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  1. OneAuburnFan

    Recommended Mods Prior to Painting a J

    Your bird is amazing. I am, however, a bit more limited given that funding isn't without limits and the work is being done by others. I really appreciate the ideas though.
  2. OneAuburnFan

    Recommended Mods Prior to Painting a J

    Thanks for all the replies. I am already adding a new windshield to the project. My inner main gear doors are a little rough. Repair or replacement is a decision I need to make. The ELT antenna in the dorsal fairing is interesting. Blade type VOR antennas will depend on cost. I really wish changing the overhead vent system to the newer style wasn’t such a chore and expense. The air brake up top is pretty primitive. Finally, I’m torn with ram air delete. Giving up ANY power is a tough sell. Thanks again all.
  3. OneAuburnFan

    Recommended Mods Prior to Painting a J

    I have struck a deal with Hawk Aircraft Painting in Tampa. So, the process and the painter is identified. I will check those other users though to see what mods they may have incorporated into the project.
  4. I will be getting my 1977 J model painted this June and am wondering if I am missing an opportunity for some awesome modifications that will be easiest done prior to the re-finish? Obviously, the J has a lot of popular speed mods built in. Are there more that I should consider for either speed or appearance that won’t break the bank more than the paint job already is going to?