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  1. Entire panel was 80s vintage, except for GNX 375. Took out pretty much everything except autopilot. WX radar, old king radio stack, strike finder, adf, etc. Many weeks of delays. New panel will have GI-275 engine monitor (no pre-existing engine monitor so probes had to be installed as well), G5 HSI, all new ics/com/nav consisting of PS Engineering PMA8000, Garmin GNC 255A, Garmin GTR 200B and a pre-existing GNX 375. I feel it will be a solid IMC platform for the future.
  2. Where did you end up landing? Or is that in the video I’m about to watch? Track log. Got it. (thumb up emoji here)
  3. 10 min video. He had to have Garmin update the 275 in order to get the data to push to his iPad… may be helpful?
  4. Are you able to manually download the data to send to, say, Savvy? Or otherwise manually access the data?
  5. Any resolution to this? I’m getting my plane back soon with the GI-275 EIS installed as well.
  6. Unfortunately, I won't make it- I have to work this weekend. Please add me to the future events list though! Thank you!
  7. Ear foam inserts- tuck them in your shirt pocket for a bit. If they're tethered, tuck them down the front of your shirt & let your body heat warm them up a few minutes. I flew helo's in the Army and in the winter, we all stuck the helmet on our knee to warm them before putting them on. I fly with the Bose A20 for work. After a long flight, I do start to get hot spots. For the Mooney, I bought a couple Lightspeed Sierra ANR headsets. The Zulu's were too pricey for me. They work well. I haven't taken any really long rides in the Mooney yet. YMMV and that, plus a dollar (two? inflation!) will get you a cup of coffee...
  8. I'm in if I'm not up to my ears in snow by then
  9. Supplements listed for my M20K Rocket: King KNS 80 King 150 King KAS 297B Radar Oxygen Prop De-Ice Standby Gen Standby Vac Rocket 305 STC + GW Incr. Monroy Aux Fuel Cells Precise Flight Speed Brakes
  10. I have a GNX 375 in my plane and the data card has expired on me more than once. I was thinking it would be convenient to have a 2nd data card, to keep in my flight bag, that I could update before heading to the airport. I looked online and they're not cheap. 150 bucks or so. BUT, I was wondering if Garmin would support two data cards. Anyone used this technique to keep their database(s) current? Thanks!
  11. Says “Turbo 305 Rocket” with woody woodpecker smoking a cigar..
  12. Thanks! Just what I wanted to research.
  13. Probably just my inexperience. Again, just musing.
  14. … but is there better (more modern?) hardware than the traditional five position key starter (off - left - right - both - start)? I feel like I may snap the key off one of these days trying to start my engine. Any thoughts either way on it? I’m musing while on a working trip. Flying 737s but wanting to fly my Mooney!
  15. Interesting thought. It's the rate of deceleration that kills you. Was the gear up or down? Maybe the mature corn stalks acted like a giant emas pad, in effect rapidly slowing the airplane in a safe deceleration regime. On the opposite side of the coin, those ears of corn could literally beat you to death if you lost your windshield and hit them at 90+ MPH. Random thoughts.
  16. How about a black stripe thru their avatar? Sort of like the police do when a fellow officer has passed.
  17. Looks like a Mooney. Happened yesterday. Pilot escaped without injury, I believe.
  18. So I have everything EXCEPT this (seemingly VERY important) first page! I'm going to go through my paperwork and see if I have it. IF I don't, what would yall recommend? I see several FAA Supplemental Approval pages for various installed equipment (e.g. KNS 80, K150, etc.) but not the first page similar to the one posted above.
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