or something!
  11. I agree with that. but keeping the purchase price lower helps with the availability of funds for maintenance down the road.
  12. see, this is why I like groups like this. I agree with what a lot of you are saying regarding the red flags and whatnot. much of what has come to light was not available when I first asked the seller about the plane. the logs were just recently put on line and they don't help ease any concerns. I appreciate all of the advise. I will be the first to admit that I can get myself excited about a particular plane and it helps to have a group to ground me. That being said, if anyone has a lead on a sub 40k mooney that you know is in decent condition, let me know!