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  1. AF M20J

    New Klixon switch covers

    Looking good, thanks for the update @Ah-1 Cobra Pilot - look forward to the field testing update.
  2. AF M20J

    201 cowl question

    Thanks @carusoam
  3. Classic. Thanks for the backstory.
  4. AF M20J

    Aircraftdoorseals and Plane Plastics

    I'm joining the new seal club. Just spent half the day cleaning the old crud off. I can add this product to the list of gunk removal for anyone in Europe (good luck finding US products over here... MEK costs 10x as much b/c it is environmentally unfriendly and so do a bunch of other great chemicals). I'm pretty much ready to put the new seal on, which is peal-n-stick, but I read somewhere on here (@Piloto?) that I should use 3M adhesive if I don't want to go through the insanity of this kind of cleanup in the future (again). I think in the same forum, someone said not to use MEK as an adhesive (melts plastic) to adhere the strip on, or it would be a repeat PITA next time I try to replace the seal. Is that correct? Or am I reading things backwards somehow? (MEK is used for cleaning metals, but also as a glue...)
  5. Thanks for the tip @Shiny moose Interesting username too btw...
  6. Rats. Thanks for the info. That is what I've got under the cowl... Ouch.
  7. I'm going to resurrect this old thread, as it is the closest I could find to my current question... Has anyone had experience with the Casper Labs 90 degree angle filter conversion? Seems it is STC'd, but maybe/maybe not for Mooney Engines... Here's hoping someone else has done the research on this.
  8. AF M20J

    AXP340 & ADS-B In

    Thank you @LANCECASPER
  9. AF M20J

    201 cowl question

    Hey @Marauder (or anyone) can you point me to the thread that details how to put the antennas in the wing tip fairings? Thx
  10. AF M20J

    AXP340 & ADS-B In

    Old thread, but it was kind of left hanging. Did this question ever get answered? I had no idea that a component of the OUT message must be that there is an IN system on-board to receive ADS-B info... Can anyone close this loop for me (and this thread)?
  11. AF M20J

    I need fuel bladders ??? Help !!!!

    Only a a full set of tanks to the southeast! I'm located in Lower Austria. If you ever head this way, let me know and I'll see if I can meet up with you! I'm in the process of getting my plane registered, so my wings are clipped at the moment, but hopefully soon that will change...
  12. AF M20J

    I need fuel bladders ??? Help !!!!

    Thanks @Hyett6420 I'm in the 'neighborhood' so perhaps we'll have a chance to meet up someday. I won't make it to the EMPOA meetup this year, but would have loved to.
  13. AF M20J

    Avionics for sale from Avionics Source

    @Avionics Source Any chance you have a used/reduced AXP340 in stock??
  14. AF M20J

    I need fuel bladders ??? Help !!!!

    Wow, what a team. Just spent *way too long* reading this thread, and I am so encouraged by all the support and 'free' experience you guys have given to a struggling newbie. Being a newbie myself, I can say I've been intimidated to ask for help (it gets easier as I get older and more humble) but this thread really makes me glad I bought a plane and has the "can do" that makes doing this awesome. I sure miss flying in the US, and I'm glad we have MS, so I can read encouraging stories like this. Strange place to introduce myself, but I'm so enthused by what I've read, that I must. I'll write the story on a new thread for everyone, as it may be helpful to someone, someday. Thanks guys, for all that support and encouragement. The collateral impact is great and appreciated.
  15. AF M20J

    New Klixon switch covers

    Need a double like for the last post. I'm cool with black as well. Not sure how the laser-etched/engraved white letters would go, but as there's no white option for the material, it seems we're stuck anyway. Closest I saw was the RIT #527, but that's not white.