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  1. swanny

    CO Detector Discounts

    Still works on 12/26/18 - I know I am late to this party, but thank you very much for this! I heard this story for the first time today via podcast driving into the office. It lit the proverbial fire. Aero 551 is next on the list.
  2. swanny

    Oh, the pattern entry!

    See above: "F*** it, make the Citation go around". We are all well aware that being cleared for an approach is NOT priory to land. Hence circling minimums and missed approach procedures. Even if the Citation declared an emergency, approach would have given them the "squak 1200, change to advisory approved, have a nice day" speech. Nah, I find it more enticing when they are within traffic pattern distance and on separate frequencies
  3. swanny

    Oh, the pattern entry!

    I'll play devils advocate, I fly both a piston Mooney and light jet in and out of a non controlled airport with heavy student pilot activity. 99% of the time in the Phenom we load and fly approaches, it is much safer, it is established, it is a 10 miles straight in to land. Is going around or extending a downwind for 25 seconds for someone that is ultimately 40-50kts faster than you on short final really that big of deal? While we don't expect priority. Respectfully I start my radio calls 20-25 miles out, I give distance and time, which is typically 3-4 minutes to touchdown and I expect that should give plenty enough time for everyone in the pattern to visualize and adjust accordingly to their higher speed neighbors. Its a group effort these days to keep everyone safe. Single pilot op's, those type of radio calls are next to impossible to make with so much going on so quickly in the cockpit. So I don't see much wrong with either and try not to judge much unless someone is clearly trying to play the big Johnson game. In that case, F*** it make the Citation go around.
  4. swanny

    Oshkosh 2018 - Who's going?

    I'll be there at some point. I've never been to OSH or even flown into any airshow for that matter. I will probably file high and straight over the lake or If it's nice enough maybe a two ship formation with a buddy and his TBM
  5. swanny

    New Member Groups

  6. swanny

    New Member Groups

    Thanks, I plan on it. Local rentals have left me with a bit of a sore spot, so being able to get intimate with an airplane will be a welcomed change.
  7. swanny

    New Member Groups

    Hello all! Long time lurker first time poster. Fairly low time IR/SEL pilot, Insurance finally came back today so I will be starting my transition into a nicely equipped 86 M20K 252 shortly. Looking forward to picking peoples minds from time to time.