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  1. I’m ready to sell now. Just not available to show the plane and my schedule hasn’t allowed the time to fly it to a broker.
  2. I’ll send you a quick note on specs. I don’t want this thread to turn into a for sale posting.
  3. I've spoken with Jimmy and he will likely be helping me out after he returns from vacation. I was just curious to see if people had personal experiences and how much time it takes to go through the process without a broker.
  4. I am moving from the east coast to Colorado, taking a new job and will be selling my nicely equipped 1965 M20C. I have a question for those that have sold planes. Going with a broker - do you just drop the plane off and then only deal with the agent? AKA - does the broker deal with all the tire kickers? How does the paperwork get handled if the title is held by a bank? For those that have sold their planes using this site, barnstormers or Facebook, how much time did it take to deal with inquiries etc? The broker fee represents nearly 10% of my likely asking price and I was
  5. I "no kidding" made the same mistake this week and had to do a google search to figure out what I did wrong. I followed this link the 2nd time - filled in the same info and got the GAIRS report. https://adsbrebate.faa.gov/PAPRRequest.aspx If it is just an IT issue...hopefully you won't have to wait for govt funding...
  6. You need to request the report via the rebate site and not the public report site. Form is the same but it’s the only way to get the rebate incentive. I made the same mistake. Edited to add that I did t read your 2nd post.
  7. If there airplane has been sitting - anything and everything on it is subject to needing replacement. STEC autopilots are notoriously expensive to have repaired. If you go forward with a pre-buy - make sure it is not just for the high dollar airworthiness items but verifies the operational condition of things like the nav/comm and the autopilot. I don't know how much individual servos cost...but they are in the thousands... Having watched a friend recently go through the process of buying a "barn find" - it hasn't been cheap. Trade a plane isn't working for me either but if you fo
  8. Its on the top of page 20 of the User and Installation manual. Step #5.
  9. TSO Installation Manual Intallation and User Guide So the difference between the manuals is that one suggests that the mounting screws is sufficient for grounding (even though they are isolated by washers) and the TSO Installation Manual (stamped "approved") does not have that language contained. These manuals are both linked from the manufacturer website.
  10. The original draft installation manual and user guide on the website stated that the grounding wire may not be necessary. On the TSO approved Installation Manual it appears that the grounding wire must be secured. I confirmed with the company via email that attachment of the grounding wire is necessary. Just trying to figure out where the A&P should attach it. The access panel on that part of the wing doesn't really allow access to the wingtip.
  11. The existing wingtip light grounds to the frame - there is no grounding wire. For others that have installed this device - where/how did you add a grounding wire to complete the installation of the skybeacon? Has anyone run an extra wire yet to power the strobe? Edited to add - an A&P will be installing mine but just wondering how much time to estimate for installing an extra grounding wire etc.
  12. Just FYI - My November order was just shipped.
  13. I would say the custom plugs are not expensive at all relative to the quality of the product. They are basically made to fit your plane, have N-number attached and are very durable. It takes nearly 2 months from the time you order them til delivery. They will also ask for pictures after your order to verify the pattern they need to make.
  14. I was curious because I'm thinking about the sky beacon now and then getting the other wing tip when uavionix releases it. Has anyone installed the SkyBeacon on an M20C yet?
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