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  1. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Raptor, I take it you feel the Rigid bulb is brighter than the Whelen Parmethius Plus? The rigid seems to be quite a bit more expensive.
  2. That's a fair point. I would guess however that you probably have the decency not to circle a crash site and shoot video in the first place. This young voyeur just really, really disappointed me.
  3. Whoever made that video wasn't of much use, was he? Wow. He made his youtube video to show all his friends but it appears he forgot about trying to see if the poor guy flying it might have survived somehow. Not impressive.
  4. To overhaul or not, that is the question...

    I believe Busch says it's a few hundred hours, although there are always exceptions.
  5. Steingar I would add to the above--- everybody has different requirements for maintaining their level of proficiency. Some people can go longer than others without flying and still perform well, others (like myself) really need to fly at regular intervals. The trick is to figure out what you need. It sounds like you try to fly as often as you can. I might suggest that you hit it hard for a short period (like a week? Fly three times in a week) and then go back to whatever you were doing before. A little concentrated flying might be all it takes. Kudos to you for your level of awareness.
  6. ADS-B Altitude on FlightAware

    Me too, I confused you with Piloto. And I've taken this thread way off topic. It was just such an interesting concept that he has, and I saw an opportunity to learn a bit about WAAS.
  7. ADS-B Altitude on FlightAware

    I'm probably not explaining myself well. If there's an altimeter error, the altimeter reads potentially higher or lower than what you actually are. Your decision altitude will fall along the glide slope someplace based on what your altimeter reads. If your baro altimeter is reading high then your true altitude will be below minimums at your decision altitude. This is the part I'm not sure about: If you set your altimeter to match the GPS altitude and it happens to be in error (because in my experience my non-WAAS GPS reported altitude doesn't appear to be super accurate) you've introduced an altimeter error. Now like I said, I'm not at all sure about that because I don't know if WAAS corrects the GPS altitude readout and makes it more accurate. I just know that with my non-WAAS GPS, the GPS altitude readout doesn't always match my baro altimeter when it's properly set to the local pressure. Sometimes it's off by 150.' It makes me question my GPS altitude readout. I do trust my altimeter. So I'm just asking if you know for sure one way or the other, if WAAS correction is applied to the GPS altitude readout since you are setting your baro altimeter to match it. It would be really great if it does.
  8. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Which light bulb and where did you find it? We are thinking the same way in replacing ours.
  9. ADS-B Altitude on FlightAware

    Thanks for the explanation. I know that my non-WAAS receiver shows a calculated GPS altitude and usually it's off by 100'+/- from my baro altimeter, so is WAAS correction also applied to GPS derived reported altitude as well as lateral nav and glideslope indications? This is all new to me as I haven't done any LPV approaches before. My concern would be that if you are flying down to minimums of 200' and the GPS altitude happens to be off by 100'+, that could be bad. The thing about the glideslope is that your DA is based on an MSL altitude so while you have protection by staying on the glideslope, your missed approach point might not be accurate. Again though, I suppose if WAAS corrects the GPS altitude readout perhaps it's not an issue.
  10. ADS-B Altitude on FlightAware

    I'd like to hear more about this technique. Conceptually of course it's not something most people would do; one would think the possible altimeter errors from not having the local altimeter setting are already built into the approach. I don't have a 530 or know much about one but I assume you're thinking that WAAS vertical guidance is so good that the derived GPS altitude must be accurate too? Does the 530 report AGL altitudes? You still have to go around at the DA, which is baro altitude-based, right? What am I missing?
  11. ATC Privatization Bill

    Hmmm, ok. So to be clear, you can fly around in the IFR system all over Europe for free?
  12. Moving the data plate

    I've never seen a data plate where yours is, but to me, even though it's silly to have to go through the exercise, it's a matter of choosing your battles. No need to die on this hill. It's so easy to just do it, cheap too. Easy peasy.
  13. Switching to fullest tank on landing

    Skates I do like that you at least verbalize which tank you're on and the amount of expected fuel. That way you're actively engaged in the decision and have a smaller chance of forgetting if something unplanned happens.
  14. Switching to fullest tank on landing

    I think generally under the scenario you've described (you still have 1.5 hours remaining in the lowest tank) there's no harm in not switching tanks. However, these procedures are written with less rosey scenarios in mind. Low fuel levels and an unplanned diversion, for example, where in the heat of battle one might become task-saturated and forget to switch tanks until it's too late. As humans the best line of defense against that trap is adherence to consistent procedures, and muscle memory. So we do things the same way every time. It sounds mindless but it's actually proactive. If you're worried about an interruption in fuel flow from switching tanks (I don't know what the chance of that happening is, but it seems low) then you could switch tanks at the top of your descent while there's still plenty of altitude to switch back if there's a problem.
  15. I'll switch to Aeroshell 100W now

    I've read before that these engines just don't have the tight tolerances to justify synthetics, or partial synthetics.