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  1. Apologies for the necropost - but I could use an electronic copy for a 1965 M20C Owners Manual. Anyone have an eCopy?
  2. Drumstick

    Ra-Jay Turbochargers

    I think the biggest problem most of us have is the orphaned STC for new installations.
  3. Drumstick

    Pulling Prop Through

    Oil fouling and black oil but good compressions is likely a worn ring issue. On a high time C model its likely that it ran a bit "hot" over its 1800 hours but that is just guessing. I have an email from Mike Busch saying that this condition is not really a major issue other than its a pain in the butt and you always risk having plugs not clearing if they get oil soaked. The lycoming run up procedure should be followed: https://www.lycoming.com/sites/default/files/Magneto Drop-Off.pdf Leaning the motor slightly during this run up seems to increase the EGT enough where it burns some of the oil off. The fix for the oily plugs is to have new rings installed or new/overhauled cylinders. Another symptom you may see is that you are blowing lots of oil out of the breather since you are pressurizing the case due to blow by. You may also have a stuck ring or two and these can be freed with a solvent ring wash...your A&P should know how to do this as well. I'm not an A&P.
  4. Drumstick

    Pulling Prop Through

    #3 cylinder fouled due to lead fouling or oil? Lead fouling can be somewhat prevented with the AGGRESSIVE leaning on deck. Oil fouling is a different problem. What were the condition of the spark plugs when you pulled them out to replace them? Clean and dry or oily? Does your oil get black quickly after an oil change?
  5. Drumstick

    S-Tec GPSS Switch ST-901 $700

    Anyone here every done this work and have an estimated cost?
  6. Drumstick

    S-Tec GPSS Switch ST-901 $700

    Is this compatible with any STEC 30 or does it require a specific HSI etc?
  7. Drumstick


    What are your fuel flows at those settings?
  8. Drumstick

    Cessna Forums

    Mooneyspace has been priceless and I know there is Beechtalk but is there a strong Cessna forum?
  9. Drumstick

    Superior vs Lycoming Rings

    Thanks - that is what I suspected but as a relative noob I needed to get confirmation.
  10. Spruce has Superior Ring Sets for just over $60. The Lycoming rings are about $60 for each ring or just under $200 for a set. Is there a world of difference between these products that make the price gap so wide?
  11. Drumstick

    New Glass

    About how many AMUs in labor to install glass and where located?
  12. Can the conversion/upgrade from the early GB to LB motor be done during a field overhaul or does it require a factory overhaul? Would an intercooler make this conversion unnecessary?
  13. Drumstick

    Gear Overhaul

    “Loose and sloppy” are not typical descriptions of mooney ground handling problems. Typical is “shimmy” and worse is “unstable/unpredictable”. Nose shimmy can be corrected with various new parts but I suspect what has happened is that the nosewheel geometry has been changed with the new gear pucks. Read Don Maxwells 8 second ride article. The nosewheel steering inputs should be linear and predictable. If you get the sensation that a rudder input is giving you more turn rate than expected and you need to counter correct with equal/greater opposite rudder pedal than this is the likely culprit. Another analogy is if you feel like a seal balancing on a beach ball while taxiing. What is causing this is the axle is now in front of the steering pivot point. Read the article/ look up the Bulletin and any shop should be able to correct this deficiency. If you encounter shimmying that will need the oversized bushings and LASAR parts but make sure you are attacking the correct problem first. This is how I learned about it...
  14. Recently I have seen some interesting insurance quotes. My M20C rates dropped to around 600. However, my friend with a Bonanza just had rates increase by 50%. I was also given a quote on a T210 that was unexpectedly high (3500). Anyone else have funny quotes come back from AOPA?