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  1. lifendet

    Engine stutter on right tank.

    Haven't downloaded it as yet but did a short flight today switching between tanks and ultimately leaving it on right for the entire flight without any hiccup. More testing tomorrow..
  2. lifendet

    Engine stutter on right tank.

    Just got off the phone with my mechanic. I'm not convinced but his diagnosis was a spark plug was crossfiring and causing cylinder #1 to die hence the engine hiccup. He couldn't replicate fault either but he is convinced that was it. He couldn't give me a clear answer as to why it happened twice when I switched to right tank. No water was found, no fuel leak.
  3. lifendet

    Engine stutter on right tank.

    I sump before I left, Aircraft kept in Hangar, no rain last time I fueled, haven't changed fuel cap since I bought it. I usually top off after each flight but the last flight I didn't. After switching tanks I noticed the FF had spiked but eventually came back to where I had it set. My mechanic has it now. Will update on findings. I use savvy as well...
  4. lifendet

    Engine stutter on right tank.

    I didn't wait a sec longer to try boost pump. First instinct switch back to gd tank.
  5. lifendet

    CHT Gauge

    My stock CHT gauge deflects full right after my CHT on my JPI 700 increase above 300. When I'm descending and the temps on my JPI go back in the 200,s the stock CHT gauge go back in the middle. Bad gauge?
  6. On a flight last night with 1/4 fuel in right tank engine started stuttering. Switched tank and engine ran fine. Landed, inspected tank but nothing obvious so I filled up both tanks and flew again. Switched from left to right and engine stutter again. Landed and switched to right tank while on ground. Engine ran fine with no hickup. Went up to power while on right tank and no problems. I'm lost...
  7. lifendet

    JPI EDM 700

    Or I can purchase the FF option with/without transducer.... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. lifendet

    JPI EDM 700

    Can you wire your FS 450 to the EDM 700 to get FF for downloadable data?
  9. lifendet

    Cowl Flap fine adjustments

    77J, mines are either full open or closed. Tried keeping it 1-2 inch open but air flow pushes it wide open. There is a sweet spot I can get it to stay a little open in flight but no actual designed stops.
  10. lifendet

    Landing light switch

    I opted to upgrade to led with the Whelen Permetheus plus. Haven't installed it as yet but I will update on finding and switch change if necessary..
  11. lifendet

    JPI EDM 700

    I'll check tomorrow but I know I've seeing one hanging under my panel that looks the same.
  12. lifendet

    Landing light switch

    Thanks for all the info.. Is it suggested to replace the breaker also while replacing the landing light with LED?
  13. lifendet

    Landing light switch

    Guess that's my sign to upgrade to an LED light also while investigating and finding a fix. Will check wires and connection this week..
  14. Switch keeps turning off on its own after couple minutes. Unable to switch on again for a few minutes then resumes normal operation. After it shuts off on its own the switch will not stay in the on position when I try to turn it on. Any ideas? About to take a look at the wire diagram...
  15. lifendet

    JPI EDM 700

    I have the port behind my panel but I need the serial cable and download box according to JPI... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk