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  1. I'm in Kennesaw (KRYY), but mine is about to sell. If you hurry, I might still have it.
  2. I did a lot of research (what I could find on the internet), and decided that the apparatus would stress my dog more than the lack of oxygen. Since then she's made several trips in the teens with no issues. And she's always happy to get back in the Mooney.
  3. Just a suggestion, as it's a little different everywhere: Ask around at your new field and see what everyone else does. There might be an A&P that keeps an aircraft there who can help in an emergency. I kept my Mooney at a field with no maintenance, and flew it to an adjacent field for annuals, etc. I was pretty meticulous about any tiny thing that might even LOOK like it might need attention and I would have it addressed. Ironically, I was forced to move to the field where my mechanic resides last year, and needed him for unscheduled work for the first time two days ago.
  4. I haven't been on much lately, as I didn't fly the Mooney much last year (only 37 hours). We bought it for my son to get his Commercial. Anyway, he's knocking it out, and last night I went with him as he got the last of the required night patterns. This is the sunset over Kennesaw Mountain, Ga, as we wait for actual night to start.
  5. I bought from Jimmy Garrison at All American. On that note, it's easier to move the plane to the shop, than the shop to the plane. If you have, or know of, a great pre-purchase shop, they will likely fly the aircraft there for the PPI. Of course, you'd be responsible for the costs, but it's worth it. When I purchased, I had them fly it to my mechanic at my home field, with the understanding that I'd buy it if it passed. It did, of course...
  6. I passed this along to the CFI I used to check out. He's excellent. Bill Rutkowski, based in ATL.
  7. If you have the time, go all the way to West Point. Beautiful, and worth a stop if you've never been there.
  8. Just to pile on, I've been in there well over 100 times, but all in big jets. You CAN land there, I've seen it done. BUT you'd likely be put in a holding pattern, and then stuck in a very tight spot during a break in traffic. You might hold for an hour. As an alternative (and I see you're not going there, but just for the info), there are lots of VFR folks on sight-seeing jaunts all over NYC. As long as you stay cooperative, you could easily wander up the Hudson. Stunning views.
  9. It did and I don't. Sorry about that. I do know that I have "new windows", installed by the last owner, so I'll bet they can be found somewhere on-line. I installed a new light cover for the landing lights last year, and found a lot of possible choices with only a little bit of Google searching. Best of luck finding one. EDIT: I just re-read the thread, and found this reference to a window supplier: Great Lakes Plastics . I think that's where I got my lens cover. I bet they'd be a good place to start.
  10. Along these lines, I'm sure that answers will vary, but I'd guess that different brokers cater to "different" customers. Some might find the best rates for bazillion-hour ATPs, while others might find the best rates for student pilots. Also, I'm sure the answers will be different for different model Mooneys, as replacement costs will vary. So, would it be appropriate to ask what everyone pays, along with experience and model? Or is that too personal?
  11. This is an awesome thread. It's a beautiful comparison to the "Abandoned Mooney" thread. I'm anxious to follow along and see how it goes...
  12. Seriously. Fly it or tree house!
  13. Sorry I don't have any old Mooney photos (at the moment, I'll start looking), but for years I used to fly predominantly to South America. There were always lots of derelicts down there, sitting in the tall grass. I always dreamed of getting one into my back yard and turning it into a tree house...
  14. Are you gonna make them and sell them? Or just making the one for you? I bet here's a market...