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  1. My E model max gross weight is 2575 so it would work. I heard something about the FAA administrator a couple Oshkosh’s ago saying there would be a primary non commercial category soon... Didn’t know it already existed. So what’s the holdup? Why aren’t people doing this?
  2. Does anyone know where the data plate is supposed to be on the Lycoming IO-360-A1A? I think I might be missing mine... there is a rectangular set of holes on the right side of the sump that looks like where it might have been. Sounds like a bigtime paperwork hassle to get a new one.
  3. I am always paranoid about this and more so now. I'm trying to think of the best way to handle it from a habit pattern perspective. It would be nice if there was a way to install a buzzer that would go off anytime either mag is not off and the master switch is off, or better yet if the mags aren't off and the engine is not running. I think I might make a little lockout pin with a flag that goes across the bottom of the switches after shutdown as a mechanical safety measure and a shutdown habit item similar to putting the key on the dash.
  4. I printed the placards in clear weatherproof labels then clear coat.
  5. We got our surefly installed recently. The Bendix ignition switch has been replaced with the EA-15000 switch panel, which is the one for two magnetos (surefly is controlled like a magneto). The wife prefers push to start without the gymnastics of the old Bendix key switch and I want to encourage her aviation habit by making startup not require three hands.
  6. We considered the caravan, but honestly Fisk is so much fun. The wife thought it was the best thing ever last year. Idiots in airplanes as far as the eye can see. All converging on one place. Who will it be that gets to rock their wings and who will be sent back to try again?
  7. That guy has some other videos that make him look maybe a little bit toolish... For example: and:
  8. G5 in certified applications can only connect to one nav unit. It is a limitation of the STC from what I remember with my installation. I believe the experimental installations can connect to two though. Maybe with enough feedback Garmin would change this.
  9. The guy at the Powerflow booth at Sun N Fun showed me a chart of a J model before and after and said LASAR can back up the claims of performance gains... I was skeptical since I’d heard from multiple sources it was not too much of an improvement on the IO-360 vs the O-360. I didn’t talk to LASAR since I wasn’t really interested, just trying to escape from the PFS sales pitch.
  10. For those that have been there before what are the pro/cons of vintage vs GA camping at S&F? We are probably going to be there wed-thurs.
  11. Well here is my sad attempt at a video. See you at Oshkosh. 6388CADE-543C-40F7-A77D-6A39897BC1EF.MOV
  12. I did the electric step conversion on my E. Was pretty easy to do and works well.
  13. If I get my airplane back up and running by then probably we’ll come. It’s like a 5 minute flight from the farm.