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  1. Wow this thread took on a life of its own!
  2. B, any luck yet? I'm on the search, too! S20
  3. Crap! More people will become interested in buying one, and the prices will spike!
  4. LOL No offense meant! I got to thinking about the age demographic reading another thread that discussed "When to hang up the spurs" or some such. S20
  5. The car is very famous. Guess what movie!
  6. Yeah but it appears I'm WAY late to the Mooney trade-up game!
  7. Just curious how old our demographic is.
  8. I won't lie. The new pay scales- when ratified- have bearing on my decision to buy a plane. More important, no- MOST importantly; my wife is 100% on board. She knows how long I've wanted to take the plunge. Finally financially where I can do it without hardship.
  9. Drooling over all 3 of these planes!
  10. Maybe I can afford more Also, my brother is a couple blocks from Griffith, IN. That's probably a 30 min drive to the employee lot at MDW. I buy a beater airport car and I'm good to go!
  11. Bob, The problem with partners is flexibility. My schedule changes often and the main reason I'm looking to buy is to use it as a commuter. I've definitely thought about it. S20
  12. My daughter's husband is based in Little Creek. They live in Chesapeake. We try to get out there to see them every couple of months.
  13. Hi Andy! Roy here near GRR. Where in Michigan? Have a question or two for you about buying and basing aircraft in Michigan. 

    Did you have to pay sales tax? If so, percentage? How about personal property tax or registration fee(s)?


  14. Brian, I actually started out Army. 8 years as a Warrant Officer. AH-1 and UH-1. 12 years Navy. T-34, T-45, S-3 and B-707. B-717 and B-737 post military.
  15. Thanks! I basically caught the bug a couple weeks ago. Was flying with a MDW captain and found out he commutes in by airplane from NW Ohio. He flies a Commander 114. Got to talking about the landing fees, fuel prices, etc., at MDW and figured out its more reasonable than I had imagined. And I've always liked the Mooney styling. Trying to restrain myself and take a measured approach to buying. So I am planning on a spring purchase. Plenty of time to educate myself on everything Mooney. My background is military, so I have a limited amount of knowledge on all things civil aviation. However, I joined Mooney Space, AOPA, and Mooney Owners websites. Very excited to embark on this journey!
  16. I'm a 1987 Belding grad! Born & raised at Long Lake (6mi east). Haven't checked hangar space availability/price at Y70. 6D6 (Greenville) has 2 types for 149/mo and 200/mo with electric bifold doors I believe.
  17. Roy Millwood here! Thanks for the info. How do I get ahold of you? I will look up Brian via CWA! Thanks again & looking forward to talking to you..


  18. Hi all, Writing from Grand Rapids area (GRR). I'm a retired Navy pilot and a First Officer for Southwest. Based in MDW and live 30 ENE of GRR. If you ever fly over GIBER intersection, I live on that lake below, Long Lake. So I got the Mooney bug and I've been given the green light from the Boss (Mrs Stetson20) to start looking. I've flown planes for everybody else since 1988- now I'd like to fly my own. Looking for suggestions. 50k max budget for purchase. I expect the majority of my flying will be commuting from Y70 or 6D6 to KMDW weekly, with pleasure trips sprinkled throughout the flying season. IFR plane is a must, with GPS capability. Very interested in hearing what you all do during winter. Still flying? Heated hangar (pricey)? Looking to purchase in the spring. Also looking forward to forum feedback, and making some new friends hopefully. My first inclination is to use a broker service that deals mainly with Mooneys. I'm open to suggestions and thanks for listening. Stetson20
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