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  1. LOL I log into Mooneyspace for the first time in a year and of course the top post is about building a RV-14. I started mine January 2020 and sold my 67F since I didn't have anywhere to fly to until COVID is over. I'm about done with my elevators, then moving on to the fuselage. Got the wings on order, expecting them in about 7 months. If you want to see me stumble through it, I've been posting video to youtube. https://www.youtube.com/c/joshsinclair
  2. Yup just do the Alpha belt. I bought it after the second time I completely ripped my finger apart on final. I was tired of the adventure of trying to land with a mangled hand. It sucks that it's $400 but better than bleeding out while trying to land an airplane one handed.
  3. I live in the west and I've filed and used my IR only a handful of times, mostly to pop through layers. The MEAs are so high here that if I'm flying through visible moisture I probably need to worry about icing. Also why climb to 12k when I can get through the pass just fine at 6.5k? I greatly prefer VFR flying and if weather is bad I'll just ride SouthWest and let them deal with it.
  4. There's more than one of us. I'm also leaving my M20F for a RV-14, but the F will always have a special place in my heart.
  5. Santos Dumont is basically the Brazilian version of the Wright brothers. In fact if you ask any Brazilian who the first person was that achieved heavier than air flight they will say that it was Santos Dumont and then launch into a diatribe about the US campaign to alter history.
  6. That shell is worth negative dollars if it’s not flying. Even scrapping it for parts would cost someone time and money to cut it up. Maybe offer $1k for it. Otherwise put your money towards something that can actually fly.
  7. I finally found a mechanic that I like in Vegas! He got furloughed from Maverick due to COVID and sent out a really professional letter with his resume offering his services as an IA to all the plane owners in the valley that he could find in the database. Judging by the effort he put into the letter it seemed like he had a great work ethic, and I needed an annual, so I figured why not try him? Got the annual done in my hangar in 3 days at a very fair price. Very happy to refer him to anyone that needs a mechanic in Vegas.
  8. Well, you might want to consider an F. It's not going to be that much slower than a J, but definitely will cost less. I do wish I would have bought an A36 instead, but that's just because I have 3 kids and they don't fit in the Mooney. I bought the plane for me and with a wet PPL I never thought I would want to put my whole family in it. But after owning for 4 years I've decided my "fun" plane is going to be a RV because 99% of the time I'm by myself, so I don't need 4 seats, and the Mooney can't fly upside down.
  9. I have a 12,10, and 8 year old... I couldn't imagine giving them LESS space back there.
  10. Well I got my PPL in Tehachapi, I just thought that was what flying is supposed to be!
  11. Because he said he had two kids that are going to double in size very quickly.
  12. I used to be based in Tehachapi and would run up to SJC or down to SAN for work. My dispatch rate in the winter was about 50%. Unless you like having an O2 hose in your nose, there's not really any need for the K. If weather is that bad that you need to go high, you're gonna need FIKI to come down through it, and then you might as well just fly SWA. I'd choose the J.
  13. I bought my F with a wet PPL and 90 hours total time. A vintage Mooney is a great platform to use for your instrument rating.
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