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  1. Recommend me a new insurance broker

    Along these lines, I'm sure that answers will vary, but I'd guess that different brokers cater to "different" customers. Some might find the best rates for bazillion-hour ATPs, while others might find the best rates for student pilots. Also, I'm sure the answers will be different for different model Mooneys, as replacement costs will vary. So, would it be appropriate to ask what everyone pays, along with experience and model? Or is that too personal?

    This is an awesome thread. It's a beautiful comparison to the "Abandoned Mooney" thread. I'm anxious to follow along and see how it goes...
  3. Abandoned Mooneys

    Seriously. Fly it or tree house!
  4. Abandoned Mooneys

    Sorry I don't have any old Mooney photos (at the moment, I'll start looking), but for years I used to fly predominantly to South America. There were always lots of derelicts down there, sitting in the tall grass. I always dreamed of getting one into my back yard and turning it into a tree house...
  5. Mooney specific electric tug

    Are you gonna make them and sell them? Or just making the one for you? I bet here's a market...
  6. Introductory Light Jet flight?

    Truth spoken.
  7. Introductory Light Jet flight?

    I'm thinking that most here wouldn't be willing to "jump through hoops" to get a ride. If one owns a Mooney, then most likely one already has some disposable income and wouldn't be interested in being on-call for a last minute requirement. And the company/individual I mentioned above is in business (trying to make money for himself) so he's probably not interested in having to run down guys from all over the country trying to score a ride. I gave him a call and he has a couple dozen guys near/at his home field he uses. Having said that, there ARE opportunities. I'd hit up local outfits near your home (wherever that may be) and make an offer. With a short Google search (i.e. one try) I found lots of sites like this: Good luck to all who are searching... EDIT: one more thought, I used to be a maintenance pilot, and I was able to allow passengers to ride along when I was putting an airplane back in service. See if there's a jet maintenance center near you, and you might be able to jump on one of those flights.
  8. Introductory Light Jet flight?

    I'm in Atlanta. My friend places pilots with aircraft. Most are privately owned, and they're looking for guys who have type ratings in the vacant jet. We had a layover together in Paris, and he spent most of the day on the phone trying to talk guys off of their sofas and into a cockpit. So, to get "real work" you'd need to be on-call and come when called. BUT, they do frequently need a right-seat filler, and they'll make do with most any warm body... I have no idea what they pay.
  9. Introductory Light Jet flight?

    There are quite a few charter outfits having a very difficult time finding pilots right now. Most of the young men with ATPs are heading to the airlines. So, you might actually be able to find someone who would PAY you to occasionally sit right seat, provided you have your Commercial ticket. One of my friends has a side business and its sole purpose is to round up pilots for just that purpose.
  10. I file IFR exclusively, unless I'm only doing a local in the pattern. It's a LOT easier to cancel than it is to try and pick up an IFR clearance if the weather deteriorates... I also file direct almost all the time. I let the FAA put me on a route, if they need me on a route. That way, I'm likely to get the most direct routing possible, and it avoids me choosing a route that's more convoluted than needed. Having said that, I file with Foreflight every time. I pick the route, get the briefing, check the weather, file, and go. It's easy and awesome.
  11. Donation Drive 2015

    I don't recall getting a notice, but I noticed my "supporter" label was gone. Can't have that. Just re-donated...
  12. Wing Walk Strip and Refresh

    Great article. Question to the knowledgeable: If my wing-walk is in good shape, can it just be spray painted flat black to improve the look? Or is the WD-40 method the best way to "freshen" it up? For some reason spraying WD-40 on it makes me nervous, as it seems like the lubricant would weaken the paint...
  13. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your training
  14. Today's flight for 2017

    On the way back east. More in the vacation thread.