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  1. Get a hold of these guys: Aircraft ownership solutions They are right there in Kokomo and will probably take it off your hands if you're looking for a fast sale.
  2. Try to determine where/who he bought it from and strike up a conversation there. That may tell you all you need to know and put any concerns you may have at ease. Flipping planes is not as uncommon as you might think and there is usually nothing nefarious about it.
  3. Here's some irony for you. I needed a clearance yesterday to get into the outer ring of the Trump TFRs. I called Philadelphia clearance delivery and they told me to takeoff VFR and call them on 123.8. Called them in the air and got my clearance straight away. He was busier than normal but rattled it off like a pro. We can't win!!
  4. Try this routing next time to PNE and let me know if it works for you: LDJ BALDE TK502 GRIBL PNE. File for 2000' Before you takeoff, give a heads up call to (516) 683-2849 (data number for EWR S sector for NY APPCH). Get your clearance and coordinate with them and tell them you will call back when you are number one for departure. You will know when you call if it's going to work or not. I've found offering options to them helpful and words like "I am able to stay below the bravo to BALDE" is what they want to hear.
  5. I heard you come out of Brandywine yesterday with Philly and wanted to give a fellow mooneyspacer a shout out but thought better of it How did the new 900 location work?
  6. Always includes Modena!! Ugggh
  7. If weather is good enough to get to about 3000' VFR, I don't see any issue with that plan. I would file like you normally do and then when you check in with Reading approach tell them you would like to pick up your IFR, where you're at (just west of BUNTS for example), from what what airport you departed from, and where you're going. You'll have to wait a few minutes while they pull it up. Hence the 3000 foot ceiling you will want since they will probably have to coordinate a little more than just a local APPCH. I literally just did the local version yesterday. I was VFR from Teterboro to Lancaster and right around the west side of Pottstown I could see the weather ahead dropped down pretty low. I had an IFR in the can ready to go so I called up Reading, got the climb clearance before I even slowed down and ended up on a vector for LNS. Seamless. I'm not a fan departing VFR knowing I 'need' IFR without a backup. So another option is N57 VFR to PADRE and picking it up with Harrisburg. Reason is sometimes you're through Reading so quick that its just easier to go straight to MDT for the clearance. To do that you need to be in their airspace and PADRE does that for you. At the end of the day It's not much fun scooting along at 1500' knowing a 2500' MVA is coming up so I sometimes just have to get the clearance on the ground and accept the wrongway routing for a bit. Holler when you get your plane back together, would love to check it out.
  8. I've seen them do that with float planes. Pretty neat!!
  9. I'm on their email list and usually get a day or two heads up before it's posted online. That was the case with this one. They already had a buyer before I had a chance to even go through the logs.
  10. I'm pretty sure they sold that one. It came off their website a few weeks back after showing 'pending sale' and is no longer on any of the other sale sites. The logs showed low recent flight times but a long history of maintenance at a reputable PA based MSC.
  11. Nice work. I'm always impressed when someone can improve upon an already clean panel. I'm sure the spontaneity of the job made it even better for you. Nice shot of the GW bridge btw.
  12. Trac cab is what they called it. I couldn't remember what it was. Thanks. Can't say I've heard of any others around to be honest. Most every tower in our area has debrite feed from a nearby TRACON. I'm always learning so I appreciate your perspective.
  13. No, they don't. Even if that facility provides the radar service the radar room is not in the tower cab. It's down below. Further illustrating my point that the information spread around here is dubious at best. Stopped in at RDG this afternoon for dinner. Highly recommend the wings at the terminal if you ever have a chance. I had the standard hot, but my partner had a mix of the garlic and old bay. Nice place for a quick bite or even to spend some time lounging around watching things fly. It was packed with locals so that's always a good sign for an airport restaurant. I thought since we were there we should head over to the tower to make sure I'm not completely messed up with how they are set up. Everyone was new since the last time I was in ten years ago but everyone was super friendly and nice just like I remembered. We were there right after shift change so we had plenty of folks eager to show us around. I learned a couple of things. One, they are busier than Harrisburg as measured by the number of operations. That surprised me since MDT has a TRSA. That is indeed the reason they have been able to save that approach control position over the years. Second, the approach control position in the tower came about because of a CFIT accident back in the 70's. Apparently a plane was being vectored in weather, but because of the 'bowl' that RDG sits in, radar contact was lost at a critical time and the plane hit the mountain (hill to you westerners). As a result, radar was added. The bowl of terrain is pretty much the outline of the airspace listed previously in this post. The last little piece of trivia we learned was that in order to not require an elevator, the tower's staircase was built with one less step than the maximum allowed by elevator law. I'll have to look that one up because she might have been pulling my leg. For some reason they couldn't explain, I assume since radar was added after the tower was built, Approach and Local do sit/stand next to each other. One usually handles just the approach freq and the other does both tower and ground. For our visit, they had a trainee doing ground and running clearance strips. The goal is for everyone to be fully qualified on all of the positions. They said it helps with scheduling. Hopefully this adds some value to our discussion, but keep in mind, I'm just a pilot, not an air traffic controller. Caption: Shift change at RDG tower. APPCH on the left ground and local on the right.
  14. Thanks for the link. Not to sound cliche, but pictures are worth a thousand words.
  15. That's a nice chart. Where would the "red box" fall on it that M Busch talks about? Is it between the 50 rich and 50 lean or does it change with % hp?