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  1. deltchief

    1962 manual step help

    Having some difficulty getting my manual step working good. Old cable broke I am now attempting to install new cable but I just can't get it right. Does anyone have a diagram for a 62 so I can get the adjustment correct? I have a later c model manual that just shows the vacuum operated diagram.
  2. Thanks tigers2007...that helps!
  3. It's under the belly skin below the passenger seat. Yup it's dead had it checked out.
  4. New member owner of 62 M20C. Power supply to wingtip strobes is dead. Anyone have an extra laying around for sale or any options on a reasonable conversion to LED? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the input folks. Currently I only have 2 good old bulbs rotating under red Converting over to an LED setup seems to be long overdue....
  6. This if my first post, was wondering if anyone can lend a good suggestion on replacing my old rotating beacon with an LED Strobe. Thanks,