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  1. Aviationinfo

    Multi-Com language, a serious question

    I’m wondering now if you actually meant air-to-air, as in personal conversations having nothing to do with broadcasting traffic pattern positions, or did you mean a requirement to use English on a Unicom frequency in the traffic pattern? Those are two completely different issues.
  2. Aviationinfo

    Multi-Com language, a serious question

    English is the official language of ATC worldwide, however there is no requirement that I know of for personal comms on an air-to-air freq to be in English.
  3. Aviationinfo

    Garmin suing uAvionix?

    Would you mind speculating as to remedies that could be sought by Garmin? It seems risky to me to go with the uAvionix but only because there's this cloud hanging over it, and I'm not able to determine what kind of warranty help or product support will be available in the long run. My other airplane is a tube-and-fabric wonder and the skybeacon install really makes the most sense. I was about to pull the trigger on one right before this patent issue was mentioned. In these kinds of lawsuits, does the patent holder tend to just ask for the defendant to cease and desist, or is there financial penalty, or how does that usually work? Is it possible that uAvionix would not be allowed to support (i.e., parts replacement, etc) the units that they've already sold, if they lose? I won't hold you to your answers but am really interested in possible outcomes.
  4. Aviationinfo

    "SabreCowl" Update (part duex)

    I think that's pretty realistic. When we installed our ARI cowl mod, we got a consistent 3 knot increase in TAS over the guppy mouth (E model). The owner of the STC had told us that his customers reported from 3 - 7 knots. I guess he could have told me it would be anywhere from 3 to 25 knots and it still would've been right, Ha! We didn't install the 201 windshield but it's hard to believe it wouldn't be worth at least a few knots. From what I'm seeing here, David's cowl mod is an improvement over the ARI in terms of speed. Bang for the buck, of the two mods, I think the cowl mod is probably the best one. The windshield mod claims about 50 hours of labor, ouch!
  5. Aviationinfo

    "SabreCowl" Update (part duex)

    The cowl is nice and all that, but the inflight group picture (especially the dog’s face closest to you) is terrific!
  6. Aviationinfo

    wow one after another, whats next?

    Back to the original post: How in the WORLD did the guy manage to hit his house in the dark, accurately?
  7. Aviationinfo

    High Cylinder Head Temp

    Wow, ok. Yours is the first case I’ve read about. Your explanation makes complete sense but in my own experience and when discussed on other forums, the gasket probes read higher than bayonet. I have no idea why.
  8. Aviationinfo

    High Cylinder Head Temp

    For next time, don’t forget that you’re not without options in such a situation. Enrichen the mixture, stop the climb and accelerate until it cools, reduce power, etc etc. You may need to climb in steps. If you’re just looking at the basic old Mooney cluster gage CHT then you really don’t know what temp it’s showing you—it’s just as likely to be out of calibration as it is to be correct. If the actual temp probe happens to be of the spark plug gasket type, those tend to read high vs bayonet probes.
  9. Aviationinfo

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    Fantastic! Can't wait to see the entire thing when it's done.
  10. Aviationinfo

    Tail light - buld replacement

    Well, that would certainly be a good source, no argument there. I’m not sure that the parts catalog serves as certification for acceptable parts used on a given airframe though— I thought that was partly done through the TCDS. For instance, the TCDS actually specified a battery and manufacturer. I am curious about the certification basis of using certain parts though, that for instance, are in the original parts catalog but are no longer available because their manufacturers went out of business. I don’t have an example but would be interested to hear how we’re supposed to handle it from a regulatory perspective.
  11. Aviationinfo

    Tail light - buld replacement

    I don’t think the Mooney TCDS says anything about the landing light at all. Nor about the lightbulbs for nav lights. Am not certain but I think in this case it means you can use what is considered to be a “standard” part. The GE tractor (landing) light bulbs, for instance. Although the question has been raised about their PMA status... if they don’t have a PMA and they’re legal for use, why wouldn’t other bulbs meeting the TSO requirements be legal?
  12. Aviationinfo

    Tail light - buld replacement

    I think you're confused about who posted what. I was quoting tommy123 who said that it was easier for him when he was working for the airlines. Also, this is not my thread and I did not endorse what you seem to be attributing to me. I will say though, that you seem to be ridiculing owners (the "rich" guys) who go ahead and spring for $200 certified upgraded light bulbs. If you don't believe in non-certified standard parts, and you don't believe in expensive legal upgrades for improvements, please share with us all exactly what it is you think we should be doing? Sometimes you can no longer buy original parts from the 1950s and 60s. This is a mountain out of a molehill. The vast majority of us trust our IAs to make these decisions; that's what we are paying them for. The OP's original question was simply about a light bulb.
  13. Aviationinfo

    Tail light - buld replacement

    I want my airplane to be safe and hopefully legal at the same time, but I think we all know there’s a difference between airline and private maintenance. It’s one thing doing maintenance on transport category airplanes for which parts are readily available, and quite another on 50-60 year old airplanes where standard (read that to mean...automobile light bulbs and tractor headlights) parts were used. There are no experimental aircraft flying in the transport category world or trust me—your management would be ALL over the FAA and Congress to let them use the parts. They are the ultimate CBs. There is room in the regs for IAs to make decisions about what may be installed with a signoff and when certain items are major mods. I hope an IA working on a Part 91 privately owned GA airplane would exercise that discretion if he wants to keep these airplanes around (although I would respect his final decisions). I don’t want or need a drive-by annual but I do expect my IA to have enough judgement to understand that the purpose of an annual is not to make these airplanes new again.
  14. Aviationinfo

    Tail light - buld replacement

    Don't get me started on Experimental vs Certified parts. ADS-B? Why the heck is it ok for an RV to fly IFR in the same airspace as the airlines with an uncertified ADS-B out unit, communicate to the same ATC and land at the same airports, but our Mooneys cannot? Ludicrous. So a stupid light bulb that is safe on an RV ought to be safe on any other GA airplane.
  15. Aviationinfo

    When do engines fail on takeoff?

    I bet you’re right. I believe the enrichment facility applies only to carbureted engines. I’m just guessing but injected engines probably have a target fuel flow at full rich at max power, that provides for cooling.