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  1. lifendet

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    Nice.. Sounds like a worthwhile add.
  2. lifendet

    Resurrecting a J

    Just read the entire story. As a J owner I'm happy to see her fly again. Thank you..
  3. Any idea what this connection is for?
  4. lifendet

    Garmin 430W RS-232 Error

    Took a snapshot of what I found. Saying shadin-fuel on channel 3. I do have a Fuel scan 450 hooked up but it works normal. Any ideas?
  5. lifendet

    Garmin 430W RS-232 Error

    Not to bring up an old thread but I'm having a similar pop up on my 530w since I bought the Aircraft. Not recieving input data on 232 channel #3. My question is how do I get to the config screen to see whats connected to 232 channel #3? Also Big Tex did you figure it out?
  6. Im guessing your gear retraction problem was tied into the airspeed indicator?
  7. Any specific reason for the overhaul? 960 hrs and good shape since new I wouldnt see the need to overhaul.
  8. lifendet


    Yes I do. Thks. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. lifendet


    Here is a pic.. Hope it helps.
  10. lifendet


    Anyone have there stock CHT gauge from a 77 J or compatible Aircraft they want to sell. I figured someone who upgraded to a digital engine monitor as primary is willing to sell.
  11. lifendet

    Stec 55x

    Had some time today to figure out the problem. Opened the underwing panel and found the connector for the roll servo disconnected. Guessing some ruff turbulence shook it apart. Glad I took a look instead of having a Technician charge me..
  12. lifendet

    Stec 55x

    When activated, once I notice it's not following my GPS I am able to use the yoke and control the Aircraft without disabling the modes or Autopilot. No friction whatsoever or fight against it.
  13. lifendet

    Stec 55x

    The gpss signal is direct from the 55x..
  14. lifendet

    Stec 55x

    Having trouble with my Stec 55x Autopilot in my J. Havent done any trouble shooting but all ideas are considered helpful. When in nav gpss mode or nav alone it doesnt follow my Gps flight plan anymore. It just wonders off on its own and also when I select Hdg it doesnt follow my bug either. In Alt and Vs mode it works but thats it. On start up the internal check shows no faults but it might be checking the control face itself and not the servos or maybe its just a electrical check to everything. Any ideas? Hoping my roll servo is not the fault..