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  1. I sent this shop a couple of emails yesterday and no response. Not sure if he's busy or failed to check his email. Will try again next week.
  2. Thank you all. Appreciate the recs. I will try to reach out to these folks.
  3. Anyone, anyone?? Bueller, Bueller.......
  4. Seeking A&P recommendations for a JPI 900 installation in my M20J. Preferably in KTMB. Willing to assist in installation.
  5. These are on the way. Not permanent, just for fun events.
  6. I plan on adding sharks teeth and eyes. Just the stick on/removable type. For special events like Sun and Fun.
  7. Yeah Hawk had to scale the scheme to fit the shorter body J, but in the end it all turned out gorgeous. I’m pretty happy with the end result.
  8. Yes it was done this time around. Much nicer look.
  9. Well after 4 months of nail biting anticipation, I finally received notice from Hawk that my J was ready to be picked up. And I must say, it was well worth the wait. Joe Dinolfo at Hawk delivered a beautiful paint job.
  10. IT turns out she's been dressed in white. Can't wait for he other colors to be applied.
  11. Thank you Mitch. I'm hoping that in the end the final product will be worth the wait.