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  1. Frozen Flying

    WTB Comant CI 156 Antenna

    Well I bought a CI-196 for a good price so I'm not looking anymore.
  2. Frozen Flying

    WTB Comant CI 156 Antenna

    Thanks guys.
  3. My old "7" Shaped antenna has failed and I can't seem to find any new ones. Anyone have one for sale? If I can't get one used, I'll probably look for a CI 196. Thanks! Ben
  4. Frozen Flying

    RPM - not getting 2700 reliably

    The prop is an HC-C2YK-1BF with the B hub. Last overhaul 2011. The prop governor was overhauled in Jan 2017. I just got off the phone with the shop that overhauled it but their expert is out for the holiday. I have tried cycling the RPM a few hundred but it doesn't change the top end. I don't cruise at 2700. Usually 2500-2550. In flight from the screen shot I left the prop control full forward to see what it would do (it slowly came back from 2695 to ~2600). I'm suspecting the max RPM set screw and the post that it contacts might be out of alignment or there might be some lateral slop allowing the two to occasionally miss direct contact. I'm going to have a look at it with a camera while we move the control and see if there is a case where the contact isn't full or direct.
  5. Frozen Flying

    RPM - not getting 2700 reliably

    The prop control does hit the stop before the knob is all the way in and I wondered if it was slipping, but I still can't explain why it will sometimes briefly get 2700 RPM during a flight then slowly back off to 2600 or so as the flight progresses. Here's a screen shot of an example where it started at about 2695 RPM and slowly went down to 2610 with the prop control knob fixed:
  6. I've had kind of an ongoing problem with my M20E where it doesn't give the full 2700 RPM with the prop control full forward. I'm scratching my head over this since it's been in the shop twice for it and it seems to be hard to pin down. Here's the story: I noticed for a while that the RPM on takeoff, climb and cruise would never go any higher than about 2600. I check with an optical tach and it agreed. I had the airplane in a shop for other work and had them look into the RPM issue. They adjusted the set screw on the governor control. I flew the airplane and for a couple flights it made 2700 RPM. On a subsequent flight it made 2600 initially but at cruise it eventually crept up to 2700 with the prop control full forward. At this point I took the airplane to another shop and described the symptoms. They ended up pulling the governor and sending it for overhaul (It's the original H-1 Hartzell). I probably should have just put a new governor on it because it would have been about the same price, but I didn't. Now the airplane got full RPM again for a few flights, but then it was back to 2600. Fast forward 9 months: Now the RPM normally is steady around 2600 with the prop control full forward, but every now and then I will get 2700 out of it for a minute or so. I have a JPI 900 now, so I think the RPM reading is accurate. Cruise speed is normal (145-150 knots) and the RPM does not change with airspeed. It seems to be governed at 2600 RPM most of the time. I checked the prop control linkage and it is all tight with no slippage and the arm moves all the way to the stop. The set screw is securely safety wired as well and I can detect no interference. The only loose correlation I can find for why I sometimes get 2700 but usually not is that if I see 2700 it is usually on the 2nd flight of the day after a fuel stop. Could be total coincidence so don't read too much into that. I'm at a loss for what to look into next. Once again the engine seems to make full power, the RPM is independent of airspeed and the inflight mag check is good. Just inconsistent and usually low top RPM. Any ideas?
  7. Frozen Flying

    Recommend me a new insurance broker

    Any experience getting coverage for Mooneys based on grass strips? I have to switch brokers due to moving out of state and they told me it can be a little more difficult with a grass runway at home base. Currently coverage is with Starr.
  8. Sorry, Not Mooney Mike. You can call me Mooney Ben though.
  9. I just put an EDM 900, Garmin G5 and CiES senders in my 1966 M20E and I have some extra parts leftover that I'm selling. The prices include ground shipping within the USA from Huntsville AL area. ***SOLD***EI UBG-16 ***SOLD***EI FP-5L ***SOLD***Garwin Cluster Gauges P/N 22-169-07-A $300- Cluster gauges with harness. Oil temp probe, CHT probe, shunt and original fuel float senders available on request as well. The fuel levels were jumpy in some positions, but unknown if it was sender or gauge. Otherwise the cluster gauge worked fine when removed. Misc parts - Now asking $200 for all of them together: *Mitchell Tachometer P/N D1-112-5025 - Tach worked fine when removed. Can include tach cable if needed. *Manifold Pressure / Fuel Pressure gauge P/N22-469-01-A - Worked fine when removed. *Attitude Gyro P/N 23-501-06 - Tumbles and needs O/H. *Brittain Pilot Valves - 2 Brittain pilot valves. Unknown condition. Here are some pictures:
  10. By the way I read some posts by someone from Avidyne on the Avidyne forum that said they were working on getting the IFD 440/540 to work with the G5.
  11. Frozen Flying

    67F my landing technique as a student pilot

    2 cents on the CFI thing... I’m a former Navy carrier instructor pilot, airline pilot and newish Mooney flier with a CFI certificate. I wouldn’t feel comfortable offering to train others for hire in a Mooney without some dedicated transition training and a good deal more experience in type. Especially not at the primary training level, which it sounds like you are at. Unless that CFI is willing to first learn to fly a Mooney himself before teaching in it, I wouldn’t be too keen to fly with him. High time jet pilots get into more than their share of trouble flying light pistons. If their was a personality conflict in addition to the CFI not being familiar with the airplane, that would seal the deal. I would hope to never let myself pay money to fly with someone who stresses me out or takes away the fun of learning to fly.