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  1. I am interested in your dehumidifier and cover.  Please consider the dehumidifier sold.  I have a cover, but would like a second.  I likely will take that as well.  Please contact me here, or at my e-mail:  john.breda@gmail.com, or call me at (617) 877-0025.


    John Breda

  2. All items in excellent condition.... Bruce’s Cover: $400 (Never used) York Gust-Lock: $200 Tempest Engine Dehumidifier: $200
  3. In my dealing and talking with folks it has been between 6-10% depending on broker, and or flat rates between $3-5K...All depends on who you use and are comfortable with. Some are more responsive then others.
  4. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/29182725/1997-mooney-m20j?dlr=1&pcid=1295132&crmid=5248113&if=1
  5. @BushPilot ever find that J?!?
  6. Amillet, I will let you know how it goes...Aircraft will be listed this coming week (not by me), photo day this weekend...It has only taken 6mos to get here...and for me to emerge back into Mooney space, I was glad to see it is as viberant as ever!
  7. Thanks all for the comments and inputs...think I will make my way back to AAA at the EOM....just makes the most sense do to me having to travel, etc...
  8. Thanks for the inputs...still have all the scanned logs from when I purchased it so a quick update should be easy! Lots of pictures I can do but as you said not sure I want to deal with all the hassles...maybe I will give it a shot for a few weeks and see how big of a paion it will be. Not sure how the market is for Js right now, doesnt seem to be many out there that I am seeing!
  9. Anyone have any experience/recommendations on best way to sell a Mooney. Basics are: 1997 M20J, 1440 TT, ADS-B In-Out Garmin 345, Aspen PFD1000, Garmin 530W/430W, Flight Stream, 940# Useful Load, fresh annual... Looking for thoughts and ideas...I purchased plane through All American so thought I would ask for inputs before heading back to AA for re-sale!
  10. That is definitely a good one! If you have a chance to drop into KEGE just to the north there is the “Meeker Two” it is also an interesting departure which requires you to cross the DBL R-326 then make a right turn back to intercept the DBL R-322 radial outbout! Require about 1900-2000ft/min (dependent on what your flying) to 15000. This is also a field you could do a VCOA at with 4200-3. What a great place to fly into and out of!!!
  11. Just my opinion but...Not sure I would fly above FL250 unpressurized...not worth risking DCS! If you ever suffer from DCS symptoms put on 100% oxygen and keep it on...though in GA aircraft I imagine you will quickly run out before you get to medical attention. I would go with: - FL240-FL249 max 45 Min - FL230-FL239 max 70 Min - FL220-FL229 max 120 Min - FL210-FL219 max 200 Min
  12. Thank goodness for that extra 48 ft/nm or 24% ROC we shooting the 40:1 OCS...just another buffer for performance deviations from both pilot and plane! Don’t forget your 35 ft screen height!
  13. All valid and most important is knowing your aircraft’s performance and what conditions affect it. Sure numbers seem doable until you realize oh it’s to 14,000 ft...Not in a J! And always remember if in doubt fly the ODP first...
  14. Ha! I find just flying out of FXE can be stress enough...I got my first 2 hours of Mooney time there. My cousin has a J hangared there and her and her other half got me some dual time...so appreciated that, and really enjoyed her plane!
  15. Your post makes a good point about needing to convert ft/nm to fit/min! Interesting that LOC/DME-E also uses a separate LOC-BC for missed approach.
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