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  1. Are you saying I would just need an Allen wrench to install it and it should work without any wiring?
  2. Is there any slide-in upgrade for my pma7000m-s?
  3. Yes. Should be able to get a picture in the next few days.
  4. I ran into this also. Had to adjust manually. I just found this in the install manual. With all of these settings, surely it can be changed to work automatically. Current Mode Default Mode Minimum Photocell Input Minimum Display Brightness Maximum Photocell Input Maximum Display Brightness Filter Time Constant Thus far, I don't know what these specifically do and haven't found any explanation. But one of these has to be the ticket - if they exist in the G5 Certified unit. I bet it's Minimum Display Brightness.
  5. I have 1 s-tec alt-hold servo back there also. In my case, it was not an issue.
  6. Both are in the avionics bay. GMU 11 is high mounted back between the static ports.
  7. On my flight yesterday I shot and ILS and and RNAV and the glide slope was slower to capture than on the second radio but it was there in plenty of time and visible on both G5's. One thing that is definitely missing is a minimum setting. It has an altitude bug that can be set but it's in 100ft increments. That's not granular enough for setting an approach minimum. I'm sure they can add this in a future software release. I hope they will. Thus far, I'm impressed and very pleased with my purchase.
  8. My ASI has miles on the outside and knots on the inner ring.
  9. Turns out my time was very limited to do much more than get my plane back home from the avionics shop. It’s just a 12 minute flight. So I setup a very short 4 waypoint flight plan on the 430w and was off. my observations thus far: Brian dump on an iPad - no particular order 1 - G5’s are wired to the master. I don’t know if this is by the book or not. Makes since that way once I thought about it. They are primary AI and DG and those devices that were just pulled were on when the radio master was off. 2 - every common annunciator, setting, etc will cross fill between units. 3 - the screens are very bright and clear. Backlight settings are easy to get too. I have not set behind the units in the dark yet. 4 - boot up is very fast. Shutdown on the ground gives you a delay countdown. In the air they just stay on. 5 - When running on the ground on the internal battery, I’m seeing it predict about 5 hours of battery life. 6 - preflight was very simple, altimeter set, heading bug set. 7 - the ASI was measuring the wind speed when I was sitting still. When I lined up on 17L it showed 22 knots before I started my takeoff roll. The steam gauge was oblivious. 8 - this is my first time to fly behind a PFD and 8 like it. 9 - my airspeed tape was configured to display knots and that threw me off when I started my approach and landing. I’m used to 100, 90, 80 mph in the pattern and that being in knots made we wonder if I want the tape in mph. The gs and tape can be configured independently. 10 - switching between gpss and hdg mode was easy enough. More actions then before. But not hard. 11 - while enroute I bounced back and forth between hdg and gpss modes and they worked as expected. 12 - I flew and RNAV approach with a procedure turn and the gpss steering worked as expected. It was very windy and it had no problem nailing the horizontal nav without much back and forth. 13 - while on the approach, I had my second 430w and gi106b tuned in to compare things. They were agreeing on horizontal and vertical navigation. However, I looked and looked for my VNAV indicator while between the iaf and faf and it was not to be found. My 106b showed the glide slope pegged up top while the g5 showed nothing. Once I got to the faf, I noticed the vnav scale show up on the PFD. I’m not sure if it ever was on the HSI. This is an area that I will study more today when I fly again. 14 - setting the hsi to a backup PFD is easy as pie. I don’t believe the PFD will become a hsi in the dual setup. Thats all for now. I plan to fly again today with a more deliberate test plan including an ILS approach.
  10. Yes. The GAD29B enables the G5 to provide course correction to a large list of autopilots. It has both HDG and GPSS modes.
  11. Stopped by the avionics shop today and got to play with the new G5’s. They were completing the reassembly and just lacked the calibration and setup. They later called and told me to come get the plane. It’s done. If the weather holds out, I mean VFR, then tomorrow I’ll go bring her home. I don’t think it would be wise to go jump in the soup with a brand new AI. Anyway, one of the big questions I had was how do you select between HDG and GPSS mode on the G5. I took out an stec gpss steer computer that had a simple switch on the panel to go back and forth. Today while playing I found the answer. The G5 has one knob and a click of th knob and you get a menu acros the bottom. Nothing new with that except with the Gad29b connected, the menu has GPSS. A few clicks to the right and it’s selected and then a press in and its active. Then both displays show gpss and also show the heading bug X’ed out. This selection can be made on ether G5 as this selection cross fills. At this point, I’m not sure what else might crossfill. The only other thing I tested at this early stage, I mean on the ground before they were done, was to engage the autopilot and rotate the heading bug and confirm that worked. It was a beautiful thing. As you can imagine, I’m pretty pumped about flying tomorrow and playing with my new toys. I have two trips of over 1000nm planned by Dec 1st so more PIREPS to follow.
  12. The first of a primary AI, the second is a primary HSI. They both have 3-4 hour battery and both can act as the other.
  13. My vacuum system has been removed as part of my upgrade. And yes, there are limited ports on the 430 so I also have had the TIS-A from the 330ES removed on the 1st 430. It will instead be displayed on the 2nd 430. Not a big deal to me because I watch my iPad/ADSB traffic more than my 430's. Removed equipment: 1) AI 2) Stec DG 3) Stec GPSS roll steer computer 4) GI106B 5) vacuum hoses, filters, pump. All of these will be for sale.
  14. Interfaced to 430w and stec30. Final install cost later.