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  1. On the way back east. More in the vacation thread.
  2. I've used a young man in the ATL area, who travels from field to field in the NW region of the city. IIRC he charged around $300 for a nice clean and wax. I'll send you a PM with his contact info.
  3. Team Chemtrail patch for the win!
  4. Done
  5. Nothing is more fun than flying with your children. Both my kids have their licenses, and one is following the same path towards commercial aviation. Best of luck to your son!
  6. This was a couple of days ago, and I made a longer post in the Vacation section, but I think this counts as "flight-seeing"... Over western Montana and northern Idaho.
  7. I don't know if they will stay in place without the bracket, but now that I have mine installed I don't really even notice them. Here's a photo of them in place. They do a great job of bringing air into the cabin on the ground. I'm sorry I didn't install them sooner.
  8. I got mine installed today. I had a "duh" moment when I looked at them and realized they're a mirror image of each other or they wouldn't scoop air. They do have a warning sticker! They work great. Glad I got them. Photos below, but I neglected to take a photo with them deployed. I'll try and get one in a few days.
  9. I know a guy who might be interested. He checked me out in my Mooney. I'll PM you his name and address. Great, knowledgeable pilot.
  10. There is a right one and a left one. From Spruce, there's a"pull-down" menu when you order. I just got mine and haven't really had a chance to look at them, but I'll take photos when i get a chance to install them. I suspect the difference is some minor, subtle change, such as the way the intake is angled... My aircraft came with windows on both sides, but as I'm discovering, that's probably a modification (thanks, previous owner!) I do have the eyeball vents, but the volume of the air through the window is MUCH greater on the ground. In Georgia, these things are going to make a huge difference. In Idaho, not so much, I think. I'm working today, flying the Mooney down to get the son tomorrow. He and I will probably get them installed when we get back. Photos to follow....
  11. I have an '84 K (231), but it has new windows. Came that way to me. Both have the drop down vent window, so I'm thinking I can put one on both sides. I just bought both the left and right-side versions, so I sure hope so! I've never noticed a difference from left to right previously, so perhaps mine are different...
  12. Why not the passenger? Do you only have one on your side?