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  1. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    Thank you! Just recently I was looking for an easy way to avoid the red box and had resigned myself to constantly checking the POH for % power. This is way better. Sorry for the thread creep.
  2. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    Pls explain this method? Thx.
  3. Clouds

  4. Andrew, What the Heck?

    I completely agree--- if you're going to fly in somebody else's county, best do your homework beforehand. Other countries have transition levels that vary based on the current barometric pressure, for instance. I must admit that it was surprising to hear the CFI's explanation; that's not at all how I thought it worked over there. I figured there would be VFR and IFR service just like we have in the US, at different pricing levels but it appears that's not completely accurate. I would love to fly around the UK and have added it to my bucket list.
  5. Andrew, What the Heck?

    I had to cringe a bit when the young American boy announces that based on the fact he doesn't understand how ATC works in the UK, that the UK has it wrong... (I mean sure, I like our system but it's their country he's flying in.) And this just after his little friend uses the Range Extender in front of the camera. Embarrassing. Good golly. I have become my dad...
  6. What is the helicopter lifting? Can't tell what it is. Interesting shape though, thanks for sharing.
  7. Travel and shaving.

    You just never know what you'll find here in Mooneyspace...
  8. MT Propeller

    We've had the MT 3-blade on our E model for a little over a year, and really like it. All of our findings are the same as the others with the exception of the 14 knot loss that someone on this thread had. We see no change whatsoever in cruise from the Top Prop we had prior. The one strange thing to get used to is the much lower flywheel effect of this prop. When the mixture is pulled, there is very little rotation after the fact. I have been wondering what would happen were I to forget the electric fuel pump, and have an engine-driven pump failure at exactly the wrong time after takeoff. Would the engine spool down before I could reach over and flip the switch? So...I've made it a practice to always use that electric pump.
  9. Engine Problem

    I am still concerned about the cam being spalled as mentioned previously. Unless you had taken oil analysis regularly over time you wouldn't have a trend of increasing metal in the oil. Had a friend with very similar symptoms in a Franklin engine; it turned out to be a badly worn cam. His engine sat around a lot like yours used to. You won't be able to tell on your Lyc unless you remove a cylinder or two but I wouldn't do that until you've tried everything else first. Of course none of this speaks to your 3.7 hours of good operation before it deteriorated again.
  10. 202 MPH in My D Model Yesterday

    You shoulda descended at Carson Speed--- It saves the paint...
  11. Career Advice

    I love hearing about young people who get bitten by the aviation bug. It should be clear that at least some college is required. Frankly, although college isn't for everybody, everybody should have at least some college in their background, even if it's only a year and then they stop. There is so much more benefit to it than purely academics. If he was thrilled with the idea of a Bachelor's Degree and in love with any particular university he'd seriously be filling out college apps right now because the admissions process is about to begin for Fall 2018. Here's my suggestion: Get him into some flight training. Observe how he takes to the academics. After he graduates from high school, let him work all summer while still taking lessons. Then in the fall, get him started at a community college, knocking out the core curricula stuff that he would need to have anyway in order to transfer to a 4-year university. He doesn't need to declare a major until his junior year in most cases so this idea will save you some money in the long run, and in the short run if he changes his mind about flying, or about college, well, this would be the least disruptive path for him. OTOH should he continue to love flying, and adapt well to community college, now he's all set up to continue to a 4-year university. Only you know your son well enough to help him with these decisions but the beauty of doing it this way is that you save some money while still allowing for him to have the full college experience later ; community college is a means to an end. He can equate college with the ability to keep flying as a career; if he decides against that, he's still able to fly for fun because he started his flight training at a young age when you helped pay for it. He won't have to wait until HIS kids are out of college until he can take lessons. Win-win, no matter what he decides. At age 17 he needs not feel huge time pressure to choose a career. He doesn't even need to have all of his licenses by the time he leaves community college. With GREAT respect for my friends and the fellow participants here who went the military route--- I respectfully disagree with sending a teenager to join the service simply because he lacks direction. If you join up without a bachelor's degree, guess where you could end up in this day and age while you're busy figuring out what you want to do? That said, if my 17 year old was seriously thrilled with the idea and refused college or ROTC then it would be a different story, because he's just going to enlist as soon as he turns 18 anyway. That doesn't necessarily sound like your son though. Flying is a great career but it's not without some very serious sacrifices which have only barely been touched on in this thread. If he wants to pursue it as a career, that's great, but make sure he really loves aviation because if he doesn't, the sacrifices will definitely diminish his job satisfaction over time. You need that passion for aviation in order to get through the difficulties. Here's hoping it works out for him!
  12. Got ramp checked

    Look, don't overthink this. The FAA has recently adopted new policies on enforcement designed to more accurately fit the punishment to the crime. It's all based on your attitude, experience, and ratings, and most importantly how you show them you've learned from the situation. I know how ridiculous and unbelievable this must sound to some, but I've seen it put into practice with two friends. One is an ATP, the other a PP. (They hold ATPs to a much higher standard than PPs.) DO talk to the AOPA, and DO cooperate IF you are contacted by the FSDO. The AOPA knows how to handle this. There are far more serious problems than yours to have with the FAA, and my guess is at most, they will simply ask you to complete and document some training to ensure some learning has occurred. If that! Relax. And be thankful this didn't happen to you a long time ago before this new policy took effect.
  13. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Raptor, I take it you feel the Rigid bulb is brighter than the Whelen Parmethius Plus? The rigid seems to be quite a bit more expensive.
  14. That's a fair point. I would guess however that you probably have the decency not to circle a crash site and shoot video in the first place. This young voyeur just really, really disappointed me.
  15. Whoever made that video wasn't of much use, was he? Wow. He made his youtube video to show all his friends but it appears he forgot about trying to see if the poor guy flying it might have survived somehow. Not impressive.