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  1. Thanks for posting! I always appreciate when people share these experiences. It would be really interesting if you could figure out what the approximate bank angle was, in order to grab that gear door. Glad this turned out ok for you. What was the cost of the replacement door? I'm almost afraid to ask...
  2. I think they should include Motrin with all containers of wax...!
  3. I would like to know why, if this A&P had done the previous 3 or 4 annuals, did he not replace the windows until now? What exactly was the condition of the rest of the windows prior to the ferry flight? You saw them yourself. Also, I have to wonder if the ferry pilot mentioned something about the windows and the mechanic took that as authorization. Anyway, I have always felt that replacing windows is a big deal and it’s nonsensical that the mechanic thought it would be ok to do that without first discussing it with the owner. If the windows were leaking with obvious water damage and needed to be resealed, maybe that would mitigate things. However lacking some other strong reason for replacement, windows -can- be buffed with a polisher to some extent and many scratches removed. We made a decision to replace our existing windshield with a new one-piece windshield, it cost a lot of money. I know a C-140 isn’t a Mooney but to me it’s a real invasive procedure that I would’ve gone berserk over had it been done without authorization. There better be a good story to go along with it. If it desperately needed new windows that’s one thing, you’re better off now even if you hadn't planned for it. However, if they were acceptable when the plane was delivered that’s completely different. Maybe you’ll discover it has new seats and interior when you get there??
  4. At the risk of contributing to the thread creep, here’s an opinion piece that discusses automation vs going pilotless and says it more eloquently than I can: http://www.askthepilot.com/questionanswers/automation-myths/
  5. I’m guessing you don’t work in the American airline industry... where hard work has no bearing on whether or not you get laid off.
  6. They are simply doing the math and looking at retirements. Don’t worry, if there’s a severe enough recession they will furlough so fast it’ll make your eyes water. The good news is that the high number of retirements helps mitigate the risk for the new hires.
  7. Sorry for thread creep, but I have to wonder how often these things fail between overhauls?
  8. It’s definitely in TX, can’t remember off the top of my head which city. The STC owner is a nice guy though, will give you all the advice you need. We had a good experience.
  9. I agree with what has been said about the 201 windshield mod giving the most notable speed increase... but the cost of the mod and the labor involved (50 hours?!) took it right out of the “bang for the buck” category for us. We gained about 4 knots from installing the ARI cowl mod; others have not found it to give as much of an increase. YMMV. The price per knot is far lower for that mod than the windshield mod. Of course, you can get the LoPresti cowl mod or a 201 cowl, but they’re a lot more expensive. They sure look nice. From what I’ve read, the LASAR cowl mod doesn’t really add any speed increase but does help with cooling. LOVE the wingtip mod but do they add any speed?
  10. Thanks for the recommendations! Please keep them coming. We are quickly realizing that distance to the paint shop is a consideration. We are located in the PDX area. There don’t seem to be any shops of the type mentioned so far, in this area.
  11. Hi all— My partners and I are getting serious about painting our ‘66E, and could use some recommendations for paint shops in the Pacific NW or Northern CA. We have heard good things about the shop in Yerrington, NV but unfortunately they are booked over a year out. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  12. Thank you. I did delete it. I decided I left too much identifying information within it. I'll try to come up with the gist of it and edit it better.
  13. Ok, now that we’ve worked out his mixture issue, let’s focus on the important stuff: He said he had his WIFE’S BLESSING. Now he must learn the Principle of Compensatory Gifting. Powerflo Exhaust? Cowl mod? Engine monitor? Heh heh she wants new furniture or other things... make sure you get that first. Bet you had no idea you’d find that kind of advice here. Mooneyspace: strengthening marriages one Mooney at a time...
  14. Agree with all the above and also Paul's immediately above. The degree requirement will be relaxed as the shortage manifests itself further. Having said that, at age 17 he's seriously lacking life experience and some time spent knocking out general core requirements at a community college will only serve to set him up better. This flying thing is fine but as a parent, I would want him equipped as best I can for challenges other than finding work. There seems to be a backlash in this country right now toward traditional college but at his age, now is the time to let him learn how to think critically while he finishes growing up. He can continue his flight training while also getting some community college credits that will transfer to a 4-year university in the future, should he find that necessary. Re: the guy who bought his kid an Ovation as opposed to sending him to college? I think that's a disservice to the young person in the grand scheme.
  15. Good for you! A lot of people won’t ask “SoCal will you get me an icing pirep from Delta?” etc