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  1. I got these a few years back from Lopresti and don’t regret it. Looks like spruce carries now HUBBA HUBBA CAP - HUB CAP WITH ACCESS DOOR 275/pair
  2. Get 1 of those kyptonite or similar “U shapes” bike locks and tie a “do not tow” to it (my solution away from home) it slides thru truss. Impossible to get tow bar thru. I also have my phone number written in case it needs to be moved they know who to call.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong. The chute was required because it failed to recover from spins and thus couldn’t get certification without a parachute. I agree, It’s marketing and fleet age—Cirrus Never mentions the spin characteristics only safety from their CAPS system and as you said ppl can transition or primary students can easily train in a SR20 /22 with glass... harder to find Mooney schools, and if you do the panel is likely original and the gear isn’t welded in down position
  4. I also had this installed. This Bitchin Betty is awesome-- Check gear check gear check gear. No mistaking the sound and install was around 800.
  5. PM me and I will try to give you some advice on how to proceed. I practice in NY, NJ, CT, and PA but not MI so will be specific to those jurisdictions, but may help. Where did you close the deal in MI?
  6. The clause your are concerned about is within the agreement in Para #3. Word Title is not used, because Titles do not exist. Have AOPA do a search for you its a nominal fee. Cars, boats, motorcycles ect get titles but not GA aircraft. Consider closing in New York State, there is no sales tax attributable to the buyer.
  7. Priority for me was #1Engine #2 Airframe, #3 Panel. Took me nearly 2 years to find right J. New Mooney will break most banks and very little quality used inventory out there, thus the reason for prices increasing. You will pay more the longer you wait but do wait until you find the J that is right for you. As MS’ers have said get the best you can within your budget. Also in NY there is no sales tax to GA buyers so you could save a good 10k to put into a G3X by buying in NY.
  8. Lasar SUNVISOR PIVOT - 950226-001 61.97
  9. I also used Ken at POU, he did my G5 HSI and GTX335. I have not had any issues. Some shops are so busy with compliance they didn't even respond to me. I liked that Ken was a Mooney owner himself and was very responsive. Great experience, turns out his wife and daughter both pilots and AP also work at the business. IMO having AP who is also a pilot makes be think they would take more care in their work. I didn't know they were also pilots until I picked up my J. This is a generalization, absolutely there are great mechanics who are not pilots. Was a quick Uber ride to his shop. My J was in March--his hanger is heated.
  10. Because this is NOT a common issue, (based on other MSers) my concern would be not letting that shop anywhere near my Mooney. First get the metallurgy test as @Cody Stallings suggested if that comes back as we all expect it will. Hire an attorney to recover your damages. You cannot use pep boys cotters on certified aircraft. If they did so, that’s negligence. I would be very reluctant to have them touch your engine unless it turns out the cotters were correct. But even then, I agree with @Cody Stallings were the castle nuts even torqued to specs? Unlikely if they are moving enough to shear off. If metallurgy tests confirm non certified metals in pins, you have a good claim. If the shop has insurance you are golden.
  11. In his own words. Pilot William Tiger Lyons recalls February 09, 1945. 693685D6-37C0-4DB8-BA10-C4261E86BEF9.MOV F4089CBA-9F1A-45B9-A96E-30FBB20D32C3.MOV A67AC504-14F9-48AC-97F4-76886259A6D1.MOV C926EA61-11FF-4A61-AAF2-83F782901E9A.MOV
  12. @larrynimmo this is what I used. Pick up some wire at same time No sync wire exists. There is a pin for the sync wire in Whelen connectors. We used Molex connectors with a cable tie to secure connector lengthwise
  13. I would rest easy, zoom in on wires... Everything labeled nicely. Let us know how test flight goes.
  14. Call them back and tell them for 4k they can take all the pics they want. Sorry anything related to aviation gets a huge markup, did they think this was somehow not aviation related? Seriously though there is a budget for this type of evidence gathering, they need it for a case clearly. Get a grand out of them.