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  1. Consider yourself lucky. The Tampa Bay area Hangars are rented at a Premium. I'm next to 48X which has a grass strip. I would love to get a hangar there but none are available at the moment.
  2. Tampa Bay area no apartment just the hangar
  3. My home airport has NO Indoor hangars at all, not even just a covered one. The only thing that they have is a tie down area. The funny thing is there is not a lot of airplane activity either. There are some covered options 45 mins from where I live at 875/mo which is out of my budget. I'm just coming up with a budget for when I'm ready to buy in a few years.
  4. Hello Florida Mooniacs!! Does anyone leave their Mooney outside in Florida? How bad does corrosion play a role? If leaving your airplane outside is the only option what kind of protective measures do you use? Thank You!
  5. There are some people at my home airport that keep there planes outside. I will check with them to see how there planes are holding up. Thanks!
  6. You are exactly right, thanks for that bit of information I will try them all.
  7. I have foreflight as well, amazing app. I have the trial version that will expire the end of this month. I will renew once I get my airplane.
  8. Thanks for the offer, I have plenty of airports around me KPIE, KCLW, KSPG. My friends call me Ray, I plan on being around here awhile. I seem to learn more here then on Pilots of America, I'm there under the same name.
  9. Wow! thats it? I heard different. You don't have to get your complex endorsement if you have flown Pipers and Cessnas?
  10. You are right, it will keep bugs and rodents away as well, yes I have my PPL. I did price out some hangers out of Saint Petersburg FL (KSPG) and Clearwater (KCLW) and starting was 600 per month. Yes, I can pay it but the more I do pay things like this the less airtime I'm going to have. So I will keep digging. Moving out of London? Did you have in mind what state? There are a lot of fly in communities here in Florida and I think they're pretty cool. The Brits I hang out with are avid sport fans and there are quite a few here in Florida. They are among the best sports fans in the world!
  11. Tampa is the worst throughout Florida for corrosion? Sat in a Mooney at Sun and Fun, never flown a Mooney just Cessna and Pipers I haven't owned an airplane yet and I realize it's like a marriage, a serious financial commitment. 46 Years young, Always had an interest in flying my whole life but growing up in New York was tough to realize that dream, (Not many GA airports in the city, space is limited). Moved all around the United States, (Seattle, California, Atlanta and now Florida) for work but Florida is my final destination. Not purchasing yet but I'm just kicking tires until I get some retract time, timeline to purchase is around 3-4 years. My mission is to purchase and fly throughout the Bahamas and BVI and also New York to visit family. Anything else I missed let me know. FP
  12. Hello, Never flown in a Mooney but I have been in one at Sun and Fun. (Ovation 2) Not ready to buy a bird yet, just looking at how much it's going to cost monthly and yearly. I live in the Tampa area, does anyone know what hangars and tie downs are going for these days in this area? Thank you!
  13. Oh geez not again!! First post...started something two times now....I will just shut up now...
  14. That is interesting that you get Mooney service in Texas. Is there a reason why you don't get serviced in Florida? Family is not going to let me get away this December. When you come down I will pay for fuel!