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  1. If you have an "in" with the Garmin folks tell them to hurry i'm ready!!
  2. Phase 1 complete! Thanks to Saint Aviation they did an outstanding job!
  3. Called and they do NOT have STC for the "K" Model... Guess I have to wait until the Garmin GFC500 gets certified for Mooney to couple to my G-5s
  4. Wow Great news this is an excellent start on the road to "trim Recovery" Thanks!!
  5. Old AP was KFC200 And the autopilot was inop plan on adding a trutrak once it is certified when ever that is. My auto manual trim worked great and the avionics guy thought It might work without the old AP removed but that is proving difficult.
  6. In my quest to upgrade my panel it was decided to remove the old autopilot and install 2 G5's along with all the other avionic upgrades. I was informed that in removing my old autopilot that the electric manual trim will not work and was asked if anyone on the forum has had this challenge also and over come? Any suggestions or answers to this are greatly appreciated as I cant see myself enjoying manual trimming this bird!!
  7. Got my yokes back with new leather and Panel is cut; dryfit! Its starting to come around!
  8. Along with a new Leather interior I have decided to do a GUT job on the top of the line 1980's avionics!! Thanks to Saint Aviation whom I can not recommend enough this process is going excellent! Xo
  9. What is the status of the Dynon Cert for the M20K? Is it still on track for first quarter 2019?
  10. I am currently restoring my M20K and looking for several parts. Can be really good used or new. Please point me in the right direction or if you have anything for sale Private Msg me. Thanks!! 1) Grab handle for door and at windshield "2" total 2) Electric speed brakes 12V 3) Turbo Intercooler 4) automatic waste gate (Merlin) 5) Foam seal on the handle on outside of entry door.
  11. Getting pictures back of the seats. Here is the B4 and after.
  12. Yes they are close enough and Plane Plastics actually knows how to make the J work for K models! (Identical) NO!! tTrimmable YES!!
  13. Thought I would share some of my before and during interior renovations on my M20k summer project! I Just purchased 922PT several months ago with the complete understanding the interior was SHOT (as you can see below). The plastics were rotten; brittle and crumbling so I purchased all New interior from Plane Plastics. I have spoken to several whom have installed the product on 172's and other Cessna models but no one from the Mooney world. All Cessna owners swear by it, I however never what the hear the words "trimmable" again and will reserve final judgment until I'm done!! I have had to climb in and out of my Mooney 2,000 times it feels like, as to work all the "Trimmable" pieces and I'm not exactly a pilot size person LOL! In my renovations I thought it would be nice to wrap all the plastics with Leather with exception of the headliner and baggage compartment. I researched a fella from Great Britain that seems to specialize in high end leathers with modern design and off they went. I have added a few pictures he sent back of the door panels done thus far and the headliner work I've completed to date. Also adding the best sound proofing and insulation everywhere! ENJOY !!!