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  1. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    Who has this? Is it IO-360 specific or does the STC also work on an O-360?
  2. brittain servos

    I got a email from them last week that they have a waiting list for customers in need of the step servo. $180'overhaul cost.
  3. brittain servos

    Not yet.
  4. Ordered everything for a Stratux build

    I have not heard of pairing a portable ADS-B "in" with an installed ADS-B "out". Your KT74 should be configured to tell the ground stations to transmit a TIS-B traffic "hockey puck" but there is nothing that needs to be done between your stratux and KT74 as far as I know. I built my own stratux and it works great - I'm not ADS-B out compliant yet... http://ipadpilotnews.com/2016/01/ads-b-traffic-101-2/
  5. Carpet Vendors

    I'm trying to get replacement carpet for my M20C and at this time just trying to build up a list of vendors. I'm familiar with AIRTEX but have heard mixed reports on quality. Plane Plastics was recommended but doesn't offer kits for my year. SCS seems pricey but I haven't heard anything bad. Any others?
  6. Engine mounts

    Just did these on my 65 M20C. Its a two person job and typically takes 2-3 hours. I provided labor to assist my mechanic and was there a full day working on various gripes and he charged me 1/2 day of labor. You might want to consider waiting until the cowl mod is done as shimming the motor afterward may be required and probably easier to do at the same time.
  7. Step Retract Bellows M20C

    Straight from Brittain: Thank you for contacting us in regards to your Mooney retractable step servo. We currently have a backlog on repair/replacement of the servo due to a tooling issue on that piece of rubber. We are very close to resolution of the problem and would ask for your patience while we work it out. I have added our name to our backlog and as soon as we have acceptable articles from our vendor I will get in touch with you and have you send your step servo over for repair as needed. We estimate this cost around $180.00 and hope to have this tooling issue resolved by months end. If we may be of assistance to you in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact us again. Best regards, Cecilia Henderson Manager, BRITTAIN INDUSTRIES, INC. (918)836-7701
  8. Step Retract Bellows M20C

    Thanks! Anyone have a source for replacement parts?
  9. Does anyone know if Brittain has bellows for a 1965 M20C retractable step. I read a few threads that are a couple years old that mentioned they were having problems with that particular part. I noticed today that I did not hear the unmistakeable "thunk" when I shut my motor off. Investigation revealed a 2-3 inch split on the bottom of the bellows by the pulley wheel. I did a quick repair with 3M electrical tape but it doesn't appear to be working and I can't find a volunteer to stick their head out the baggage door while flying to check on the step... I'll call Brittain on Monday but often times Mooneyspace can get the answer a bit faster...
  10. New Starter - Advice needed

    I had a 149-HT and the case was found broken during annual. It was replaced with a 149-NL. The NL is prettier but the HT spins the prop faster. Hopefully the new one will last longer than 4 years. The HT was operating just fine even though broken and was installed 4 years prior to my buying the plane.
  11. Not even close to a fighter but definitely more challenging than a 172! In many ways, the modern fighters are actually easier to fly because of all the control augmentation. They have to be made easy to fly so the pilot can manage the weapon systems. I find managing an engine with a fixed pitch prop, throttle and mixture much more tedious than any turbine aircraft I have ever flown.
  12. She will descend or slow down but not both at the same time.
  13. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    If the keys are missing - what about the logbooks? Think long and hard about aircraft ownership unless you have disposable income and lots of it. So calculate your expected costs and then double them! Define your mission and requirements. If you are sinking money into a non-flying plane then you are spending money and not actually doing any flying - meanwhile spending money to insure it and just do preventative maintenance - not restorative work! Once it starts flying - the money to restore will decrease as its more fun to fly than work on a plane! Second thought - you will have a major financial liability on your hands. A non flying plane is very very very hard to sell unless its dirt cheap. My bank won't even consider a loan unless the aircraft passes a PPI and has a current annual and registered. Finding a lender may be hard so you might have to buy this airplane with cash. You will also need CASH to pay the taxes on the purchase...that is unavoidable and you can't finance that part like you can on a car. Expect a 20% down payment plus an additional 7-10% for taxes. Include 1-2K for PPI. Additionally 3-5K minimum just to address all the rubber items on the aircraft that will have dry rotted and need replaced. All this and you may get to first flight - IF the motor checks out. I would not expect to fly it more than 100 hrs after that before it starts making metal. Bottom line - an aircraft is a luxury item. I waited 23 years and even though I can "afford" a Bravo or 252 - I settled with an M20C because it fit my financial risk tolerance. I don't know your financial situation but unless you have fully funded plan in place to retire at 55-60 - I would skip buying at this time. There will be other Mooneys to be had. I'll admit that I'm being the negative nancy...but I've been in the business of trying to keep young people from making stupid mistakes for a long time...