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  1. You can't really compare Brazil directly to the US. The standards of sanitation are so much higher in the US, and the poverty is so much worse in Brazil. I lived there and walked in the favelas every day. For anyone that can afford an airplane it's hard to comprehend that humans actually live in those conditions. The corruption of the ruling parties over the past couple decades has the Real currently 5:1 with the Dollar. Brazil has already gone through a hyper inflation event and changed currencies multiple times. It's not like they can just cut unemployment checks and tell everyone to stay home. They don't really have the infrastructure or a cultural mechanism that will self enforce any kind of shutdown... they'd have to send out the military police... which would probably dramatically increase gang violence. It probably makes more sense to compare the US to Sweden.
  2. After I finish my RV I'll pay myself in beer!
  3. Allegiant took $170M of CARES act funding. They have to keep operating flights until Sep 30. Some restaurants in Vegas are slowly opening. Went to pick up sushi last night and tables were about 12 feet apart. Plexiglass installed between the chefs and patrons. You have to make a reservation if you want to eat in. That was out first restaurant experience in about 9 weeks.
  4. If I could go back in time I would have started with an A36. My kids might actually want to fly in the plane then. The Mooney is too small for all of us. Although... that’s a good point about interest rates. The timing might be just right to get almost free money. There’s a dentist out at BVU with a beautiful A36 that he outgrew... 6 kids. He starts it up and taxis it around every two weeks.
  5. I stopped at SNA a couple years ago to grab an ebay purchase down the street from the airport. ACI has a fridge full of beverages and a couple brand new crew cars. If I ever have to go back to Irvine I'm parking there again.
  6. It's not illegal for you to repair the flaps. It is illegal for you to inspect them and return them to service. A few months ago I had the same problem, I thought perhaps the o-ring had blown, so I disassembled and replaced the orings in the pump, figured out how to build a pressure pot and reverse bleed the hydraulic fluid... and the flaps still didn't work. Turns out that the flap actuator lever pulls a cable that is attached to the pump lever with a single screw and nut... and that pump lever has to be in the EXACT right spot for the pump valve to work. I spent 2 days rebuilding the pump, when really all I probably needed to do was adjust the pump lever cable and tighten the nut, but in the end I got it all working and had my A&P inspect it and sign it off. If you can’t do it yourself this is where your mechanic should look first.
  7. I've only bought one airplane, but from my experience as an owner for almost 4 years now... it's kind of a total crap shoot on your first plane. You don't know what you don't know. You can pay someone, but then a few months into owning you will find out what the person that you paid didn't know, or didn't care to know. My advice would be don't spend more money than you can afford to take a total loss on. Expect that you will get your hands dirty, change your oil, take cylinder compression readings, clean and gap your spark plugs, inspect your spars for corrosion, change tires, every maintenance item that owners are allowed to do, and maybe even some performed by hangar elves. Until you're at that level of comfort buying an airplane is gonna be a chicken / egg type experience.
  8. I'm building a -14 right now. Once I'm done I'll probably pull the trigger on the -8 kit, maybe even the QB kit. I just wanted to build a complete airplane first so I could figure out what I'm supposed to be doing.
  9. Oh man A36. I'd do it if I wasn't exhausted by certificated planes. Then build a RV-8 for zooms.
  10. With flight schools closing everywhere DPE availability will probably be the most available they have ever been and ever will be.
  11. Makes me wonder how crazy dogfights were. Doing all that while trying to shoot at each other.
  12. I've had that before coming back from San Diego to Vegas. It was night and it was kind of unnerving. Could have been worse though. Could have been in a 172 doing 40 kts ground speed.
  13. I’ll probably use the IO-390, so it should have about the same HP. I’m thinking it will be about the same. RV-14 is lighter, but the Mooney wing is more efficient.