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  1. SantosDumont

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    Inlaws decided to move to the middle of nowhere AZ. Started thinking about a C210 with Tundra tires so I can just land on the dirt road next to their house.
  2. SantosDumont

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    I have 100 GAL Monroy tanks on my 67F. Running LOP on 8 GAL /hr I can cruise for a loooong time. Longest I’ve ever done is about 5 hrs. Nice to have the option to go somewhere and back and not have to refuel though. Only other model I’ve been in is a C model and that was too small for me. I’m currently stuffing 3 boys ages 6,8,10 in the back seat of the F. Will probably need to upgrade or partner into something bigger in the near future, but for now we’re able to endure 90 min trips.
  3. SantosDumont

    Wow that Mooney zoom!

    I don't understand people that want to "avoid" the Bravo. I mean is it really that hard to use the radio?
  4. SantosDumont

    201/231/252 for family/commute

    Not selling, looking for a partner in Vegas. ATC did route a Cirrus under me today and he passed me at 185kts. Got me wanting that extra 30 knots again...
  5. SantosDumont

    Draining fuel for weight & balance?

    I used this Flow n Go siphon pump to transfer fuel to 5 GAL cans. Takes forever though. Haven’t done it in a long time though, mostly now just to put gas in the tug from the wing. I usually keep my inner tanks full since my mission is 90% flying myself. I only fill the outer tanks full if I’m going on a long flight.
  6. SantosDumont

    Bad Shoulder and Johnson Bar

    On my F I have to use the Mooney dip to get the gear up. But it takes 0 effort once you get the technique down.
  7. SantosDumont

    Mooney must be selling some

    There’s a door on the pilot side now, so you might be able to actually bail out!
  8. SantosDumont

    Mooney has been sitting

    Fuel cap o-rings probably need changing. They are like $2 at aircraft spruce. MS29513-010 FUEL RESIST O-RING MS29513-338 O-RING
  9. SantosDumont

    Front seats recovered and yokes wrapped...

    Looks awesome. Who do I call for a quote? What’s it like with the headrest?
  10. SantosDumont

    Southwest Uncontained Engine Failure

    Someone should look up all the airframes at Mojave and start up a boneyard tour and tell the stories. I had no idea the glider was over there.
  11. SantosDumont

    m20c first plane, Virtual Reality training?

    I moved and had to sit on the ramp for a few months so I’m happy to be inside. But you’re right, I should start looking around for a better deal. My ADS-B problem is that I’d rather buy what I want and be happy, then buy a solution that meets the requirement but still want something else. I really want to end up with Garmin 345, 650 and dual G5’s so I might as well spend in that direction rather than spend now and respend to replace later.
  12. SantosDumont

    m20c first plane, Virtual Reality training?

    I’ve spent $10k in maintenance each year for the past two years that I’ve had my F. Replaced the alternator, vacuum pump, voltage regulator. Upgraded all the lights to LEDs. Replaced all the tires, landing gear donuts (that were original!). Got a flat, $300. I thought I might catch a break this year. Nope! Left speed brake went out, $1000. Autopilot servo burned out, which burned out the roll computer. $4k. Looks like it’s gonna be another $10k year. Maybe next year I’ll get lucky and I’ll get away with only a couple grand in maintenance... except ADS-B is due next year and I don’t have a WAAS source... guess I’d better start planning for $20k next year. Also when I get a spare $20k to burn I’d like to update the paint and interior. Then there’s the cost to hangar the plane which is the only way to keep a plane from rotting in the elements. In my town it’s $500/mo, so an extra $6k per year. If these numbers are alarming then sole ownership might not be the right path for you. A partnership or a club might be the way to do it.
  13. SantosDumont

    m20c first plane, Virtual Reality training?

    You are giving xplane way too much value, and really underestimating the costs of actually owning a plane. The only thing xplane is good for is learning IFR procedures and simulating ATC interactions with pilotedge. I use xplane to get familiar with navaids and terrain clearances on planned XCs but that's about all the real world experience that it is good for. The maintenance on a 50 yr old M20C really isn't that much more than a PA28. Don't fool yourself into thinking one is cheaper than the other. They will cost relatively the same over time. Take the number you are planning on spending on maintenance per year and triple it... that is the real number you need to spend per year to keep a 50 yr old plane airworthy and in nice condition. Acquisition cost is by far the least expensive part of owning an airplane. Unless you're fine with joining the CB club and flying with 50% of your instruments INOP and deferring maintenance until you find some other sucker to buy your maintenance nightmare... Don't be that guy. Buy a nice plane and pay the money to keep it nice, extra points if you make it better than you found it.
  14. Yeah, what I haven't figured out is what to do if I'm in the soup and then I see some radar returns in my path on the NEXRAD... Just tell ATC Ima nope out of that and please give me clearance to somewhere else?
  15. Got my 67F with 100 hrs PPL. Probably around hour 200 where I didn’t feel like an idiot ALL the time, just sometimes. Somewhere between 300 - 400 where I felt like wind gusting to 35? Gonna suck but I can land it. Hour 465 and I just filed IFR for the first time by myself today... back to feeling like an idiot ALL the time.