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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Please keep them coming. We are quickly realizing that distance to the paint shop is a consideration. We are located in the PDX area. There don’t seem to be any shops of the type mentioned so far, in this area.
  2. Hi all— My partners and I are getting serious about painting our ‘66E, and could use some recommendations for paint shops in the Pacific NW or Northern CA. We have heard good things about the shop in Yerrington, NV but unfortunately they are booked over a year out. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  3. Thank you. I did delete it. I decided I left too much identifying information within it. I'll try to come up with the gist of it and edit it better.
  4. Ok, now that we’ve worked out his mixture issue, let’s focus on the important stuff: He said he had his WIFE’S BLESSING. Now he must learn the Principle of Compensatory Gifting. Powerflo Exhaust? Cowl mod? Engine monitor? Heh heh she wants new furniture or other things... make sure you get that first. Bet you had no idea you’d find that kind of advice here. Mooneyspace: strengthening marriages one Mooney at a time...
  5. Agree with all the above and also Paul's immediately above. The degree requirement will be relaxed as the shortage manifests itself further. Having said that, at age 17 he's seriously lacking life experience and some time spent knocking out general core requirements at a community college will only serve to set him up better. This flying thing is fine but as a parent, I would want him equipped as best I can for challenges other than finding work. There seems to be a backlash in this country right now toward traditional college but at his age, now is the time to let him learn how to think critically while he finishes growing up. He can continue his flight training while also getting some community college credits that will transfer to a 4-year university in the future, should he find that necessary. Re: the guy who bought his kid an Ovation as opposed to sending him to college? I think that's a disservice to the young person in the grand scheme.
  6. Good for you! A lot of people won’t ask “SoCal will you get me an icing pirep from Delta?” etc
  7. By the way ragededracer, it’s always worth asking ATC to affirmatively request a pilot report from any aircraft in approach airspace. Even jets. You don’t have to just ask if ATC “has” any icing PIREPS. There are unheated areas in view of the pilots that are not de-iced, namely the windshield wiper posts or other protuberances, that will show an accumulation. Obviously you need to withhold such requests for appropriate and necessary occasions. ATC can always say no or I’ll get back to you, as well. A thinking controller won’t need prompting to ask another aircraft, however that’s not really his/her job and they do get busy.
  8. So to change the subject (by the way, thanks for your posts RagedRacer, clearly you started this thread in the spirit of learning, I think that’s a great attitude), I watched the video link posted early on, of the guy videoing himself in his twin Cessna. Is it just me, or was anyone else alarmed at the dive to make it down for a landing? I mean, the guy puts himself out there, I don’t want to overly criticize, and the rest of it was passable. He seems to know his avionics well enough to operate. But I mean... he’s shooting a GPS approach to minimums that are higher than the reported ceiling, there’s a VDP on the approach, and he’s talking about the “secondary” minimums which are based on LPV. So if his first planned mins were higher than that, does that mean he does not have LPV capability? It just got real unstable there at the end as a result of the dive, made me nervous watching it. Or perhaps that was just the camera angle. In any case, even if he was using LNAV/VNAV I’d have thought he’d would've been in a better position to land at the end. For me when I was new at IFR, it was a big revelation that not only do you need the weather mins, you have to break out in time to avoid heroics in order to land.
  9. How does one check one’s airspeed indicator for accuracy?
  10. Can somebody post a link to that portable toolbox heater mentioned earlier? Am not finding it with the search function. Thx.
  11. I initially had sticker shock at the price of this checkride, however, upon reflection— it’s about damn time that the professionals at this end of the industry (and this DPE sounds like a true pro) get compensated more nearly in line with the importance of their work. The same for CFIs. Sorry for the thread creep. I’m an airline guy and relatively inactive CFI and I’ve thought for a long time that wages in the industry were conceived in Opposite Land. Thanks for publishing the writeup Don. That student of yours sounds like a superstar too, looks like he made you proud!
  12. YES!! Pretty much everyone. POHs are notoriously optimistic, derived from “perfect” airframes and professional test pilots, and done under optimal conditions. I have found my 66 E POH to be less over-optimistic than others, and my plane comes close-ish. Having said that, we have a cowl mod on ours that added a few knots. My 66E Manual even has a note on there that indicates the figures are accurate within 3%, which could account for some of the difference between actual and book figures. If you think about it, your fuel flow at the given power settings matches your POH. That’s because the engines in these airplanes haven’t changed at all (unless you have some modern day mod like electronic ignition or Powerflo exhaust or your engine is in poor shape). However, airframes DO change: Small leading edge imperfections, slightly misrigged gear doors or flight controls, worn prop blades, etc etc all add up to rob speed and range. Best advice I can give is to check flight control and landing gear door rigging, and watch for trends. And... never trust your POH without some mental fudge factor when you’re trying to determine important things like takeoff or landing distances, or range for example.
  13. I’m wondering now if you actually meant air-to-air, as in personal conversations having nothing to do with broadcasting traffic pattern positions, or did you mean a requirement to use English on a Unicom frequency in the traffic pattern? Those are two completely different issues.
  14. English is the official language of ATC worldwide, however there is no requirement that I know of for personal comms on an air-to-air freq to be in English.