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  1. AA uses the JeppProX which is a FF platform. Even the big boys are using FF.
  2. I’m sorry. Am I missing something. This part number 880005-501 is not providing any relevant options. Is there an alternative part number? Is this perhaps an obsolete part?
  3. Can anyone tell me what EGT probe part number is required for a 1983 M20J. It has the dual indicator type OAT/EGT. Currently equipped with single probe on the #3 stack. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. Some one else had made this point. I have looked in to it and for the price difference, it makes sense. I believe JPI is offering $400 rebate on the 900.
  5. Isn’t this the same as the Stratus but wired to the AC? Monthly subscription not required for Stratus.
  6. Absolutely! I don’t plan on actual IFR untill a thorough checkout. I’ve had a chance to play with a 650 trainer and it’s fairly intuitive. Navigating around the menus and knowing the shortcuts to finding the right page will take time and hands on experience. Particularly new concepts such as LPV approaches. Fortunately down here in SFLA our weather should be prime for training in the upcoming months.
  7. Overall finally getting ADSB, and GPS W, will vastly improve the capabilities of my Moon. I’ve been flying a plain vanilla, no autopilot, no electric trim, class 1 nav airplane for the last 3 years. And its been great! Adding on the new 500 AP. will vastly expand my Moons capability. I suspect within 5 years all of our flight decks will become obsolete. I prefer buying 100LL over gadgets anyday. Heck I’ve owned the iphone since gen 1 came out and I still need my kids to show me its full potential. Over all thank you all for your imput. Always a pleasure exchanging ideas with the know crowd.
  8. All valid points gents. Thank you all for your input. I am a firm believer in redundancy. Having the ipad and Stratus is cheap insurance when Murphy shows his ugly head. Depending too much on gadgets errodes a pilot of his basic skills. Heck I still carry a paper map and a wiz wheel. I will take up the suggestion of upgrading to the 345. Swapping boxes shouldn’t be too expensive. All the other gadgets can wait. Besides in 6 months or so the 510 will become obsolete by a NEWER gadget. Avionics upgrade is a fast moving train.
  9. Donations will be gladly accepted! Lol.Serious folks whats good for some might be over kill for others.
  10. Thanks for the tip. However I currently use FF and not GP. The GTN data update feature offered by the 510 is somewhat slow and not compatible with FF. All the other 510 feautures such as SAT connection is not something I’ll ever use. I also like the backup AHRS feature offered by the 210. At $900 installed, for the 210 it was an easy choice.
  11. Normally I would be all over them about the carpets, however once the AC leaves avionics, its going in for a new interior. Those 35 year old brown shaggy floors need to go!!!! currently negotiating a 345 swap with the shop. I’ll know more on Monday.
  12. Unfortunately I got a great deal on the GTX335 and had it installed a year ago. I use my ipad and Stratus 2 for wx and traffic. I know I know the bug will eventually bite and back to the shop she’ll go. But for now the 335 will work. I am exited about the GFC500. Hopefully the STC will be out soon. I’ve put a deposit on one and secured my spot on the cue. I am installing the Flighstream 210.
  13. Well the old girl is finally in for her face lift. Dual G5s, GTN650, GTX335, and getting her ready for the GFC500. And best of all, no more vacuum!