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  1. Herlihy Brother

    1964 M20E Serial #101

    I still have it and have been flying it regularly. My friend on the field has a beautiful same year/model for sale, all new glass, reman engine, new prop and hub...for $45k. See it on barnstormers: https://barnstormers.com/classified_1329942_Mooney+M20E.html
  2. Herlihy Brother

    Bravo Ownership Questions

    Thanks JD I will look into that! I have another 4k mile trip (http://www.gcmap.com/mapui?P=smx-gle-fsd-pdx-smx) coming up and it would be great to have a little comfort and send that energy somewhere else. Of course, changing foam reminds me of clearance issues and the ceiling banging our heads take in turbulence. The violent (Arizona & New Mexico summers, convective west coast winters) constant up and down has really worked the cervical vertebrae over the years.
  3. Herlihy Brother

    Bravo Ownership Questions

    after a few thousand hours, just wondering, how many mooney drivers have spinal issues like me? Because that wing is strong but stiff. Does it flex at all? how much reserve lift is there in turbulence at 155ktas? too much. I've cursed that wing in turbulence so many times. Slowing tp 110kias doesnt seem to help.
  4. Herlihy Brother

    Bravo Ownership Questions

    If I could do it over again, I would start off with a taylorcraft, then mooney E, then rocket/bravo, then aerostar, then MU2, then Merlin, then lear and finally the end all be all L1011. And then go in reverse ending up with the tcart when I'm 95. Instead I've spent 2k wonderful amazing hours commuting in the E and my body and nerves took up the slack.
  5. Herlihy Brother

    Bravo Ownership Questions

    Just another perspective, I have been running my 155 knot 1963 e about 100-200 hours per year for 18 years now, costs under $10k/year all in (this year hangar $2148, insurance $800, oil changes every 25 hours total $350, fuel $5700 (170 hours), annual $650 inspection & logbook review only (my free labor), unsched maint 0), . Never AOG and no unscheduled maintenance (2700 smoh) in at least 10 years to the amazement of all those around me, especially my IA. This year he found zero sqwaks on the annual--nothing, not even a broken zip tie in 25k miles!. Al Mooney did a remarkable job. I recently spoke on the phone to a famous and esteemed former mooneyspace M driver who upgraded to an aerostar and he indicated that the aerostar has been less maintenance than his Bravo...... I'm passing on the m and am in escrow on a twin mooney, but will be keeping my e since its like flying for free and at $25k mkt value its capex is approaching zero.
  6. Herlihy Brother

    LASAR sold!

    +1 on Robert--wonderful to work with
  7. I paid $500 for the new switch from mooney a few years back, then found digikey has it for $4...
  8. Herlihy Brother

    Long trip, old plane; shops en route?

    I've been commuting in the 1964 E from California to Texas for 12 years --never been AOG yet. If I lose an alternator I buy a charger at the local auto shop and charge the battery it in the hotel room, and fly by pilotage. The cheapest stops for fuel in the nation are along your straight line route, which mirrors my route. I tried the Tuscon route but didn't like it--felt way more remote and the view was not as nice as sedona on the i40 route. I understand that the DHS/USCBP/DEA have stopped terrorizing us along that route--I haven't been tracked, barrel muzzled, served, cuffed and mooney dismantled over my objection (by a non-A&P drug cop) in 5-6 +years anyway, but I still must plan for that psychologically. I stopped flying this route route at night at the same time (they were tracking me IFR at night) because these engines do quit-the mooney io-360-a1a with 1200 smoh mattituck lost a cylinder (exhaust valve) one night (10pm) at 400 agl after takeoff. The original engine is up to 2700smoh 5700tt now with no problems since. Following I40 at night is a great view from above the traffic. Hard to imagine a worse choice a/c for your c1-c5 vertebrae than a mooney over new mexico & az. I slow the IAS down to 120 quite a bit. that wing just will not give and when you are low on fuel the airframe is sooo light, ouch.
  9. Herlihy Brother

    1964 M20E Serial #101

    Correction, Manufactured in Fall of 1963, Sold as a 1964 Year model, like they do with cars. This is Serial #101.
  10. Herlihy Brother

    Should I buy a Mooney (for business travel)?

    $7500 to fly 100 hours is a minimal and typical year for me in my 1964 E Other years we try to find something for $500 to replace like a starter, control links, nose gear rebuild, alternator overhaul. In 20 years and 2000 hours of flying the most expensive repair I've done was the rebuild of the fuel servo for $1500. That was completely my fault when I had to quit flying for 18 months during my divorce in 2002. Some water trapped in there corroded the fuel servo--nothing is worse on aircraft than idleness.. Second place was both magneto, bendix, overhauls for $1300, then tied for third was a rebuilt #3 Cylinder for $800, and the nosegear overhaul also for $800. Thank Goodness for LASAR and helpful mooney friends like MooneyMitch and Mooneyspace!! 100 Hr/Year flying Budget (owner provides Annual labor and oil changes): Payment 0 Hangar, $179/month at Santa Maria, California 2148 insurance 800 eddy current 120 Pitot static 200 Annual-owner assist, freelance IA Fee 500 Annual cost of parts 300 Total fixed 4068 Cost/hr 40.68 Variable fuel/hr 40 Oil change/hr every 25 hrs 2 Total Variable 42 100 hrs/hear 82.68 Total cost/year $8,268
  11. Herlihy Brother

    1964 M20E Serial #101

    I have a well flown currently flown 120 hours last year, 1963 E model available on the market for $35k, owned 18 years, 2500smoh mattituck. Almost all speed mods. modern paint and interior showing wear but presents well. Panel shots show almost 160knots TAS at 75% power. In making 2500 SMOH I have been cruising at 152 knots TAS and 50% power. Century 2000 Autopilot, Stormscope, dual kx155's, VFR GPS.
  12. Herlihy Brother

    Hey, Injected E Owners?

    my friends and I agree, if 70 gallons of fuel, the e would be so much better...jeez, you can barely get anywhere with 52 measly gallons of fuel.....what was al thinkng....and thank you jose.
  13. Herlihy Brother

    Hey, Injected E Owners?

    of course, in the interest of safety, I have learned to "tanker fuel"
  14. Herlihy Brother

    Hey, Injected E Owners?

    for the love of all that is holy, FOLLOW THE POH and run a tank dry, you will get 600 nm range. Been doing this for 20 years in a 1963 totally under tanked 52 gallon e model. If you get headwinds, like you do going west bound, take a detour. for some reason pilots refuse to run a tank dry--they refuse to follow the poh.
  15. Herlihy Brother

    Buying near major overhaul

    FWIW, my 1963 E model has 5500 hours on the engine, and 2600 Hours on the last overhaul performed 32 years ago by mattituck. I replaced one cylinder that I lost on a night flight due to a stretching/tuliping valve--it was on #3, the hottest cylinder, but it showed zero signs of heat damage and otherwise the piston, rings and cylinder were perfect. The other three have not been touched. They are chrome cylinders, and all four are 77/80 evenly across the board. I change the oil ever 25, filter at 50, and most flights are 1200nm one way at 12,500' (california to dallas commute for 10 years now). Oil analysis shows all normal parameters. Takeoff and cruise performance is equal to my friend's E with a new engine...we both see 155knots TAS in formation cruise--but I have all the speed mods and he has none....On my engine, every accessory has been replaced or rebuilt however. BTW, Jose's tip on another ms thread about flushing the crankcase with avgas worked great, now my oil stays honey colored for up to 15-20 hours! John Herlihy M20e @ SMX Santa Maria, California