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  1. I bought my 231 through All American. Couldn't be happier with the process...
  2. After I finished the installation, I had some routine cross-country flying to do before I would have a chance to do an "official" ADS B flight. So, I thought I'd try and see what the result was after the second flight. To my delight it PASSED! Check's in the mail! No maneuvers or special stuff. I was adjacent to the ATL Class B airspace, but that's it...
  3. IIRC, the 345 DOES have bluetooth to get WX and traffic, but it does NOT transmit info BACK to the Garmin (i.e. flightplan). I also (and don't quote me on this one) think it may not send AHRS data to the ipad, only WX and traffic... I ended up getting both, and now rarely touch my 430w. I send everything to it from the iPad.
  4. In the FWIW department, I thought I'd share some of the stuff I learned with my installation: I installed a Garmin GTX345 and a FlightStream 210 (not required for ADS B, but it makes it more useful). I had just purchased the aircraft, so it wasn't registered in my name. However, I was able to reserve a rebate, perform the installation, and make the flight, all before the FAA showed me as the owner. I just had to wait to CLAIM the rebate once the aircraft was in my name... As to the flight, I didn't do anything but fly through/near class B airspace (ATL). After the flight, I decided to have a look at the FAA website to see if that was good enough, and it was! No maneuvering or anything else out of the ordinary. One last note, if installing the 345 and the FS210, make sure the installer disconnects the Bluetooth from the 345, as the 210 becomes your Bluetooth device. I'm now able to see WX and traffic on my 430w, and it's epic in and around the pattern. Additionally, make sure the FS (if you get one) has the latest software version (2.40 or later) and you'll be able to see ADS B WX and traffic on either Foreflight or Garmin Pilot. Versions prior to 2.40 don't support those programs....
  5. 2 months, and about 10 hours!
  6. Panama City is really close for me. Can an uninvited stranger show up just to listen? :-)
  7. I've still heard nothing. It may be awhile...
  8. A lot of awesome ideas. I ordered the Redline Sidewinder on December 16th. Apparently they're WAY behind in production. I'm still considering getting an old lawn mower (and now maybe a wheelchair) to use, and then keeping whichever works best...
  9. Only qualified to learn. And this happened yesterday, near my home: I'd love to hear what happened, from the pilot.
  10. I'm late to the discussion, as I've been working. But I thought maybe I could throw in my 2 cents. Just as a point of reference, I just went over 20,000 total time, I'm type rated in the 727, L1011, 737, 757, 767, DC9/MD88, and the A319/320/321. Over 2000 hours in the F-15, 1200 in the T-37, and a master instructor in the USAF. USAF Flight Examiner, Designated FAA Examiner and Line Check Airman. I was an accident investigator for over 20 years, both military and civilian, and participated in over 2 dozen major mishaps with many fatalities. The things I know for a fact: I could have done what the OP did. NO ONE expects bad stuff to happen, and when it does, it catches you by surprise, as we all think we've planned and thought ahead. The ONE thing we've missed is the thing that happens. It takes a HUGE amount of guts to admit a mistake. I've learned more than I already knew by reading this thread. I truly respect the OP for coming on here and teaching me something. No matter how smart I am, I guarantee there is much I don't know, and more that I have to learn. Hopefully any time someone makes a mistake, they'll come on here and help me to avoid the same mistake. @carusoam Your post was extremely helpful to me, thanks for that. @kelty Good luck to you in the future, and thanks for sharing your experience. The Navy used to publish a series called "Grandpa Pettibone" wherein aviators shared their mistakes and mishaps. I think I learned as much from that as any other source. Your willingness to come on here, and do just that honors the service.
  11. Very cool. Literally AND figuratively.... Next time I head to Idaho, I may stop by. Will it fit in the baggage compartment? lol
  12. I totally get that, but there's more to the equation. My drive to KVPC is a quiet one, and only about 15 minutes longer with little or no traffic. I have my own personal hangar there, and I'm not shoved into the big one, requiring assistance to come and go. The convenience for me of being able to have a private space far exceeds the extra 15 minutes driving. The added bonus of knowing other owners, and quieter airport, were probably more convincing than the cost savings. I spend my work days at a busy airport. I like spending my off days at a peaceful one...
  13. I know I saw photos of handmade tow bars and tow vehicles, but I'm having a difficult time finding them now. I'm pretty sure @gsxrpilot made one using pipe from the hardware store. I ordered a Redline Sidewinder, but it's still not been shipped after a couple of weeks, and I rummaged around Craigslist and am finding dozens on old riding mowers for $500... So, I'm re-thinking the do-it-yourself route. Can those of you that have done this post some photos and advice? Thanks...
  14. Before buying my 231, I was set on KRYY, $500/mo in the big hangar. Expensive fuel, towered airport, 15 minutes from the house. Stumbled on KPUJ, cheap fuel, mostly deserted airport, brand new facilities, space in the big hangar for $300/mo, 35 minutes from the house. The day before I was set to sign the lease, friend of a friend called to tell me he would sublet his second hangar at KVPC, $250/mo private t-hangar with electric. Quiet airport, but lots of friends there with tools! IMHO, the hangar is worth the cost. Besides keeping the plane inside, it's great to have a place to store your stuff, so you don't have to lug everything back and forth from the house. And I've gotten to know the locals, and there's a pleasant social side as well.
  15. That's what I have. I got the 345 versus the GDL88, as I wanted to go above FL180. So far, I've been able to transfer flight plans back and forth. The GTX345 is giving me traffic on my 340W, but I'm not seeing it on the iPad. And I haven't seen ADS B weather on anything, but there hasn't been any while I've been flying...