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  1. 1 bounce ok, 2 bounces, go around, 3 bounces and well... this is what happens.
  2. About freakin time. I was starting to look at Garmin 335s. Just placed my order.
  3. Yeah. I already have a slaved HSI, so I just really want it to be an AI and ditch my vacuum. The G5 makes me upgrade to WAAS, which puts me on the path to a $20k panel upgrade. I see my options as $2k AV30 + $2k Tailbeacon, or $15k GNX375 + $5k 2x G5s.
  4. I didn't think the AV-30s were certified yet? Hoping to ditch my AI for an AV-30. I came out of KLPC a few months ago through a layer and when I leveled off my AI was stuck in a climbing attitude. Shook the plane around and it seemed to come back, but now it's not something that I trust in IMC, and it's the only vacuum instrument I have.
  5. I just changed mine out for the stainless phillips. Much easier to get the cowl on and off now!
  6. Would you do it again in your Mooney? A rental club I was a part of had two guys that took the AA-5 out there and it came back destroyed with dust everywhere. Took months for the owner to clean the engine, replace all the hoses, clean the interior... it was kind of a dick move by those guys to take it.
  7. What fun would that be?! Just going the next row over and needed to back it up an incline into my mechanic’s hangar for annual. Thought about taxiing over and lifting the ez tug into and out of the truck when I turned around and realized I could just ride it 200 yards.
  8. Here’s the gas powered version.
  9. except for tank seal condition, old moisture prone insulation, etc. There are a few things in the vintage fleet where 30 years more time adds risk to the airframe.
  10. There is no free lunch. When you buy an airplane, you are going to find things that are old and broken or not there... be prepared to pour money into it. However, I'm gonna plug a modded F. I have all the mods making my plane basically into a J, and I have a fully working autopilot, IFR GPS, speed brakes, etc... for about half of the cost of that J. The downside is that my airframe is 30 years older than a J.
  11. The baffle on top is actually just bent over. When I look in with a flash light I can see it touching the top of the cowl. Need to put a flashlight in the bottom of the cowl to see if I can see any light coming through. The baffling is 20 years old though. Probably time to replace it.
  12. It’s too late! I already read the specs for the RV-8!
  13. I ended up calling all four shops up at VGT. I decided to use Lone Mountain because they actually immediately emailed me a quote with maintenance line items. They weren’t the cheapest quote, but their response was exactly how I want to be treated by a service provider. Problem now was that now I had to get it up there. Took me 2 days to put the plane back together. I tried to get one of the other mechanics to sign that my plane was safe to ferry but they weren’t interested in getting involved in small airport politics. Lone Mountain wanted $600 to send someone to inspect it. I ended up getting my CFII (who’s also an A&P IA) from CA to come out and I spent Marriott points to put him and his wife up room on the Strip. He inspected it and signed that it was safe to ferry. The following monday 8AM I called the FSDO to get a ferry permit. The guy that answered the phone said that I had to make an appt to go down there and appts are only available Tue - Thu, which was a bummer because I had to work out of town all week. Made an appt for the following Tuesday 9AM. The ASI emailed me Tuesday morning and wanted my 8130-6 and log entry. Got down to the FSDO and the ASI asks me why I even made an appt, because we could have done this all over email! The government at work. Finally was able to ferry the plane over to VGT this morning. Got a transition over Nellis and when I got to VGT was able to hear some excitement. Some tweaked out dude had jumped the fence and was running across the runways. They sent a van out to get him. Then he jumped out of the van and ran across the other runway and jumped the fence. They sent the police copter after him and followed him over to the walmart parking lot. In the meantime tower sent me and a couple cessnas on extended downwinds. Anyway this whole maintenance thing was too much drama. I’ve been down for two months and for what I thought I was going to save I’ve easily spent triple in my time. I also thought I would be able to better control the quality of the maintenance... which turned out to not be the case. Pretty much decided I’m never going to try to do an annual in my hangar ever again... and might even just give up on certificated airplanes and build an RV.
  14. SA02204AT