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  1. STEC 30 troubleshooting

    Well passed the checkride and took the plane to the shop. They said the servo had corrosion which was shorting out the roll computer. They took both out and sent to STEC for overhaul. This sounds like it’s gonna be expensive. Too bad I can’t get a Garmin GFC500 yet...
  2. West Coast Mooniac's Group - Join Us

    Huh. I had never seen that clubs button until now.
  3. Northern Ca. Fly In Idea

    Here’s what I’ve been thinking about in my plane that I would like more info on: Dual G5’s vs Aspen PFD, STEC 30 upgrade options, Garmin 345 with Flight stream (how awesome is it?), Garmin 650 vs Avidyne 540
  4. STEC 30 troubleshooting

    I called STEC support and the dude that answered the phone said it could be anywhere from $900-$1500 for an overhaul. He said to take it into a shop to have it looks at though because it could be a surge from the servo burning out a diode in the roll computer. I need a TC for my IR checkride though so I’ll probably leave it INOP until after my ride.
  5. Putting vinyl ("decals") on your plane

    I asked for a quote from aircraft wraps and they never responded. I got the feeling that they only do expirimentals.
  6. Bottle Jack for tire changes?

    I got a flat nose tire this week at KSAN. Signature not really helpful for maintenance, I opted to just pump up the tire and see if the air held overnight. It did, kinda. So I figured it would be good enough to pump it back up and head up to MYF and get my tube changed. Got me thinking though, is there a small bottle jack I could carry in the plane that world work to jack up the nose an inch so I could get the tire off and take it to a maintenance shop? Looking at this thing:
  7. Update on Avidyne DFC 90?

    Well looks like my roll computer for my STEC 30 burned out. Too bad the DFC90 doesn't have a STC or I'd consider dropping one in.
  8. STEC 30 troubleshooting

    Ok pretty sure the turn coordinator unit is burned out. Engaged the autopilot on the ground to troubleshoot it today and the smell of burnt plastic started coming from the panel. Took off the panel cover and it’s definately the TC making the smell. Time for an overhaul I guess.
  9. I already have the shoulder strap installed. I wouldn't remove it, just change out the lap belt with the clasp for the one with the push button.
  10. Yeah but the hard part of mounting to the frame has already been done. Just need to unbolt the belt and rebolt the new one.
  11. Huh. I didn’t realize there was an auto push button type belt for the M20. I might switch out mine. I keep unclipping it when I mess with the gear.
  12. Strobes

    I went Whelen 90520 LED beacon last year. Super bright. You won’t regret it.
  13. STEC 30 troubleshooting

    Hmm from searching STEC roll computer looks like there’s some fuses I can check as well as reseating the roll computer connector. I’ll give it a try in the AM.
  14. STEC 30 troubleshooting

    The autopilot flies the needle on the HSI in NAV mode.
  15. Southern or Central CA Fly-In - Location?

    L05 is an interesting place to fly into, but there isn't really many resources on the airfield. There is a restaurant on site, but there is no fuel. There are also hills around the field that require tight traffic patterns. Another suggestion 15 minutes south of L05 is KTSP that has restaurants within walking distance (Redhouse BBQ is excellent), fuel, and a maintenance shop run by a fellow Mooney owner whose hangar is basically a J3 Cub museum.