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  1. Cessna Forums

    Mooneyspace has been priceless and I know there is Beechtalk but is there a strong Cessna forum?
  2. Superior vs Lycoming Rings

    Thanks - that is what I suspected but as a relative noob I needed to get confirmation.
  3. Spruce has Superior Ring Sets for just over $60. The Lycoming rings are about $60 for each ring or just under $200 for a set. Is there a world of difference between these products that make the price gap so wide?
  4. New Glass

    About how many AMUs in labor to install glass and where located?
  5. Can the conversion/upgrade from the early GB to LB motor be done during a field overhaul or does it require a factory overhaul? Would an intercooler make this conversion unnecessary?
  6. Gear Overhaul

    “Loose and sloppy” are not typical descriptions of mooney ground handling problems. Typical is “shimmy” and worse is “unstable/unpredictable”. Nose shimmy can be corrected with various new parts but I suspect what has happened is that the nosewheel geometry has been changed with the new gear pucks. Read Don Maxwells 8 second ride article. The nosewheel steering inputs should be linear and predictable. If you get the sensation that a rudder input is giving you more turn rate than expected and you need to counter correct with equal/greater opposite rudder pedal than this is the likely culprit. Another analogy is if you feel like a seal balancing on a beach ball while taxiing. What is causing this is the axle is now in front of the steering pivot point. Read the article/ look up the Bulletin and any shop should be able to correct this deficiency. If you encounter shimmying that will need the oversized bushings and LASAR parts but make sure you are attacking the correct problem first. This is how I learned about it...
  7. Recently I have seen some interesting insurance quotes. My M20C rates dropped to around 600. However, my friend with a Bonanza just had rates increase by 50%. I was also given a quote on a T210 that was unexpectedly high (3500). Anyone else have funny quotes come back from AOPA?
  8. Career Advice

    I think its likely to see cargo and maybe corporate jets to go single piloted IFR (abandon the 12.5K rule) before airliners. 1 - There will never be a pilot shortage at a major airline. There will be a shortage of pilots willing to work for fast food wages...or even PAY to work. 2 - Civilian training is faster but not superior to military flight training. It will always be competitive to get INTO the military. The military doesn't treat their mid-grade officers well which is why there is a shortage of experienced mid-grade officer pilots. If primarily interested in flying go AirGuard first before going regular active duty. A military pilot with 1500-2000 hrs of tactical fighter time is more competitive for a job at a major airline than a regional airline pilot with 10,000 hours as a first officer. 3. 4 year degree required for American, Delta, United, Fedex, UPS and currently SWA. Alaska and Hawaiian are the only two legacy airlines that MAY hire you without a degree but you will likely be a coming from a foreign airline or ACMI carrier like Atlas to get hired. The big hiring boom will last for 10-15 years and then expect a period of stagnation. The mandatory retirement numbers are pretty staggering over the next 5-10 years. I would expect every military pilot that leaves and every CURRENT regional airline pilot to be able to eventually move to a major inside 10 years. A pilot just starting as regional first officer in the late 2020s will likely be at the regional for 10+ years and without a degree..permanently. Regional airlines understand they are a stepping stone to a major which gives them leverage to treat their pilots pretty poorly. My advice to your son if he wants to be a pro pilot. Get his certificates and hours as fast as possible and get on with a regional and expect to stay there until he completes a degree. Get a degree that he can use to pay the bills if he loses his medical. I've heard engineering pays well at the entry level. Good luck!
  9. What is wrong?

    Still writing it...keep gettin interrupted.
  10. What is wrong?

    PM sent with some info
  11. With all the recent upgrades being installed, what are projected VRef values for installed items like single or dual G5’s? AOPA has 11,800 for a GTN 750 but nothing for Avidyne etc. What is the projected value of an IFD 440 or 540? I know the usual guess is VRef is 50% of the installed cost of new but that isn’t necessarily holding true for the GTN. disclaimer - I know VRef is just a tool and not what things actually sell for...
  12. Cost of ownership "budget"

    The only costs that have matched my predictions are the fixed costs. Aka - loan/hangar. Every other expense has been exceeded as things pop up. Fuel/operating costs alone were much higher than I expected due to unforeseen ramp/landing fees. (Unexpected trip to Hilton Head included $60 landing fee and $7 fuel) Dont forget supplies/tools/iPads will exceed your estimates. Remember that the a 430 needs $500 annually to keep current and foreflight or XM cost money as well.
  13. Where do aircraft based at GA04 get fuel?...or is there fuel available at the field? Are the lights bright enough for night landings?
  14. Unfortunately this house is on the market about 10 months too early. Good luck with the move and enjoy Cumberland/Adams county! I have family in that area and fly into N94 all the time!
  15. Step Retract Bellows M20C

    Anybody heard anything new from Brittain?