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  1. Thanks Clarence! I appreciate that. That’s very helpful information.
  2. Sorry I’ve been responding all out of order. I’m kinda new to this. I greatly appreciate all the info everyone has given so far. I suppose it would have helped if my initial post was a little more clear.
  3. Thanks Hank! Once we get a chance to convert to oil filter, I’ll definitely refer back to this for reference.
  4. Good to know. Thanks. Sounds like the oil screen is a PITA. Probably why I haven’t been able to find much guidance on oil screen system. Conversion is definitely something to consider in the future.
  5. Thanks for all the info. Any idea on what it takes and a ballpark cost to do a filter conversion?
  6. Sorry, I should have been more clear on the initial post. I have a screen. I was aware of gasket, part #61173. What about the lock washer? Any idea what that part number is?
  7. So, we’re finally getting a hangar. I would like to try and save some money by changing our own oil in our M20C. I notice there’s a handful of discussions that covers the topic but they all seem to be M20E or later that refers to oil filters. Our M20C does not have an oil filter but an oil screen instead. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. FlyRye

    Panel instruments - sale

    Is the turn coordinator still available?
  9. Hello All, What is the speed limitation of the manual retractable step in a 1962 M20C? Assuming the shop that has my Mooney now will not have the issue resolve by the time I have plans to pick her up. Additionally, I would rather have my regular A&P address the issue. Can I fly her 2-3 hours back home with the retractable step down without causing any additional issues? I have the old manual with minimal information, maybe I missed it but I did not see anything in the manual about speed limitation on retractable step. Thanks in advance, Ryan
  10. I used a label maker. Clear label with black print. Lots of design to choose from. As long as it can fit in the width of label. l I've been tinkering with my panel. I dream some day I can get them redone. For now, remove vinyl, spray paint, relabel.
  11. Has anyone installed a rudder pedal boots from Aero Comfort? I have recently ordered a johnson bar boot and rudder pedal boot from Aero Comfort. The install for the johnson bar boot and the co-pilot rudder pedal boots has gone well. Since the co-pilot side does not have brakes, the boots simple went right over the rods. I have yet to install the pilot side rudder pedal boot. It seems that the boots opening is not big enough to go over the entire pedal assembly. Does anyone have any experience with the installation? Do I have to remove the pedals itself in order to fit the boots over the rods? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ryan
  12. FlyRye

    Side Windows

    Thank you all for your response. The windows themselves seem to be in good shape. I just don't want the leaks to lead to a bigger issue, which I imagine is the inevitable. Considering the time it may take to clean, assuming I don't break them during removal, it might be worth buying new ones. Thanks again for everyone's input! Ryan
  13. I have a 62 M20C where the windows doesn't have a good seal and draws some moisture in. Can I remove, clean and reinstall them or do I have to replace with new? If I can reuse them, what is the recommended seal? Can I use 3M windo-weld, Ribbon Seal? Has anyone done these without the help of a shop or A&P? Any tips? Thanks, Ryan
  14. Hello all. I recently purchased my first airplane and excited about my 1962 M20C. I am fairly short, only about 5'3" with shoes on. I know there's been threads about rudder Pedal extensions but I was wondering if there was anyone that has the 3 inch extension available to sell. It sounds like it's fairly simple to make but I would prefer one that came from Mooney with all the hardware. Thank you! Btw, I'm open to any advise to a new mooney owner too. Thanks again! Ryan