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  1. That's what I've been told, so that's what I do. 25 for me, or as soon after that as practical. TSIO-360-LB Continental. And I've been using Shell Elite, because that's what it had in it. I only need to add a quart every 10-12 hours, so it seems to be working well. But I don't see anyone else using Exxon. Thoughts or suggestions?
  2. Add me please. Both locations, KVPC and KSZT
  3. Both my grandfather and father were military pilots. They were mostly done with flying by the time I was old enough to remember, but I saw them both as officers. With my father's encouragement, I accepted an appointment to the AF Academy, thinking I'd become a physician. Once there they quickly informed me that they weren't in the business of producing doctors. Rather than fight the system, I figured I'd go the pilot route, and maybe become a doctor later. It was quickly apparent that flying was easier and more fun... My son is following a similar path and is at Ft Rucker in UH-60 school. We bought the Mooney so that he could get fixed-wing hours. One of the most enjoyable things in my life is flying with him.
  4. I work in Atlanta, and live just outside, in Kennesaw. We migrate back and forth, but usually only fly the Mooney up in the summer. We'll be up for most of July, and at least a couple of weeks in August... KSZT. Or if you're daring, my best friend is on a grass strip, Olmstead Sky Ranch, ID25. I can't bring myself to try and land there. Too bumpy for me.
  5. Sorry I missed this when it was first posted! Awesome story. I summer in Sandpoint Idaho. If you get the flying bug this July, come see us.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Congrats on the anniversary! I was actually looking at the stuff on the walls in my office the other day, and it caught me off guard how long ago my "initial solo" certificate was dated. How time flies...
  8. In the FWIW department, I'm heading from Georgia to Idaho for the summer on or around June 30th. I wouldn't mind an overnight somewhere halfway. If someone in Kansas, Nebraska, or Wyoming wants to host, I'll stop. Or North Dakota. That works.
  9. Me four. And total agreement on finding a good Mooney instructor. Best money I spent during the entire purchase. And you have your location as "the South." If you're near Atlanta or Ft Rucker, AL, I can let you see mine when I'm making one of my repeated trips back and forth...
  10. I'm also in the "numbers" category. I'm a career military/airline pilot, and my son is following along that path. He's an Army pilot, however, and as such we needed to find a fixed wing aircraft for him in which to build hours. So, we ran the performance and cost numbers on almost everything from Barons to Super Cubs. Mooneys kept rising to the top, and so I found one to sit in, to see if I'd fit (I did, and so did my 6' 4" son), and then I hit the internet sales sites, not really knowing how they flew. Because, as you know, you can't find one to rent. Ended up buying one from All American, who delivered it locally for a PPI. It passed with "flying colors" (pardon the pun), and we both started flying it. Figuring I'd like it ok, I ended up loving it. They are awesome, smooth, fast airplanes. And built like tanks.
  11. Mine quit working a bit ago, slightly different circumstances, but it was the trim switch. For the record, I have an older M20K, but I'd bet the switches may be similar if not the same. I took it to Scotty Collins, Precision Avionics, In Griffin (6A2) and they fixed it. Cheaply...
  12. Exactly what I needed. Thanks, guys.
  13. I did a little searching, and I know I'm supposed to be pulling it and dumping gas on the ramp... But seriously, what is it really doing for me? I usually fly alone, and so haven't been catching the results. My A&P tells me to look for water beads or sediment (haven't found either). I sump each tank every leg (I have long range, so four sumps) and occasionally find a little dirt, but no water. I'm hangared full-time. So, what is the purpose of draining the gascolator? Happy to do it, I just like to know what/why I'm doing things... Sorry if this has bee discussed in here previously, but I couldn't find it. I have a 1984 K 231, if that makes a difference.
  14. When I started looking, I also had a "list of wants" but no real idea on how to get there. So, I'm also going to recommend calling Jimmy Garrison at All American Aircraft. He spent the better part of an hour with me going over the different models and variants, which helped me enormously in picking an aircraft. One of the most illuminating things he shared with me: no one selling an aircraft in this day and age (internet) is selling it in the blind. With Vref and all the various websites, everything for sale from any source is probably going to be within 5-10% of its actual value. If you see something selling for $20k less than market value, there's a reason. And the same is true if you see something selling for $20k more than average. There's a reason... Take your time and buy the seller as much as you buy the airplane. Good luck!
  15. That has GOT to be the BEST pre-landing checklist ever!