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  1. I've had aftermarket charging wires (lightning) that only worked one way (label up or down). Took me a while to figure it out, but now I routinely plug and unplug a charger if it doesn't work, and it will usually come around...
  2. I'll echo what's already been said. When it's time, you'll know. If the pain outweighs the fear, then it's time to get the surgery. Too many years in the F-15 took a toll on my neck. It got to the point where I couldn't look at the left wing without leaning forward and bending at the waist, and my left arm was numb much of the time. I did some "due diligence" and found a good (make that great) surgeon. He fused three vertebrae and added a plate. Now, no pain and no loss of motion. I could have gone back to work in a couple of days...
  3. The family that lived in the house are close friends of ours. No word what happened yet, but their home is destroyed.
  4. I'm retired AF/ANG. Now in the airlines. Son in the Army Guard flying Blackhawks, and he needed fixed wing time. So we started looking for something, but didn't know what. After a LOT of discussion, I decided I wanted something fast enough to really go somewhere and Mooneys kept popping to the top. I eventually called Jimmy Garrison at All American, and he spent an hour on the phone with me going over different models and capabilities. We ended up finding a nice, low-time 231 that we bought through All American. I took the insurance company's advice and got about 10 hours of dual which was WELL worth it. I now wander all over the country in it and love it. Pictures are worth a thousand words. In the first photo, that's my son flying with his instructor, and me in the back...
  5. I have the new iPad mini, mounted on the yoke with the Ram Mount.
  6. After researching for a reputable avionics repair shop near me, I decided to wait until Scotty Collins at Precision Avionics could fit me in. He is backed up with work for a good reason. After hearing estimates in the thousands to fix my King KFC150, he and his guys repaired it in-house, while I waited. I couldn't recommend these guys more highly.
  7. Major victory today. I decided to wait until I could get in to see Scotty Collins, Precision Avionics, Griffin, GA. They got right into the aircraft, and spent about four hours trouble-shooting every aspect of the autopilot. After extensive digging around, one of the techs rebuilt the yoke trim switch ON SITE! Re-installed it and it worked like a charm. After hearing estimates in the "several thousands" of dollars, my bill came to $397. Total. Boom. These guys are awesome. It was worth the wait, and worth the trip down there.
  8. My autopilot's inop at the moment (long story, but it's getting fixed). Best alternative is a friend. Take someone along who can hold things straight and level while you take your eyes off of stuff. They don't have to be Chuck Yeager, they just have to be able to hold the wings level!
  9. Congratulations! I use my instrument rating ALL the time. It's much easier to start off IFR and cancel, than the other way around... Yesterday I headed up to TN to pick up a friend, and the ceiling was around 600'. Tops were only 4K. Everyone else was grounded, but not us IFR guys!
  10. If you don't already have a tug, I'd make it a tug. I finally found an old one (from this forum, thanks) and it has been great.
  11. We talked on the phone twice today. They need some more info, but it's looking like one of the servos is bad. It's possible I may just be able to send them the part. The a/p has been working fine until a few days ago, but I've always been in a hurry, so I haven't gone through all the various "diagnostic steps" to discern what's specifically wrong. When i run the self test, the thing beeps continually and the trim light stays on. There's more, so I plan on heading to the hangar on Saturday to detail the symptoms...
  12. Hmmmmm. Looks like I'm flying it to Tulsa. Unless there's another option....
  13. Looks like Epps has some issues.
  14. My wonderful KFC150 is failing the self test. I've been through the various threads here, and done some trouble shooting, as well as visiting the local avionics shop. The locals were helpful, but are NOT a King dealer and don't have the appropriate test gear to adequately diagnose the specific problem. They did let me know "it's broken"... So, I'm looking for a reputable King dealer in/around metro Atlanta. I've tried Precision Avionics in Griffin, but Scotty's so backed up, he won't even let me schedule an appointment for the next month. Epps (KPDK) sounds good over the phone, but I have no experience with them. I have spoken with Autopilot Central in Tulsa, but that's a looooong way to go for what will hopefully be an easy fix. If not, I'll head over there. Any others, or recommendations? Thanks
  15. OK, I'm gonna ask a stupid question, and probably stir this up even more, but I'm new to my Mooney and just getting to the point where I can consider this kind of stuff... I just finished my "insurance required" checkout, and while I occasionally looked at temps, I was a lot more obsessed with altitude, airspeed, etc. Now that I have a little breathing space, I've started doing some reading and research. From what I've read, it APPEARS that LOP was originally discouraged for two reasons: older aircraft only had one CHT gauge, and the cylinders weren't "tuned" so that the temps were the same in all the cylinders. So in those cases, it would have been possible to lean the one cylinder you could see, but still have the other 5 running hot. My 231 has the JP gauge, so that I can see all 6 cylinders, and I have Gami injectors, so all of my cylinders are within a few degrees of each other. That being the case, I've been able to lean it out quite a bit, and keep all the cylinders "cool enough" but also achieving a considerable reduction in fuel burn. So, I'm quickly becoming a LOP guy. Am I missing anything? Apologies for stirring this up.