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  1. My Brand New (to me) M20E

    I have a 75F and it has the same light with the tail number and it lights up with the panel lights or a test. I don’t know where you can get one.
  2. 2 G5's GMU 11 GAD 29B $9100 installed
  3. N7405V

  4. I have two G5's on order. One will replace my AH and the other my DG and one CDI. My avionics guy says the G5 HSI will work with my 430w and stec30. My stec dg goes away as does the gpss box. Garmin shows it all shipping on Oct 14. this link shows the heading mode and gpss should work like my current setup. I'm looking forward to the upgrade.
  5. What is this drain tube?

    Thanks for the information. I have not removed the cowling to trace them out but I see on goes toward the throttle body and one goes up the firewall (I guess that's the fuel pump drain). I'll pay close attention next time I run it to see which is leaking. Thanks again.
  6. Today after a short taxis to get fuel I noticed one of these drain tubes dripping a few drops of fuel. I started looking for this because I could smell fuel In the cockpit. what are these drains for? What type of dripping is normal?
  7. CSMM and ADSB

    This is a good article explaining something that I was unclear on. If you fly for Angel Flight or the like and use a special call sign - you must update your ADBS-Out call sign or you cannot use the special callsign.
  8. Hello, Today I was fortunate to be able to fly my "new" 1975 M20F on my first cross country (in this plane). It was uneventful. Once I got to cruise the altitude of 7500 and trimmed the plane out I set the altitude hold on the S-Tec 30. That was real nice! First time I've ever had a autopilot. At some point, I looked back at the tail and saw that the elevator was in a slightly down position, as noted by the outboard part that is fore of the hinge point (that was up). Later when I cancelled the ALT Hold, there was no significant pitch up or down. Shouldn't the full pivoting tail section have the elevator perfectly lined up with the horizontal stabilizer? Seems in the configuration it was in, it would have a lot of drag. Thanks, Philip