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  1. He's based at L18. I didn't know him but he keeps his Mooney in a hangar right next to his law practice that is on the field. Very sad.
  2. CRQ transient parking is at the base of the control tower which is on the south side of the runway. Like most airports, Use the Ctaf (1186) to access the gate from the outside.
  3. Thanks Mike! 3914N- just wondering, what is the useful load in your G or a typical G model? I really hadn't considered the G... probably because I haven't seen too many for sale. After looking at your post, I went back and noticed a nice looking G for sale in OK that's in my price range.
  4. Hi Mike - thank you very much for your offer of a ride. Today, I connected with Mike up in Apple Valley and we're going to fly tomorrow in his M20B. From all I've heard and read, it sounds like a short body Mooney will be fine for the family. Hopefully, tomorrow confirms this. It seems like a really great community on here. I'm sure we'll cross paths once I'm an owner. thank you you to everyone for your advice and offers! I really appreciate the help! Matt.
  5. Thank you everyone for your responses. Steve - thank you very much for the offer, I would love to take you up on it. I'm happy to meet you at your airport when you're available. Not sure where you are in the high desert but I need to head to Apple Valley for a quick work visit this week. If you're up the hill, I can plan my trip around our flight. I'm also fine swinging into Palmdale/Lancaster area if that's where you are. My work territory is from Fresno to Mexico so I find myself all over the place. I'll message you my cell number. Thank you again Matt
  6. Hi everyone - I'm a private pilot living in North San Diego. I've been flying for about 4 years but am on about a year sabbatical as I have two young kids. It's time for me to get back into flying and am ready to buy my own plane, I think an M20C, M20E or M20F would fit my mission and budget. Previously, I've rented from Plus One Flyers out of KCRQ and have flown various Cessna's and Pipers. I'll base the plane out of Fallbrook (L18) and my typical mission would be monthly trips to the grandparents in San Luis Obispo (KSBP), a few trips a year to Sacramento and possibly a trip or so a year to Casper Wyoming (KCPR). I would like to be able to make the San Luis and Sacramento trips without a fuel stop. Anyway, right now I'm deciding if a Short body Mooney would work or if I need to step up to an F. We're not big people, I'm about 5'10" and my wife is shorter. I'm around 165 pounds and the wife probably 40 pounds less. . We have a 10 month old and a 2 year old that would be part of the fun flying with us. My main concern is whether or not we'll fit in a short body Mooney. Im wondering if there's anyone with an M20C or M20E that would be willing to give me a ride? I'm more that happy to cover fuel and any drink we consume while I pick your brain afterward. I'm pretty flexible on location. I can travel to meet you anywhere between San Diego and LA as work take me up there a lot. Thank you, Matt