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  1. Joining the Mooney club - M20C

    That looks like Rusty's M20C at W75! Rusty has done a great job taking care of my M20C. I highly recommend getting some hours and short field practice before attempting W75 on your own.
  2. Step Retract Bellows M20C

    John - I don't think I ever got your PM. I've heard the latest attempt at getting a seal made failed.
  3. Panel lights rheostat M20C 1965

    This was helpful. I'll try to squeeze under my panel tonight and take some pictures. I have every scrap of paper on this airplane back to 1965 including an original sales brochure.
  4. Panel lights rheostat M20C 1965

    I don't know what is or isn't original - the panel was redone in the early 90s. Is the current dimmer the original and just moved? What I do know is that I have the original parts manual and diagram and I can't make sense of what mine is relative to the panel. I'll try to get pics of the back of mine later.
  5. Panel lights rheostat M20C 1965

    It might be original! (Unlikely). It has several leads off the back that have been soldered to the switch. One of the leads has a pigtail that has been wired to another post on the rheostat.
  6. So it seems like every time I fly something else breaks. Today it was my panel lighting. The dimmer switch functions as an on/off and dimmer rheostat. They were fine a couple weeks ago but tonight the switch just turns the lights on and off but no dimming. Pretty sure the switch isn't original as the panel was modded years ago with post lights. Any idea of a particular part number, replacement switch or a way to troubleshoot the current rheostat?
  7. 1981 M20J Restored by Daytona Aircraft Services

    If this plane had been available 6 months ago...or if I could sell my M20C for what I paid for it...I would be all over this plane like a fat kid on a donut. No offense to fat kids or donuts intended.
  8. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    Who has this? Is it IO-360 specific or does the STC also work on an O-360?
  9. brittain servos

    I got a email from them last week that they have a waiting list for customers in need of the step servo. $180'overhaul cost.
  10. brittain servos

    Not yet.
  11. Ordered everything for a Stratux build

    I have not heard of pairing a portable ADS-B "in" with an installed ADS-B "out". Your KT74 should be configured to tell the ground stations to transmit a TIS-B traffic "hockey puck" but there is nothing that needs to be done between your stratux and KT74 as far as I know. I built my own stratux and it works great - I'm not ADS-B out compliant yet... http://ipadpilotnews.com/2016/01/ads-b-traffic-101-2/
  12. Carpet Vendors

    I'm trying to get replacement carpet for my M20C and at this time just trying to build up a list of vendors. I'm familiar with AIRTEX but have heard mixed reports on quality. Plane Plastics was recommended but doesn't offer kits for my year. SCS seems pricey but I haven't heard anything bad. Any others?
  13. Engine mounts

    Just did these on my 65 M20C. Its a two person job and typically takes 2-3 hours. I provided labor to assist my mechanic and was there a full day working on various gripes and he charged me 1/2 day of labor. You might want to consider waiting until the cowl mod is done as shimming the motor afterward may be required and probably easier to do at the same time.