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  1. Jealous in a very good way, enjoy and keep the MS world posted!
  2. Same as the Ferrari I drove last year, still a shell of a sports car. No connection, no driving, don’t even need to listen to the car. It doesn’t talk, it does what someone programmed the ECU to do. Traction control, no clutch, speed adaptive steering, etc., etc. What’s the point in driving it? Should a race team call and desire to pay me money to win with their car, I imagine I’d be very happy with the technology advancement. Especially if my new salary is based on winning races. Until then, a Corvette without a clutch and a stick may as well be a Chevette.
  3. The C7 had almost convinced me, and the C8 had officially been the first to make me a new Vette guy. But if this is true? A minivan with auto-opening doors is cooler than a Corvette without a clutch and a stick. Same for Ferrari; drove one in Florence last summer. Still sounds like a Ferrari, but...an automatic? Just get a Kia.
  4. Bragging. I get Idaho for one night then back to Florida. Oh. Goodie. (P.S. Colorado trips all next month! )
  5. USAF 1995-2018; aircraft maintenance, then enlisted aircrew, retired from F-15 test. They ran out of jobs, so I left. I miss the jet, always will. 757 isn’t cutting it, so I now need a Mooney, a super decathlon, and a carbon cub on floats.
  6. I don't have one good reason to counter that. Especially looking at the math of upgrading what may be missing from my "perfect" equipment list. Here's a C, and I'll really show my ignorance. Engine: 32 since a top overhaul with ~1300 SMOH. is the TOH a generally good sign or bad? It depends? Avionics: has the baseline goodies, but a shotgun panel. I haven't ever actually asked the question - is a panel update (placement; maintaining instruments) closer to an updated transponder cost or more like a WAAS GPS install? Additionally: from my understanding some of the non-WAAS Garmin units are upgradable and some are not - true statement? http://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=MOONEY&model=M20C&listing_id=2226877&s-type=aircraft
  7. Wow - thanks to all! Trend data is usually good, and everyone having the same thoughts is reassuring. The top of my personal list includes the frequency of use post overhaul, corrosions, etc. - but thanks for the point outs on the specifics on SB-208 and the laundry list of "look for's" along with the overhaul. On the GPS discussion - in my mind it's a definite want and borders on need, but that depends. If it was an aircraft with zero corrosion issues, solid engine/airframe that has been used frequently and has an IFR usable panel...it might still be the right one. I'd prefer not to soak up the purchase and installation cost of a WAAS solution, but better in my opinion than soaking up costs from neglect or lack of use that are "hidden." I was thinking the asking was a little high as well, for the exact reasons mentioned here (assuming all is as it seems with the items mentioned above.) Vref has it in the mid-to-high $40k range with listed equipment - do you guys find the market pretty well follows those values?
  8. Indeed! We took a look at the Zenith and the little mini-rocket ship they build as well. Not my market (yet) but $25k for a full composite kit seems pretty good. That would be awesome - the C is definitely under consideration; most of my flying is the wife and I. Well, and the dog, but he doesn't really need legroom.
  9. Still very green in the search; enough that when I look at ads and see a laundry list of avionics I don't know if that means unusably old or great! It *seems* to be along the lines of what I'm looking for....anything stand out to the Mooney guru as bad news? http://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/1456827/1967-mooney-m20e-super-21
  10. See, everyone?! I'll take my football in Tuscaloosa, but my well being down to my soul is probably in Idaho. Thanks for the reminder! I was just in the garage staring at my skis.
  11. All good - I just don't wear enough fluorescent glitter to be a Duck fan! Many thanks! I imagine we'll be back - but I don't think I can live without a place to get away to in Idaho/Montana/Oregon/etc. *That* kind of snow is just a hoot - I imagine the WV snow season is a little harsh/wet! Bottom line...there's a lot of travel in the future and measuring the speed in knots sounds much more appealing!
  12. Whooooooa whoa WHOA! I'm from Alabama - just moving back out to Oregon! It was definitely a good day, can't say thanks enough for the ride-along, kpaul! Safe travels!
  13. I give up? Though fun at my day job, these photos in no way imply I approve of flying a Mooney sideways nor inverted.
  14. A week or so into joining MS...and my week has had 6 months worth of new guy research answered; offers of contacts nearby; a solid half hour plus phone call with answers to questions I didn't even know I had from dmjones; and fellow USAF dude kpaul offer up a day right before he leaves on a deployment to let me tag along on a 2hr out &a back to a fly in for my first Mooney ride in his beautiful F model. Needless to say, I'm a fan. Thanks to all so far. As soon as someone lets me I'm on the secret as to why they show up inverted, I'll post some pictures! Cheers