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  1. Mod Works Molded Panel

    I have a Mod Works panel in N221HP. Been wondering what to do about it if/when I upgrade my avionics.
  2. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    Not really calling an airplane a jetski, but more comparing it to the experience of riding a jetski across choppy waters. Something that I could handle for a short period of time, but I really wouldn't want to do it for an extended period of time. Sounds like I should be looking into something with a turbo that can get me up into the FL for smoother air and higher groundspeed.
  3. Monroy tanks

    The Monroy tanks drain into the main tanks. I don't notice my fuel gauges draining until my aux tanks are emptyish. When my fuel gauges start depleting I still have something like 64 GALs left. I have never cared about the tanks being accurate above 10 GAL per side. I don't really want to fly with less fuel than that.
  4. Mooneys for sale

    That's the first time I've ever heard of the Mooney Mite. If it wasn't made of wood I'd buy that thing.
  5. Landing without landing light

    I've forgotten to turn the landing light on before. No big deal at well lit airports.
  6. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    After 200 hours in the F this year I've found that my 99% mission is fly myself from point A to point B when the weather is good. %1 try to go somewhere with the family. For the 1% mission I can rent a Cherokee 6 or a Bonanza. For the 99% mission its all about squeezing out every last knot.
  7. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    Wow... guess it's time to find a Legacy to take a ride in.
  8. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    I think I’m at the point where if I could shave off 30 minutes, but the airframe cost 2-3x and it cost me 16 GAL instead of 8 GAL I would happily dump that 100LL into the money burning machine.
  9. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    Moving to Vegas completely changed the economics and practicality of the M20F for me. Cruising at 150kts just feels too slow now when I can roll out of bed, drive 10 minutes to McCarran and let someone else drive me at 450kts. I’ve also found that my tolerance to ride a sky jet ski across choppy air is about 2 hrs before I start telling myself that I’m never strapping myself in this thing again. So I started looking into upgrade options like the Lancair Legacy, but then I realized that new Mooneys use the same engine. Do the newer Mooneys with the TSIO-550 really cruise over 200kts, or are they realistically 175kt machines?
  10. New Member from Los Angeles

    Ken Hetge up in Techachapi did my annual last year. He also rents his Mooney M20C.
  11. Nav LED lights

    I went all-in Whelen PAR 36/46 taxi and landing light, 650 nav/strobes, beacon and tail light. Wasn't cheap, but they are definitely Mooney bling.
  12. Reposting this here for everyone not on /r/flying;-2-onboard-unharmed/2445414/
  13. First Year Ownership Gotchas

    Change the fuel cap o-rings. This probably hasn't been done in years on your plane.
  14. Hawaii to Oakland in M20K

    I was gonna say, I have the 100 Gal long range tanks on my F and it wouldn't be enough... but with an extra 100Gal... although you could only fill it up about halfway to be within W&B.
  15. Hawaii to Oakland in M20K

    How many gallons can his tanks hold?!