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  1. mooneym20c

    FS: 1968 M20C Ranger

    I have to say, beautiful beautiful beautiful plane, you really are loosing a beautiful work of art. Nice plane fellow Mooney brother. Trevor
  2. Hey bro, long time no talk lol, yeah your so right. I think the one i found at my airport might be the one I could possibly get this summer. The interior is nice, non of the plastic panels inside are cracked, the seats yeah they are old and cloth but boy are they comfortable, the only thing the plane would really need is a new paint job eventually. The plus side to it, is the fellow that owns it now with his parent has maintained that plane for the last 20 years. He knows the plane inside and out and says there is no corrosion in the wings, I believe that they are re sealing the fuel tanks which would be a huge plus because I know mooney's have the tendency to leak. As for the landing gear, they are putting in new pucks, which is good but pucks aren't cheap. Considering that I know they got the plane for dirt dirt dirt cheap, I bet I can still buy it from them for cheap. Im going to look into it more! Thanks everyone for the feedback, feel free to keep posting on the thread! Trevor
  3. Thanks guys for the feedback! Yes it seems there isnt a whole heck of a lot of difference between the two. I just wanted to see what you Mooney pilots would say regarding the two! Now there are 3 Mooney's at my local airfield, a E, F, and C. I talked with the two owners of the C the other day, nice old fellows, they bought this plane as a partnership together. Turns out this plane has been sitting without being flown, outside, for the last 5 years. The owner sadly got alzheimers and cannot fly anymore, so the two sons that got the plane didn't know a hope in hell what to do with the plane, so these two guys bought it for dirt dirt cheap. Plane needs a new paint job badly, like its bad. The cockpit is very very old and outdated, but the one partner Eldon (82 years old), has been maintaining this plane for the last 20 years and he says its rough on the outside but in amazing condition internally. So I may be considering that, the guys are going to be restoring it mechanically and may paint it so we will see. Trevor
  4. Haha thanks for getting back so soon! Names Trevor, but you can call me M20C if you please. See my thing is I'm currently training in a fuel injected, Garmin G1000 equipped 172, so going from that to a Mooney is different for sure, I'll have to get used to carbueratted like carb heat and stuff. I'm just wondering if it is really night and day difference for power and speed between the E and the C, because like I said I do live in some pretty mountainess terrain up here in canookland, and some peaks are even 12,500. So I'd like to have something thats got some power in case I get into trouble and need it. Hard to explain really what I'm looking for, but I'm so used to flying high and fast, because after our 67 F, we sold it and upgraded to a 82 305 Rocket, and now up further in performance to a Lancair IV-P. My dad has lots of experience as a fellow Mooney pilot, but has never flown a E, but he did do his type rating in a C so he does know a bit about that plane. Just wanted to hear from some experienced Mooniacs if it is beneficial to go with the E or just the C. Thanks! Trev
  5. Hey guys, So I'm seriously contemplating getting a Mooney this summer. I'm 18 years old turning 19 in July, and I'm just completing my private. I've been flying in Mooney's since I was 8 months old, and my dad let me fly the 67 F we had when I was 5 and I've just had lots of experience in them, I basically grew up in a Mooney so I know that, that is the plane I have to get. The 2 airplanes I am considering is a C and a E. My question is, the area I live in, British Columbia Canada, is surrounded by the rocky mountains and stuff like that, I don't know if it would be night and day difference between the C with 180 horse, or the E with 200. I know there are lots of reviews and stuff ike that online but I would like to know this from active Mooney pilots. So just thought I'd ask! anything helps really. Thanks guys!
  6. mooneym20c

    New Member Groups

    Thank you! I want to try and keep these planes going!
  7. mooneym20c

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    If we young kids don't stay enthusiastic about these beautiful planes, they will eventually die off! Got to keep these birds going
  8. mooneym20c

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    I hope so!!!!! Need to finish the pilots license first almost done that... Im only 18! But I have a strong passion and love for mooney's
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    new member!!
  10. hey !! thanks so much you as well!
  11. Just a few questions first off I love the paint thats awesome. Secondly, thats 1800 smoh so I guess the plane is going to need another engine overhaul soon? Also the new Garmin you have in there, is it capable to list traffic and WAAS equipped? Finally, what is you're normal cruise speed and GPH fuel flow? Thanks Trevor
  12. mooneym20c

    WTB 69 or below M20C

    Hey everyone, I'm on the hunt for a decent M20C from the year 69 and below. Looking for an airplane that is a regular flyer and not an airplane that has flat tires and hasn't seen 2000 feet in 10 years. Looking for a plane with maybe some newer avionics, not glass cockpit but maybe an autopilot system, and a Garmin 430 or newer. Finally, looking for a plane with a newer paint job, but if not thats fine! Im located in BC Canada but will be willing to fly to get a decent airplane. Thanks!