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  1. I ended up calling one of the mechanics in this thread, who brought another mechanic to double check him. Did cold compression checks and got good results, high 60s / low 70s. They borescoped it and didn't see anything. They said there's nothing wrong with the engine and to put it back together and fly it. Now I need to try to figure out if I try to convince mechanic #1 to sign off on the annual, or just cut my losses, put it back together, get a ferry permit and take it over the hill to HND or VGT.
  2. If you're looking for an alternative option I bought this portable evaporative cooler from Home Depot that works pretty well for spot cooling.
  3. That is what has me worried is that I haven’t had any of those signs of distress. It’s been running great for the past three years I’ve owned it. I need to find someone that can come do a house call out in Boulder City because I have all the panels off, seats out, etc. it’s probably two days of labor for me to put everything back together, then get a ferry permit, which my understanding is that I’d need an A&P to inspect and sign off on anyway.
  4. No I saw him do it. My gauge was brand new from Spruce. He also tested it again with his and got the same higher results that mine did.
  5. Previous: 77/74/75/59/47/50 Retest: 74/75/72/68/73/68
  6. Anyone know an A&P/IA in Las Vegas who makes house calls? I need a 2nd opinion on my engine. The mechanic I'm using for my annual in my hangar told me my engine is unairworthy. We had a couple bad compression test results. Then I bought my own tools to double check, and I got pretty acceptable results. So I'm not convinced anything is wrong with it. It hasn't had any metal in the oil filter, oil analysis are good, temps are stable in flight. I think he is just scared of the high engine time at 2120 hrs.
  7. I used Ken Hetge up in Tehachapi for two annuals. He is very knowledgeable about GA, but he is usually booked solid. Still might be worth seeing if he has any availability.
  8. Usually I do a cruise climb with full mixture then run LOP in cruise. That's the procedure specified in the manual for the IO-360-ES because it has an altitude compensating fuel pump.
  9. This has been the worst annual so far. I feel like I don't have any confidence in my mechanics opinion on my engine. I read Mike Busch's book and watched a bunch of his videos and feel conflicted about engine mortality after overhaul. It seems better to keep running something that hasn't shown me any signs of distress until a bad compression check. Also I bought my own borescope. I rotated the prop though and what looked like pitting disappeared... seems like it was just oil on the cylinder wall. I'm not sure my mechanic knows what to look for considering he doesn't own a borescope, we had to go borrow one. He's pretty old school and about to retire. But I'm not really sure what I'm looking for either other than no marks on the cylinder walls and discolored exhaust valves. I'm probably going to have to get a second opinion on this and gather a lot more data points.
  10. It's an IO-360-ES, so not turbo'ed. Jewell actually called me back and said ~$18k for parts, ~4k for labor.
  11. Does anyone have experience with the inner gear doors? My mechanic that I’m using for my annual is concerned that they aren’t flush with the wing in the rear. I’m bot sure who made them or where to find the install manual to confirm.
  12. If I had understood all the missions I would try to use my Mooney for after I bought it... I would have bought an A36 Bonanza. If you are constantly loading cargo, then the cargo doors will be 100x more useful to you than the tiny baggage door. I don’t regret the hundreds of hours in my F though, they gave me experience to fully understand my missions.
  13. The reality is that because of weather your plane will work out about 30% of the time... unless you are in the Southwest, then it will work about 50%. There are whole months in the winter where it is just a no-go.