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  1. Can you practice emergency extensions while training or should I be practicing the procedure without actually doing the manual extension. The AFM is kind of ambiguous on this.
  2. I heard the booms and watched everyone looking around and said "good luck finding the jet" to everyone around me. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  3. Looks fantastic! Nice job! Where do you source your leather from? Is this aircraft grade leather or automotive? I've searched for Aeroflex to no avail. I must be looking for the wrong thing.
  4. We have not touched the airplane since it was dropped off with the exception of the pre-buy inspection.
  5. Here's a video of the start up sequence. In this video the PFD eventually boots. No issues with the MFD. You'll see though that there are several alerts that have me perplexed. It is really odd that this has happened. We had the airplane flown in for a pre-buy inspection. Everything worked just fine. It has not left the hangar since the pre-buy and now this is what happens on turning the master switch on! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  6. No updates to anything that I know of. I don't think the shop guys did anything either, but I'll have to ask.
  7. No, the PFD and MFD power up as soon as the master switch is turned on. MFD comes up normal.
  8. I've got an error that just popped up on the PFD start up. Has anyone seen this error before? This is a newly purchased airplane, PFD was working just fine when we put the airplane through it's paces. Stopped in the hangar today to show a friend the airplane and this is what showed up on the PFD. I apologize for the picture, I tried rotating it but... to no avail.
  9. Unit costs are substantially different. Even though you will need an indicator, you will not be in the same ballpark of the cost of a GTN650 if buying and installing a used 430W.
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