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  1. Great point. I have had the opportunity to look over the airplane and there isn't anything glaring in the surface. The handle in the baggage door was a little bit loose but if i decide to move forward with this airplane or any other for that matter I would not feel comfortable without having a knowledgeable M20F guru check things over. One things for sure...this will be a great learning experience either way we decide to go.
  2. I greatly appreciate all of the advice. I will be doing quite a bit of research on the aircraft as well as comparing it to others. I won't purchase anything without having an unbiased pre-buy inspection thats for sure. It looks like the aircraft has been on the market for a while and most likely would have sold already if equipped with modern avionics. I'm sure I will be tapping into everyones knowledge here to assist in making an informed decision. What are your thoughts on a J-model opposed to the pre-J models? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to look out for?
  3. New to the community and looking for some advice... I recently looked at a 1976 M20F with less than 500 SMOH and 4600 TT and asking $59K. It has out dated avionics and does not have a GPS. Would this be an advisable purchase considering the ADS-B 2020 mandate and GPS install in the near future to bring it up to the 21st Century? The airframe and power plant are solid but I expect quite a bit of more money required to be invested since it will require wiring for GPS and ADS-B Antenna. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. P.S. I do not have any Mooney experience so this would be stepping up from what I am accustomed to (C-172).