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  1. gringoneff

    New M20B owner

    Thx everyone for sharing all this great advice and making me feel so welcome. Regarding the descent, I usually have 20"MP and ride a bit in the yellow airspeed arc if its smooth. Slowly enrichen on the way down. Only go full rich if need to do a go around. And here are some pics as requested. She's not going to win any beauty contests but she has character and flies great:)
  2. gringoneff

    New M20B owner

    Thanks gsxrpilot and others. This is exactly the kind of advice I was looking for. I fly commercially but am just now getting back in GA after being out of it for 17 years. Whole different world! Seems like there is pretty clear consensus on these climb/cruise techniques. Gonna incorporate them into my next trip and report back. Regarding taxi, I've heard that this engine runs very rich on the ground and is prone to plug fowling. So per some advice I read elsewhere, after start I am aggressively leaning till I see a slight rpm rise. I leave it there till the run up and takeoff. Is this the generally accepted technique?
  3. gringoneff

    New M20B owner

    Thx DXB and Marauder for the replies. I unfortunately am running more or less on the stock engine instruments. So I'm leaning purely on engine smoothness/roughness and making sure CHT stays below 400.
  4. gringoneff

    New M20B owner

    Hello all, I have just taken possession of an M20B, and was looking for any advice on power settings for climb and cruise. I've been using 25 squared on the climb just because that's how I was taught years ago. But I recently read a Mapa article suggesting WOT and 2700 all the way to altitude. Thoughts? Been leaning on the climb once the key value falls below 47(approximately 75% power). Cruising at 2400 and WOT, and as lean as I can get it without engine roughness. One issue I've noticed is that I'm burning a bit high. Did a 56 minute flight yesterday up to ft worth and burned 12.8 gallons @6500, ISA -10 C. On the way back 1:06 and 13.5 gallons @9500. These are at least 10 to 15% higher than predicted from the charts. The airplane has the exhaust mod installed, so perhaps it's just due to the extra 5hp it supposedly is producing. Also I keep forgetting about automatic enrichment when at WOT; if I back it off full maybe it will help lean it more. Any general tips on the most efficient way to fly the M20B will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brandon