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  1. Us helicopter guys start to shake when we get above 2000' AGL.
  2. Can't say we're not looking out for you (or at least tying to spend your money ).
  3. Sorry Dan - You beat me to it lol.
  4. A 1978 J with all of your requirements just showed up in the for sale section.
  5. I have been an indirect customer of theirs for years and am always impressed by what they can do. No step lettering would be easy for them.
  6. Check out Savvy Aviation for pre buy help. It's a great service for us remote buyers. They explain it better on the website than I can. Well worth the cost. Here's a video that highlights their philosophy. Savvy Pre Buy Video. It's a snoozer but the premise is good. Jeff
  7. Great point Andy!! $180K worth of fixed annual costs can give you a pretty healthy charter budget.
  8. I'm actually from and live in Lancaster, PA (Lititz to be exact) and fly out of TTN. I have family in the Manasquan area so I spend a lot of time in Jersey. I fly/manage a couple of corporate helicopters for a small company here in the Northeast and work 'part-time' flying for the army guard in PA.
  9. First mooneyspace post. Thought I would jump in on this since I do this for a living, albeit with helicopters. The first thing I always ask is how much do you plan to fly? There are a few broad numbers used when trying to determine if owning is even a good idea for business use as you describe. I like to use 75 hrs per year as a bench mark. Anything less than 75 and you are better off chartering (pick any aircraft/company). 75-200 hours/yr and you start to look at a fractional or membership model of ownership. Think NetJets or WheelsUp. Anything north of 200 hours per year and ownership begins to look like a realistic option. Before doing anything, I would test out a few of your trips via a local charter company to get an idea of what aircraft combo works best for you and your partners. You can't go wrong with a Pilatus or TBM on the short hops you are talking about. Sometimes the flying part is better left up to someone else when it is being done for a business outside of your own so don't be surprised if ownership isn't right for you guys after all. This is where your own pilot back ground and an accountant can help out. NBAA is a great resource and if you haven't found it already, their Operating and Leasing Guide is a great place to start. Part 91 aircraft working for multiple firms gets a little tricky and articles on the NBAA website should help clear up any definition and regulatory issues. The accountant or CFO will let you know what makes the most sense on the finance side. At the end of the day the aircraft is just a tool designed to generate revenue for your firm/s. Jeff