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  1. Thank you all for your response. The windows themselves seem to be in good shape. I just don't want the leaks to lead to a bigger issue, which I imagine is the inevitable. Considering the time it may take to clean, assuming I don't break them during removal, it might be worth buying new ones. Thanks again for everyone's input! Ryan
  2. I have a 62 M20C where the windows doesn't have a good seal and draws some moisture in. Can I remove, clean and reinstall them or do I have to replace with new? If I can reuse them, what is the recommended seal? Can I use 3M windo-weld, Ribbon Seal? Has anyone done these without the help of a shop or A&P? Any tips? Thanks, Ryan
  3. Hello all. I recently purchased my first airplane and excited about my 1962 M20C. I am fairly short, only about 5'3" with shoes on. I know there's been threads about rudder Pedal extensions but I was wondering if there was anyone that has the 3 inch extension available to sell. It sounds like it's fairly simple to make but I would prefer one that came from Mooney with all the hardware. Thank you! Btw, I'm open to any advise to a new mooney owner too. Thanks again! Ryan