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  1. JoshMan

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    I definitely will give you some updates as i progress. My checkride is september 19th.
  2. JoshMan

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    I am currently transitioning from an M20E to eclipse jet. Just commit to putting in several training hours( maybe even hundreds) with an instructor until you both feel safe and it is not going to be an issue.
  3. JoshMan

    Best Headset?

    I vote for bose A20s. However, a cheaper alternative if you don't want to drop 1k is to buy the quiet comfort bose head phones and then add the UFlyMike. I have two of each and honestly the A20s are only marginally better IMHO.
  4. JoshMan

    Family pressures?

    I think the one thing that hasn't been mentioned is the skill level of the pilot because we all know there are very different skill levels when it comes to aviation. I have meet many >1000 hour pilots who I would never let any of my family members fly with and have met some 300 hour pilots who are phenomenal. This is the same thing in any profession really. As a surgeon I can assure you we come in many different flavors. Again, I have worked with surgeons who have been practicing for 50 years who I would not let remove a skin tag. On the other hand I am currently working with a cardiac surgeon who has been practicing for 5 years who I would let operate on anyone of my family members. Sure, hours spent honing your skillset definitely matter, but they are definitely not everything.
  5. JoshMan

    All instruments going nuts

    Alright, guys. Sorry it took so long but we finally fixed the problem We first balanced the prop. It was at 0.5 IPS and we got it down to 0.02 IPS which made a big difference in the ride but did not fix the issue I also had a small static leak of 250 ft/min. This was fixed but did not correct the problem Finally we replaced shock mounts which did the trick. A few confounding factors, but finally got to the bottom of it. Thanks for all your help.
  6. JoshMan

    All instruments going nuts

    Interesting, 211. Here is your picture.
  7. JoshMan

    All instruments going nuts

    Mag drop is fine. Like I said I have flown three times this week and plane is flying wonderful minus the instruments fluctuating.
  8. JoshMan

    All instruments going nuts

    Thank you all for your thoughts. I will update you tomorrow. Hopefully it's something simple. Josh
  9. JoshMan

    All instruments going nuts

    It did happen suddenly. Was not there on way to florida and noticed it about halfway on my way back home I notice it mostly at high power settings but definitely still present during run up and lower power settings. No new vibrations to speak of. Spinner has not been off
  10. JoshMan

    All instruments going nuts

    It did not calm down at all. In fact i first noticed it as i was passing through georgia and has continued to act up this week. Meeting my mechanic tomorrow. Will keep you updated Anthony now that you mention it the vertical card compass is fluctuating as well. It was just placed about 40 hours ago at annual and has really not been 100% stable since it was installed
  11. JoshMan

    All instruments going nuts

    Clarence, the G5 is completely stable. I agree it doesnt make sense. Just based off what I told/showed him, my mechanic was suspicious this was related to vibration. We will see. Hopefully something simple
  12. JoshMan

    All instruments going nuts

    It did rain in florida but that wouldnt make the nav instruments fluctuate like this?
  13. Hello, all. On my way from Florida to Indiana a week ago in my M20E my instruments started going crazy. First I noticed fluctuations in airspeed indicator, VSI, altimeter, so I thought for sure I had a pitot/static issue. Then I noticed my nav instruments going crazy as well. I have a back up AI over on the copilot side that flipped upside down. It is very old so very well could be going bad. I have flown 3 time since then and everything is still acting up. Unfortunately cannot get the plane over to my mechanic until next week but just wondering what your guys thoughts are. Realize it could be a number of things including grounds, static leak, shock mounts, engine mounts, unbalanced prop, etc...but wondering if anyone has ever seen this. I have not noticed any new vibrations at all. Had a similar issue in lancair last year but did not see the fluctuations in navigation instruments. Josh
  14. JoshMan

    Winter Operation

    I very luckily have a heated hangar