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  1. Does anyone has number for member “Chocks”? He is from Texas and his name is Shane. He took my money in August for a part and since than no contact at all! Not cool.
  2. I been talking to Tru-Trak folks for a while now. Here is last replay two days ago: ”We are going to be a little longer on the Mooney. At this time we have one in the hanger but we are currently focused on getting Cessna 182's finished up.” Hopefully, end of summer will be available. So, Price for Tru-Trak is $5,000 that includes installation kit and there estimate for Install is $2000 or so. Total still much cheaper than Trio.
  3. and why the heck all my photos come out sideways once I download them to mooneyspace????
  4. I am tall man, so when I take a photo its bit strange perspective.. Here is the photo taken from windshield height.
  5. Sent Don Maxwell email week ago with all measurements and photos. Still waiting on replay.
  6. I will be flying in this Friday (tomorrow)morning too. Around 10:00 Ill PM you my cell.
  7. Got brand new Hertzell prop that is recommended for M20C.
  8. Ok, got some issues here on my M20C. Got new prop and I got only 8” clearance, it should be 10.5” here are some photos of measurements. Naturally, you will go for new shock desks, however, if I install new ones, I’ll gain only 1/4 inch at gear. Would that be 2.5” at prop, I don’t believe so. I do have Correct tire 5.00-5. sugestions welcome
  9. So, I had conversation with FAA, about legality of pilot/operator replacing aircraft navigation Light bulb. Official FAA rules say that pilot can replaced any light bulb on aircraft without any need for mechanic to signe it off. Even if you are changing bulb to LED!!!! only thing that matters you install correctly color where it should be. There is no such a thing as “that bulb is not aircraft/FAA approved” and don’t kill messengers (me)!
  10. Mizer I’m at KCLW and have C model. I’m 6’4” 255lbs. I fit, but tight. If you want all take you for spin and see for your self. Let me know
  11. Did upgrade on tail light too. Bad ass bright
  12. Looks like W1290 bulb. Did anybody played with replacing there with LED bulbs? and is there rule against it? LED so much brighter and draws less Amps too!
  13. I am having trouble finding this replacement bulb for Green wingtip navigation light. Any suggestions?
  14. Just to add to conversation. I’m partner on this mooney with Aaron. This all happen after engine was reinstalled and new air speed indicator and Directional Giro was replaced. Also, Tail light and green light on left wing stop working at same time. Coincidence???. Maybe ground issue??? Mechanic thinks all the work that they did was not related (as usual, no accountability).
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