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  1. The engine overhaul

    Agree with this. I wasnt planning on this but was well prepared financially. I've asked him about a handful of additions for the future and other stuff I wanted done as well
  2. The engine overhaul

    They're taking care of this with the overhaul. The shop doing it mentioned that to me during some preliminaries.
  3. The engine overhaul

    Funny you should mention that. I'm sure you remember the logs seemed pretty okay, and it had a good pedigree. Someone else here notice and pointed it out to me, that for the last few years the mechanic had been servicing it 2+ quarts lower on oil that what it should've been. When I was scanning them I read "blah blah, filled with oil...blah blah good compression". That was another clue that I was able to put together after the fact. I was prepped for the overhaul, so honestly, it sucks but its not a big deal either. Worst part is it being down for awhile. Best part is a 0 time engine. I had some digital currency investments that are now paying for a good portion of it too. Here's a pic of the preliminary looking for metal
  4. The engine overhaul

    the engine had about 1100 hours SMOH. Nothing unusual on the engine monitor that I noticed, but I'm not overly proficient at reading them. There were other signs that individually dont mean much, but put together pointed toward it being bad. 3 out of 3 cylinders had been replaced in <10 years, and the oil analysis was showing some metal but it was written off as coming from cylinders with <100 hours on them. Finally, I thought I had screwed up on a preflight and forgotten to check oil that was severly low. I topped it up and kept flying/kept an eye on it and the oil turned super black and burned off fast but not mind boggling fast. I had it checked out by a mechanic after that and he made the call/prediction it was done.
  5. Getting updates from the progress of my overhaul. Engine is disassembled and ready to be taken to Tulsa. Looks like this was coming due for awhile. From the mechanic: I finished disassembling your engine and getting everything ready to deliver to Tulsa. Everything came apart as expected. I found severe carbon oil deposits inside the engine and a buildup of sludge inside the crankshaft Journals. I also found that the cylinder barrels were severely worn as I expected. The camshaft and followers show signs of excessive wear as well. There is signs of excessive blow by past the pistons. The main bearings have a lot of ware on them as well. The crankcase has several loose fitting through bolts and sings of fretting. Overall this is a tired engine in need of this overhaul. Glad it's being done.
  6. Career Advice

    I can only offer my perspective. I was the 100% typical Bart Simpson. In gifted classes (and kicked out of them several times over) for most of school. Left home at 17 to be on my own and worked full time (retail and crap) my last year of school and rented an apartment, because i was smarter than everyone and knew the world better. Joined the air force, scraped by at aircraft maintenance with a subpar performance record (they dont like you punching out people and pointing out how things can be done better sometimes). Finished up that enlistment and ended up with a very junior position in the federal government in office administration. I started to rise through the ranks because the defiance that hurt me elsewhere helped me innovate a bit there. Next thing I know I'm somehow considering the military again only part time. I get a degree in computer science. Do my testing and school and commission. Still rising through the federal ranks, and generally "okay" as an army infantry officer, my brigade commander does a review of all his junior officers and corners me. Overall schooling and scores are super high and in his opinion it explains why i dont fit the mold well and he finds me a position in space operations, with a promotion, which works because I had also gotten a masters degree in space systems (with some space systems engineering). I deploy and succeed enough that word gets back that my products I developed in a combat zone are now training material for a national space agency, and I get promoted to very senior grade in my civilian position and they're paying for my PhD, and sending me to a very prestigious school for executive development at the same time. Now...if I was back in your sons shoes and I wanted to do aviation for a living. I would tell myself to calm down a bit, and its okay to "follow orders" on occasion, and to suck it up for the schooling. Just because you can sleep through a computer science degree doesn't mean you should. It's also okay to realize you might not fit in with the military crowd, but its about the quickest way to get flight training completed (and get paid for doing it). If he wanted to go rotary wing I could probably put him in part time myself. I'm glad for my road i went down but it couldve been a whole lot easier.
  7. Lessons learned

    I've got an AOA so I'm halfway there
  8. What is wrong?

    I wish I had that perspective when I started. first guy was no big deal... he hardly spoke and I only flew a few hours with him, then he went off to the airlines. Second guy seemed okay but a bit shady at times. Couldn't put my finger on it. Then one week I cut them a very large check. Several thousand to just book a few days, 3 hours of flight. Break for lunch and some ground instruction, then thee hours of flight. The last day during my break I got a text message to come home, my wife was getting the flu and she was sick. The CFI was nowhere to be found and late for our flight anyway so I talked to the school owner. He said it was 100% okay, take off and he'd pass the message. 30 minutes later I start getting text messages from the CFI that were getting nasty. Cursing at me for leaving, threatening me, etc. I not only left him but left the school. They called me and apologized for that a few days later but it was time to go, regardless. Same school that was rude to me at the start and told me I'd never buy a plane and it was a stupid idea to, etc. Then all of a sudden they were very interested. "hey buddy, havent seen you in awhile, sorry about the still interested in that airplane? we'll work out a deal for parking if you buy it..." etc. I bought the plane and found a better airport and CFI. Parked and maintained it with them. Havent so much as landed at the other airport since.
  9. Family pressures?

    To the meddling in-laws discussion: meddling in-laws ended my first marriage. They were enough to derail literally everything, but they werent enough to bring it back. When we were in the death spiral I made it clear what they had done in a very courteous and professional manner. The look changed in their eyes as I saw the mental puzzle pieces coming together. They tried their best to reverse it, even going so far as to lose their cool several times with their daughter about her choice. It didnt work. Suddenly my spouses family became an important factor in selection. To the nervous pilot stuff: Not quite what we're getting at but part of the reason I post my screw ups is my own is because of some anxiety type stuff. Sometimes it's no factor. I can fly and it's smooth. A great time. Sometimes even thinking about flying makes my palms sweat. The day of my first solo my CFI and I checked the weather and it looked fine. We talked about it, planned it etc. Flew to a towered airport and did some practice patterns. He hopped out and wished me luck and told me to do three. Winds were roughly 2-3 knots down the runway. I took off and noticed some bumps and I was being blown a bit. Landed. Tower cleared me for departure again, suddenly it was hard to control. I was fighting it to stay close to the pattern. Turned final and its clear stuff had changed. I was getting rocked hard. Good chop and a crosswind that required me to crab at a near 45 degree angle. Coming over the runway a gust blew me over the grass. I recovered, but I was being blown harder than it seemed the airplane could keep up. I got it down with a bounce. Tower cleared me to depart and I respectfully requested to return to the FBO to pick up my CFI, I was going up again. Winds had changed to 15G22 direct crosswind with moderate turbulence. CFI said that he was happier that I made that decision than that I had landed successfully. We got in the air to head home and to this day I have never felt turbulence that bad. I literally hit my head on the ceiling a few times. CFI told me "I'd never fly in these conditions...oh by the way, you're landing when we get home". I was still shaking from the solo. I did manage to land on that 2000 foot long and very narrow strip, but that day honestly set me back several months in my training. It was months until I could land very well again and I'd argue it still has some influence on me sometimes. I've had one sort of similar day, but I spotted it and brought a safety pilot with me.
  10. What is wrong?

    Didn’t get one
  11. Lessons learned

    Unfortunately she's out in central Missouri. It really looks like I'm getting a major overhaul. He doesn't know the specifics of it yet, but there was enough metal in it that it was clear this was a building problem, and now it's at its limit. He's willing to ship it to jewell aviation but basically said that by the time he pulls it, ships it, overhauls the accessories that aren't included, and reinstalls it, its going to be the same price to just do it there, and I'll also get regular phone calls/updates, pictures, etc. He's quoting me about $20k out the door
  12. Lessons learned

    Verdict 1 is in. The engine is and has been making metal for awhile. magnetic and non-magnetic
  13. What is wrong?

    I'm completely outside the medical field. As a civilian I'm in in the government sector, and senior enough that I'm all but locked into Washington DC. The PhD is a "strong suggestion" by my employer and they are offering to possibly pay for it in lieu of GI Bill. I may have the opportunity to move to Colorado Springs or out to California but that chance is remote.
  14. Family pressures?

    in a combat zone
  15. Family pressures?

    First actually serious time for me wasn't that long ago. Moving some boxes in a dumpster (so I could put another box in) behind a dining facility and finding a grenade rigged up so the next time someone moved some boxes they would catch a face full of metal. If it hadn't been rigged like shit I would've instantly lost about 20 lbs in the form of my head.