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  1. Something's not right

    It's an $89k plane. Looking at it that way might add the perspective you are looking for you. That's how much you will have in it by the time you can get it up to speed. Engine, avionics, body work, interior and paint all add up. Once you conquer one thing another will pop up. Says right in the ad, "make it your way." If you have the time, funds, and patience you should be able to make it into a fine machine. Barring airframe issues and corrosion I would think it would be a good project for the right person.
  2. Aveo engineering wing tips

    They sure look nice though.
  3. Aveo engineering wing tips

    Very nice. But they look expensive. I bet north of 4.5 AMUs when it's all said and done. How much efficiency gain do you think they would provide? A couple of knots maybe??
  4. Ride share to Don Maxwell's

    There is an airline flight. Two outbound flights a day GGG to DFW. 13:52 and 18:53. About 2.5 hour drive to the center of the metroplex. Enterprise will deliver a car to the airport for you.
  5. In need of a mechanic in Pennsylvania (KDUJ)

    Do you have an engine monitor and can you access the data from where you are by chance? That might have some tell tale signs of what's really going on. Might be as simple as a clogged fuel injector or a failing plug. I know that doesn't explain the oil burn, but I get nervous when the first step is to pull a cylinder in the field.
  6. Runway Incursion

    ...and 99% of the time, we are single pilot.
  7. Runway Incursion

    From my seat, foreflight does a great job of helping out with situational awareness around runways. As soon as I point at a runway foreflight starts chirping, "approaching Runway 28" or whichever one I am heading towards. Mine is set up for it to display taxi diagrams as soon as I land and is the first thing that comes up when I start to move for departure. It doesn't take away from the required preflight planning but is a great piece of kit to have.
  8. RFID for the sky is where it starts. Mandatory ADSB-out is the beginning of user fees. If they can track you, they can tax you.
  9. Flying the east coast

    ABE VFR direct HWV at 7500' is pretty straight forward. Try to get flight following right out of Allentown to make it even easier. It's fun watching and listening to all of the heavy iron flying under you as they takeoff and land at the big NYC 3 airports. Another fun way is flying the routes as mentioned previously. Out of ABE pickup flight following direct to the Tapanzee bridge and fly the Hudson south at 1500 to the Verrazano Bridge (flight following the whole way). At the Verrazano you can either keep going south or if you're more adventurous turn around and head for the east river. If continuing south, after the VZ head direct to breezy point and plan to follow the southern shore line east to Brookhaven (ForeFlight screenshot below). Be ready to descend to 500' as you transition under the Bravo of JFK along the beach. Lots of GA going back and forth there so keep your eyes outside. Usually get a climb back up around the Jones Beach monument. If going up the east river EWR twr (127.85) will hand you off to LGA twr (126.05). Ask LGA for "overhead, THROGS transition eastbound." If they give it to you your route will be as depicted below. Staying over the water it's Brooklyn Bridge-North tip of Roosevelt island-over the tower cab of LGA-south stanchion of the Throgs Neck Bridge-VPLYD-VPJAY-Direct. If they don't let you go overhead, hang a left (westbound turn) at the North tip of Roosevelt Island over Central Park and go back south or north on the Hudson. Others have already spoken to the challenge of making a u-turn on the east river. I don't recommend it. One thing to keep an eye out for when flying around NYC this time of year are the MLB TFRs. For some reason, these are the only ballgame TFRs that are actively enforced. Meaning ATC will not let you through them. ForeFlight does a good job of depicting them for the appropriate time and location. Have a great trip.
  10. I'm ready to buy...

    Try to determine where/who he bought it from and strike up a conversation there. That may tell you all you need to know and put any concerns you may have at ease. Flipping planes is not as uncommon as you might think and there is usually nothing nefarious about it.
  11. Dear Philly Approach

    Here's some irony for you. I needed a clearance yesterday to get into the outer ring of the Trump TFRs. I called Philadelphia clearance delivery and they told me to takeoff VFR and call them on 123.8. Called them in the air and got my clearance straight away. He was busier than normal but rattled it off like a pro. We can't win!!
  12. Dear Philly Approach

    Try this routing next time to PNE and let me know if it works for you: LDJ BALDE TK502 GRIBL PNE. File for 2000' Before you takeoff, give a heads up call to (516) 683-2849 (data number for EWR S sector for NY APPCH). Get your clearance and coordinate with them and tell them you will call back when you are number one for departure. You will know when you call if it's going to work or not. I've found offering options to them helpful and words like "I am able to stay below the bravo to BALDE" is what they want to hear.
  13. JPI EDM 900 Relocation

    I heard you come out of Brandywine yesterday with Philly and wanted to give a fellow mooneyspacer a shout out but thought better of it How did the new 900 location work?
  14. Dear Philly Approach

    Always includes Modena!! Ugggh
  15. Dear Philly Approach

    If weather is good enough to get to about 3000' VFR, I don't see any issue with that plan. I would file like you normally do and then when you check in with Reading approach tell them you would like to pick up your IFR, where you're at (just west of BUNTS for example), from what what airport you departed from, and where you're going. You'll have to wait a few minutes while they pull it up. Hence the 3000 foot ceiling you will want since they will probably have to coordinate a little more than just a local APPCH. I literally just did the local version yesterday. I was VFR from Teterboro to Lancaster and right around the west side of Pottstown I could see the weather ahead dropped down pretty low. I had an IFR in the can ready to go so I called up Reading, got the climb clearance before I even slowed down and ended up on a vector for LNS. Seamless. I'm not a fan departing VFR knowing I 'need' IFR without a backup. So another option is N57 VFR to PADRE and picking it up with Harrisburg. Reason is sometimes you're through Reading so quick that its just easier to go straight to MDT for the clearance. To do that you need to be in their airspace and PADRE does that for you. At the end of the day It's not much fun scooting along at 1500' knowing a 2500' MVA is coming up so I sometimes just have to get the clearance on the ground and accept the wrongway routing for a bit. Holler when you get your plane back together, would love to check it out.