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  1. A very close model to Uber for the sky is Blade. Passengers crowd source a flight and the app links them with a charter aircraft. This lets Blade bypass all those pesky regulations that we keep hearing about. Sketchy at best and definitely in the grey area of the rules. Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way to make money in aviation.
  2. Garryowen

    1964 M20E

    Where are you having the annual? I might stop by. Heard you on the frequency a few weeks back over PNE coming out of south Jersey.
  3. Garryowen

    Odd looking Injector (IO-360)

    It looks like the injector’s mixture outlet cap has come off your #3 nozzle. They appear identical minus this piece: Take a look inside the fuel inlet at your cylinder to make sure the piece is not there.
  4. Garryowen

    What a TFR Intercept Looks Like

    Intercepts inside the SFRA around DC happens more often than we hear about. How long has that TFR been in place now and people still fly through it?
  5. Garryowen

    Multi-engine add on

    Terry, I’ve looked into it extensively myself and found Infinity Flight at TTN would be the one I would go with based on needing to get the rating for work. I was contemplating making the switch from helicopters to the airlines and infinity works closely with Piedmont on a rotor to airplane transition program. Their quote back to me came in under 9 amu per what the Piedmont guys said I needed for their mins. I have my helicopter ATP but zero multi airplane time. I like ATP as previously mentioned too. Infinity only beat them out in my case because of their relationship with Piedmont. That being said, we are also looking to purchase a twin Comanche and if we go that route I want to do my initial multi in a TC prior to purchase (insurance quote difference basically pays for the training). We found an outfit in Charlotte MI that seemed to fit our needs that does TC specific multi ratings and time building. My 2 cents anyways. Good luck. Jeff
  6. As a matter of fact....General eligibility guidelines for qualifying for an ATP under FAR part 61.153 (c) “Be of good moral character” is straight out of the reg. I’m sure that statement has been challenged a few times over the years.
  7. Garryowen

    Uber’s Pipedream

    Blade is doing just this in NYC right now much to the chagrin of Uber and Lyft. Blade is using local part 135 charter outfits to staff and fly the aircraft and they are taking taking a percentage of the 'charter'. They pretty much sprung up overnight. It works for the NYC area because of the gluttenous supply of helicopters available for charter. Other markets might be more challenging. I can see it working in LA and maybe Chicago. How many charter companies out there are flying Mooney's? There are a few with Bo's and Cirrus'. Here is the link to Blade:
  8. Garryowen

    Aveo engineering wing tips

    A quick search of aircraft spruce shows $2990 for a non-TSO'd pair of tips for VANS RV-4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and the F-1/Harmon Rockets. How much does TSO increase the price? Double maybe?? Seems my 4.5 amu estimate for mooney wing tips might be a tad on the low side.
  9. Garryowen

    Something's not right

    It's an $89k plane. Looking at it that way might add the perspective you are looking for you. That's how much you will have in it by the time you can get it up to speed. Engine, avionics, body work, interior and paint all add up. Once you conquer one thing another will pop up. Says right in the ad, "make it your way." If you have the time, funds, and patience you should be able to make it into a fine machine. Barring airframe issues and corrosion I would think it would be a good project for the right person.
  10. Garryowen

    Aveo engineering wing tips

    They sure look nice though.
  11. Garryowen

    Aveo engineering wing tips

    Very nice. But they look expensive. I bet north of 4.5 AMUs when it's all said and done. How much efficiency gain do you think they would provide? A couple of knots maybe??
  12. Garryowen

    Ride share to Don Maxwell's

    There is an airline flight. Two outbound flights a day GGG to DFW. 13:52 and 18:53. About 2.5 hour drive to the center of the metroplex. Enterprise will deliver a car to the airport for you.
  13. Garryowen

    In need of a mechanic in Pennsylvania (KDUJ)

    Do you have an engine monitor and can you access the data from where you are by chance? That might have some tell tale signs of what's really going on. Might be as simple as a clogged fuel injector or a failing plug. I know that doesn't explain the oil burn, but I get nervous when the first step is to pull a cylinder in the field.
  14. Garryowen

    Runway Incursion

    ...and 99% of the time, we are single pilot.